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Sometimes you find yourself in need of a rental car. The problem with that is that there are so many different types of car rental places out there, you may not know which is right for you. Well look no further than Hertz car rentals. They have a wide variety of cars at a cheap price.

It takes very little time and you’ll soon be headed on the road with your new rental. It’s definitely one of the most trusted car rental places in America. If you need a car quick, just search Hertz near me to find the nearest location.

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How Many Locations Do They Have?

Since opening the company in 1918, Hertz has grown to over 6,500 locations across the globe. They have locations in 140 countries and they handle at least 30 million rentals worldwide. They have around 550,000 vehicles with just 300,000 in the United States alone. They don’t just rent out cars around the world but other things as well. They also rent out construction and industrial equipment to contractors and industrial and government markets.

hertz near me

Hertz has almost any type of car to suit your needs!

Who Did Jacobs Sell The Company To?

While Jacobs was very proficient in what he did, making about $ 1 million in five years, he believed the company would do better in different hands. He handed the company over to John Hertz, the head of Yellow Cab and Yellow Truck. Jacobs would still remain in the company serving as its chief operating officer. Hertz also held the DiverUrSelf System for three years before he included it as part of his deal to sell Yellow Truck to General Motors Corp.

The business kept thriving under General Motors until they sold it to the Omnibus Corporation in 1953.
Omnibus changed its name to The Hertz Corporation the following year and went public with the change on the New York Stock Exchange and the company’s shares would remain there until 1967. If you’re interested in checking out the company and renting a car, search Hertz near me.

When Did Ownership Of Hertz Change Again?

The ownership of Hertz was altered again in 1967 in a merger/stock swap deal. The new association belonged with the Radio Corporation of America. Hertz stock-owners received RCA stock in return and Leon Greenbaum, who was chairman of Hertz, became a director of RCA. This relationship with RCA continued until 1985, when RCA decided to focus on its more traditional products lines and sold Hertz to UAL, Inc., owner of United Airlines.
The deal was expected to face resistance from federal government antitrust scrutiny but it did not and once closed, Hertz joined the three leaders in their respective competitive industries.

Hertz Near Me – Hertz Facts

Hertz was created in 1918 by a man of the name Walter Jacobs. It was definitely an ambitious projects but Jacobs was dedicated to make it work. He founded the car rental place at the age of 22 with nothing more than 12 Model-Ts. He set up shop just south of Chicago’s loop and was ready to make business. In 1923, he sold the company to John D. Hertz but remained a prominent figure in the company until he retired in 1960. The two of them worked effortlessly together to create a company that was well-known and would be successful. By 1925, Hertz was already averaging revenues of about one million.

Hertz has always been dedicated to great customer service and because that, they were eventually able to open up locations in foreign countries. It was originally only U.S based but in 1950, the car rental company open its first European location in France. Five years, Hertz became known for being the place with over 1000 locations. Nowadays they don’t just work with car rentals but also vehicle leasing and fleet management as well. Hertz has franchise locations in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and New Zealand.
Speed and convenience is something that’s incredibly important to the company. They pride themselves on having car rentals that are quick and easy. With all the advancements in technologies, especially in the 60’s and 70’s, the process of renting out a car became much quicker. Around 1972, Hertz introduced the #1 club but it now goes by the name of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. It’s a computerized service that allows these club members to experience service at an express pace. Eventually the benefits of the club grew to things such as being able to skip the rental line at the airport. Hertz also offers their speed and convenience in different forms nowadays. With mobile apps, alerts, eReceipt, express rent kiosks and so much more, it definitely makes renting a car so much easier nowadays. The service and efficiency just keep improving the more the years move on.

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    i ddind not get a full tank of gas when i picked up my rental car. I was almost a quarter of a tank low. I will not pay for a full tank when i return this car. i will fill it up to where it was when i got into the car thank you Patrick Ryan