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Grocery shopping is a necessary part of every individual’s weekly routine. Though it can often be a mundane task, finding the right store can make the process of grocery shopping a far more enjoyable experience for shoppers looking to save some money and shop in an organized well lit environment. Harris Teeter supermarkets are the best of the best, boasting clean stores and an excellent selection this southern chain has continued to grow since its early inception back in 1936.

Are you interested in finding a Harris Teeter near you? Simply browse Harris Teeter near me on the map below and find a list of Harris Teeter locations located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Harris Teeter? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more.

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Who founded Harris Teeter?

Every store and shop has an origin story known by few but remembered by those closest to the business. Harris Teeter is no exception. As you search Harris Teeter near me, consider these facts and historical insights. Harris Teeter was originally founded by two entrepreneurs, William Thomas Harris and Willis L. Teeter. During the Great Depression in Charlotte, North Carolina, the duo boasted two entirely separate businesses. Eventually the duo decided to merge. Harris, was an employee of the original A&P store that was located Central Avenue and proved Charlotte’s first real supermarket. In 1936, he borrowed funds to open the Harris SuperMarket on Central Avenue. The store boasted a total of eight employees and primarily sold dry goods. Frozen foods did not become commonplace in any grocery store until the completion of World War II when refrigeration became more commonplace. To the family and employees this was known as Store Number one. Harris’ first store was the very first in North Carolina that actually allowed customers to choose their own groceries and shop on their own accord. Up until this time, customers had no choice but to hand shopping lists over to a clerk. The clerk would then pull the groceries for the customers. Another aspect that set Harris’ stores apart was their hours of operation. At a time when a majority of grocery stores closed at 5PM, Harris’ store stayed open until 9pm. This was done to appeal to working families who could finally get their grocery shopping done after they were paid on a Friday evening. The Harris Super market was also the first in Charlotte to boast air conditioning. At the same time Harris was running a store, he was also running his own dairy farm and selling products from his dairy.

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Every Harris Teeter store is large, open, and well lit.

How did Harris and Teeter meet?

If you’re searching Harris Teeter near me, then you may be interested in knowing exactly how Harris and Teeter actually met. Individually, both Harris and Teeter were enjoying much success in the grocery business. The duo met when Teeter joined the NC Food Dealers Association. At one of the official Food Dealers meetings, Teeter met Harris. The two men decided that if they were to work together rather than separately, they could increase their financial strength and boast a network power of two supermarkets. This would allow both chains to grow more rapidly all while decreasing operating costs. The duo decided to an official merger in November of 1959. This is when Harris Teeter supermarkets were born. The merger of a total of 15 stores became official in February of 1960. This allowed the duo to become the largest independent grocery store organization operating within the confines of the Carolinas.

Harris Teeter Near Me – Harris Teeter Facts

Acquisition and Growth

In the supermarket businesses, stagnation is death. With new markets opening and operating everyday, staying relevant is of the utmost importance. So how did Harris Teeter stay on the cutting edge for so long? The first step was outside acquisition. In 1969, Harris Teeter was purchased by the Ruddick Corporation. Ruddick had begun business back in 1919 as R.S. Dickson and Company, a firm based out of Gastonia, North Carolina. The founder of Ruddick, Rush Dickson, offered capital planning services to both public and private firms. The company provided a great deal of financial backing to Harris Teeter and purchased all of the chains assets. Harris Teeter was also officially made public on the New York Stock exchange, which allowed for a greater flow of capital. With these investments in tow, Harris Teeter was set on a path of continuous non-stop growth that is still occurring in the modern day. When you search Harris Teeter near me, you are searching for a grocery store that has always had an eye on the future rather than the past.

A Company Wide Perspective

Most individuals searching Harris Teeter near me are keen on learning the brand’s company perspective. One feature that has always set Harris Teeter apart from the pack is their commitment to a certain level of service. Their level of service was even highlighted in a Service Industries Journal in April of 1992. The early 90’s article stated that all Harris Teeter employees are encouraged to take the best possible care of all customers, no matter what. This has always been the hallmark of every Harris Teeter store. Customer first, everything else second. Another key feature and perspective of all Harris Teeter stores is their emphasis on store design. Every Harris Teeter store is very large, as big as 60,000 square feet. That’s slightly larger than a football field. They also boast high ceilings, elegant lighting, and architectural features that are to be pleasing to the eye. It’s these company perspectives that have always allowed Harris Teeter to continuing growing while receiving adequate fanfare.

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