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Finding a great job that’s hiring isn’t always easy and can at times feel a bit overwhelming. With a saturated job market and increased competition, getting hired can seem a daunting process. Luckily, if you’ve got the skill, ambition, and drive, there’s no limit to how far you can go.

Are you interested in finding a business hiring near you? Simply browse hiring near me on the map below and discover businesses hiring near your current location. Need a bit more information on the hiring process and getting hired? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on hiring!

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Hiring Near Me – Hiring Trivia

True or false: Hiring fairs date all the way back to the 1300s.

Hiring fairs are still a popular way for employers to meet and match up with potential employees. Did you know that hiring fairs, which were also known as mop fairs, date all the way back to the time of Edward III, and his attempt to regulate the labor market by the Statute of Laborers in 1351. This was due to time of serious national shortages of labor after the Black Death killed millions. Subsequent legislation, in particular the Statute of Apprentices in 1563 also legislated a particular day when high ranking powers of the shire would proclaim standard rates of pay and conditions of employment for the upcoming year. So many individuals gathered at the hiring fairs, that they quickly turned into a major place for matching workers to potential employers. Hiring fairs continued to be popular well into the 20th century and up until the second world war. With the advent of the Corn Production Act of 1917, legislation was put into order that established an official minimum wage for agricultural workers and established the renowned Agricultural Wages board to ensure stability for those who worked in agriculture. Consider these facts as you search hiring near me.

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Getting hired no longer has to be a struggle!

True or false: The time of your interview can affect if you get hired.

If you’re searching hiring near me, then you’re motivated to find a job and land an interview. According to statistics, the time of your interview can greatly influence if you get hired or not. Hiring firms report that the best time to schedule your interview as at 10:30 AM on a Tuesday. This is because people are shown to be the most productive on Tuesdays and won’t feel rushed at the time they meet you. It’s also late enough in the day that your interviewer has had plenty of time to check their email, have a cup of coffee, and go over your resume. Statistics show that you don’t want to be the someone’s last meeting of the workday as there’s a good chance that the interviewer’s attention may be waning. At this point in the day, many are consider their priorities at home rather than at work, such as dinner plans, kid’s homework, and house chores.

Hiring Near Me – Hiring Facts

Consider the Weather

There are so many factors that go into getting hired, that some may even seem a bit inane. For example, hiring experts agree that the weather outside can often impact how your interview goes. According to research conducted by the University of Toronto, applicants often fare much worse when interviewed on a rainy day compared to those who are interviewed on a sunny day. Those individuals who are interviewed on rainy days receive about a 1% lower score and favorability rating than those who possess the same skills but are interviewed on sunny days. This pattern was consistent for interviewers from all walk of life including those who are highly qualified and would otherwise score highly with interviewers. Obviously you can’t control the weather on the day of your interview or even plan while searching hiring near me, but it is definitely a factor to consider. No matter what the weather, keep your attitude upbeat and find ways to increase your energy. By keeping a positive attitude and maintaining energy levels throughout the interview, you’ll surely impress all those involved.

Arrive Early, But Not Too Early

While searching hiring near me, you likely have a good idea of when you should arrive for your interview. While you may think it’s a good idea to arrive as early as possible, experts agree that arriving too early can actually be detrimental. Arriving a five to ten minutes early is always a good idea. Arriving late is never recommended. Showing up a half hour or more before your interview is also not recommended. By showing up to your interview too early, you can appear anxious and put pressure on your interviewer to get themselves together and rush to meet you. If you have extra time, sit in your car and gather your thoughts, or take a brief walk to get your energy levels high. Sitting in the waiting area for your interview will not only lead to an increased amount of anxiety for you, but it can actually put undue stress on all those involved. Of course, the best recommendation is to judge each situation individually and go with your gut.

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