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When you eat a well-balanced and healthy diet, it can help you maintain or lose weight plus also a ton of other health benefits. It can be quite difficult to know what to eat or what kind of meals will be delicious with healthy food.

The best first step would be to do some research and figure out what type of food you should get and how large the portions should be. It can be daunting so if you’d like to find some places around you that sell healthy food for you to check out, just search Healthy food near me to find your nearest location.

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What’s one difference between processed food and healthy food?
One thing that you may forget if you’re use to buying processed food is that healthy food doesn’t last as long. We’re not just talking about perishables like fruits and veggies but a whole bunch of other healthy food. When you are buying healthier food, they tend to be missing the additives and preservatives that increase their shelf life unnaturally.

healthy food near me

You can find a ton of recipes for healthy meals!

What should you check for?

One thing that’s key to a healthy diet is actually fiber! You should actually get most of your fiber from your fruits and vegetables but it doesn’t hurt to get them from other sources. Don’t be fooled though when a products may claim “whole grain” because it could be a wild exaggeration. Make sure you read the back label and see if it says you’re getting at least two to three grams of fiber per serving. You want to aim for at least 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories in your diet.
Another important thing to look for when purchasing your products is the salt content. Many Americans overlook all the added salt that may be hidden in their foods and because of that, they consume more than 3,000 milligrams of salt every day. That is actually 700 mg more than is recommended for most people. Make sure to check those packets for the salt content. If the salt content per serving of food is higher than the calories per serving, it’s best to leave it alone.

Is quality or quantity more important?

You may not know it but the typical dinner plates nowadays are about thirty-six percent bigger than the ones from the 1960s. It’s best for you to focus on quality over quantity and not overload on calories in order to reduce your serving sizes.

Should you only look out for trans fats?

While trans fats are important to look out for, they’re not the only fat you should be looking out for. You should also be looking out for hydrogenated and hydrogenated fats. When cooking your meals, make sure to use vegetable oils and remove any visible fats from your meats and skin from the poultry before cooking.

Healthy Food Near Me – Healthy Food Facts

One of the worst things for you to have in your diet is sugar! There is added sugar in almost everything you eat and you can overlook it quite often as it may be in things you would expect like just a bit of ketchup. Adding sugar to your recipes will add calories to your meals without adding any nutritional value. You need to make sure to read the labels when buying any packaged foods. Some names of sugars to look out for are glucose, maltose, fructose, sucrose, corn syrup, honey and concentrated fruit juice. These sugars can fill you up with quite a few empty calories.

Some important things to consider when sticking to a healthy diet is to focus on choosing healthy protein substitutes. You need a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats but you don’t always need to get your protein from meat. Some things that can be included on your protein menu is fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, beans, lentils and soy. In fact, one cup of cooked lentils has 18 grams of protein and less than one gram of fat.

One thing that may come as a surprise to others is that imported produce from the supermarket can have higher nutrient levels than local produce from a farmers’ market. The nutrition content can be determined by a whole bunch of things such as temperature, light and soil and some storage and transportation may cause the produce to actually lose its nutrients.

Even though a food may be labeled with no trans fat, it may still legally contain some. The government actually lets food contain anywhere from 0.5 grams to zero and still label them as no trans fat. So while you may be consuming tons of what you think are products with no trans fat, you could actually be consuming quite a bit throughout your day. To avoid it, just check ingredient labels and steer clear of anything that contains partially hydrogenated oils. If you are interested in checking out the labels of healthy food around you, just search Healthy food near me to find your nearest store that sells these products.

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