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Having symptoms linked to the liver, gallbladder or the pancreas? It might be time to find a qualified hepatologist. A hepatologist is a highly trained specialist who focuses on the branch of medicine known as hepatology. This includes the study of body parts such as the liver and pancreas. Unlike a family physician, a hepatologist knows how to treat, manage, and diagnose disorders in these areas. Originally, hepatology was a subspecialty of gastroenterology, but recent advances have allowed this field to thrive on its own.

Looking for a hepatologist near you? Simply browse hepatologist near me on the map below and find a list of specialists in your local area. Need more information on this field? Read on for facts, trivia, tips, and more!

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What do hepatologists treat?

The human body is a truly complex system that doesn’t always operate according to plan, especially when it comes to organs such as the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. Luckily, hepatology was formed to help study, diagnose, and treat conditions affecting these areas of the body. What do hepatologists treat? Consider this while searching hepatologist near me! Hepatologists most frequently deal with viral hepatistis or diseases related to alcohol consumption. Hepatitis is a disease which impacts millions of people worldwide each and every year. In addition to being a rather painful disease, it has also been associated with poor outcomes such as liver cancer and the necessity for a liver transplant. Hepatitis B and C can quickly evolve to cause liver cancers. Alcohol consumption creates a variety of debilitating symptoms, most notably, cirrhosis of the liver and other complications. If you suspect you may be suffering from hepatitis or believe that alcohol has played a role in your deteriorating health, seek the care of a hepatologist as soon as possible. It might just save your life!

hepatologist near me

A great hepatologist can diagnose, treat, and help prevent further infection.

Who can refer me to a hepatologist?

Hepatologists are specialists, which means many insurance companies will require you to receive a referral prior to being seen. HMOS will almost always require you a referral before paying for any kind of treatment. But who can refer you to a great hepatologist? As you search hepatologist near me, your first stop should be at your general practitioner’s office. A general practitioner should always be first on the list of people to see when experiencing any kind of symptoms. Not only will they gauge your overall health, order lab tests, and give a preliminary diagnosis, but they can refer you to a hepatologist for more specialized care. A GP will often refer you to a hepatologist for reasons such as gastrointestinal bleeding, hypertension, jaundice, enzyme defects, liver disease, or drug overdose. Even if insurance does not require a referral, you may want to have your lab testing ordered by your general practitioner to help cut back on cost.

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Choosing The Right Hepatologist

You’ve decided you need to see a hepatologist, but what now? Now you need to choose the best doctor for your care needs. Choosing the right hepatologist can seem daunting, especially in an age where websites and favorable reviews can make even the worst doctor look good on paper. Sometimes discerning the real deal from a total quack is easier said than done. Especially when the decision is one that is based not only on credentials, but on your ability to work one on one to build mutual trust and transparency. How do you choose the right hepatologist? Consider this as you search hepatologist near me.

Start by asking questions. Begin with the basics such as:

Did your training included a liver fellowship?
What percentage of your time is devoted to liver disease?
How many liver patients have you cared for?
How do you keep up on the latest trends and research models?
How much time do you typically spend with each patient?

It’s also not out of line to ask a few questions of the office staff, particularly, how long it may take to get an appointment and the kind of wait times you can expect prior to being seen.

Asking these kinds of questions is not just your responsibility as a patient, it is you right. If you feel any resistance or hesitation from your doctor, you may need to question whether they are the right doctor for you. Your health is important and your treatment matters. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with a doctor, being open, and having frank talks about your health, it’s time to move on to a different option.

Always start your search by asking close friends and trusted family members for advice. If one of them sees a hepatologist, inquire as to if they’re satisfied with their care. Then take to websites such as Healthgrades.com, which can assist by providing information on certification, areas of practice, and any current malpractice suits. You can never be too careful when choosing the right hepatologist for you.

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