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Since 1903, Harley Davidson has been producing the world’s best motorcycles for enthusiasts from all walks of life. Few bike companies bear the respect or quality that Harley Davidson possesses. With a devoted cult following and an eye for innovation, this beloved motorcycle brand will always be a permanent fixture in American culture.

Are you interested in finding a Harley Davidson dealership near you? You’ve come to the right place. Simply browse Harley Davidson near me on the map below and find a list of Harley Davidson dealerships in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on Harley Davidson? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on this iconic motorcycle brand.

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Who founded Harley Davidson?

It’s hard to imagine the American motorcycle scene without Harley Davidson, but without these two men the beloved bike so many motorcycle enthusiasts love wouldn’t exist today. Consider these facts as you search Harley Davidson near me. Harley Davidson was founded in 1903 by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson. At this time, they made available to the public the very first production Harley Davidson motorcycle. The bike was initially designed to be a racing bike, coming standard with a 3 ⅛ bore and a 3 ½ inch stroke. The factor that that Harley and Davidson worked and designed in was a simple 10 x 15 foot wooden shed that bore the words “Harley Davidson Motor Company” crudely scratched into the door. Years later, Arthur’s brother Walter also joined the brands efforts. The first person to purchase the 1903 Harley Davidson model was Henry Meyer of Milwaukee. Meyer was an old schoolyard pal of Harley and Davidson. By 1904, the very first Harley Davidson dealership had opened in Chicago, Illinois. The dealership sold one of just three of the first Harley Davidson motorcycles to ever to be produced for the public.

harley davidson near me

Harley Davidson bikes will never go out of style!

True or false: Even Harley Davidson dabbled in the two stroke engine as far back as 1948.

This fact is true! As you search Harley Davidson near me, you may already know of Harley’s traditional reverence for big V-twin engines, but the brand did not completely disregard the practical appeal of a small two stroke engine. When the allies emerged victorious after World War II, the spoils of the victory were divided up between Harley Davidson and Britain’s BSA. This gave the Americans the use of a trustworth DKW two-stroke single engine. The Model S 125 (later known as the Hummer), first appeared in 1948 with the simple price tag of just $325. The bike boasted three horsepower. Unfortunately, it was never widely popular in the United States and sales faltered. Despite this, the bike served to introduce many young people to the joys of motorcycles, as the bike was created at a price point that youths could afford. The Hummer eventually grew to 175cc street dirt models that were available through 1967.

Harley Davidson Near Me – Harley Davidson Facts

Porsche and Harley

If you’re searching Harley Davidson near me, you likely don’t have a Porsche car on the brain. What you might not know is that the two brands did team up in the 1970s. In the mid 1970s, Harley decided to embark on what is now known as a middleweight sport biking tour. The Nova bike created for the tour featured a compact and liquid cooled, 60 degree V-4 engine that displaced an impressive 800cc. The motor was designed by Porsche and was slated to be built into all sport, cruiser and racing configurations. At this point Harley Davidson was residing under the corporate umbrella of the American Machine and Foundry, which was attempting to cut its losses and find a buyer for Harley. This is why there was a $9 million dollar investment in the Nova project, which was eventually shelved. Among the companies who were expressing an interest in the Harley Davidson acquisition were Bangor Punta, Fuqua, and Caterpillar. Imagine if Harley Davidson was now known as Bangor Punta Harley? Yikes!

Female Riders

If you’re searching Harley Davidson near me, then you’re not just interested in Harley Davidson bikes, you’re likely quite interested in the history of this iconic American biking brand. What you might not know is that Harley had ardent female and male riders early on. While many typically think of motorcycles and biking as a predominantly male activity, there’s plenty of room for the ladies. The first woman to ride a Harley is Janet Davidson. There is some speculation as to whether the motor was running or not, as apparently Davidson helped with the painting and pin striping on the motorcycle. Either way, she was the very first woman to sit on a Harley. Nowadays, millions of women from all walks of life enjoy the rush of riding a Harley and the camaraderie of the Harley community. At bike meet ups all over the country, like minded men and women meet up to bond over their common love of Harley Davidson. In fact, Harley Davidson is known for its thriving community.

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