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As the name implies, Hobby Lobby is haven for hobbyist and crafters alike. Whether you’re looking to find supplies for your next project or updating your home decor, Hobby Lobby has a massive selection of craft supplies, hobby sets, home decor items, and even fabric.

Are you interested in finding a Hobby Lobby in your area? Simply browse Hobby Lobby near me on the map below and find a list of Hobby Lobby locations near you. Need a bit more information on this craft store giant? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on this epic supply mecca.

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Hobby Lobby Near Me – Hobby Lobby Trivia

Who founded Hobby Lobby?

Like so many stories of successful business, Hobby Lobby began with a simple idea: to offer a variety of well priced craft, art, and hobby supplies to DIY hungry consumers looking for something different. Hobby Lobby began in 1970, when David and Barbara Green took out a $600 loan to begin making miniature picture frames in their home. With a deep love of DIY and crafting, the duo thought it would be wise to open up a store that could not only support their hobby but the hobbies of others as well. Within two years, Barbara and David opened a fledgling 300 square foot store in Oklahoma City. With this, the Hobby Lobby brand was born.

hobby lobby near me

Hobby Lobby is not only a craft mecca, it’s an art supply and decor haven as well.

Who currently owns Hobby Lobby?

If you’re searching Hobby Lobby near me, you may be wondering who currently owns the business. The good news? This craft empire has stayed within the Green family. David and Barbara believed it was of the utmost importance to keep the Hobby Lobby brand family owned due to their ties with religion. For the Green family, business and religion are inseparable halves of a whole. Because of this David and Barbara green are considered a first family of Pentecostalism because of the example they have set as Christian business owners running a family oriented and wholesome chain. In fact, religion plays such a large role in Hobby Lobby that the Green’s made the decision to cut their losses on Sundays and close every store in the country so that employees and customers could observe the day of rest.

How many Hobby Lobby stores operate in the United States?

Consider this while searching Hobby Lobby near me. What was once a fledgling craft store is now a thriving empire. In fact, Hobby Lobby was recently listed as number 118 on the list of America’s Largest Private Companies. What began as 300 feet of retail space in 1972, has since grown to include over 600 stores throughout the continental United States. Which massive sales, Hobby Lobby hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. In fact, the craft and DIY business is thriving now more than ever before.

Hobby Lobby Near Me – Hobby Lobby Facts

Affiliated Companies

If you’re searching Hobby Lobby near me, you’ve either got a thing for crafts or you’re a fan of the Green family. Whatever the reason you’re interested in this business, you may be keen on knowing companies affiliated to Hobby Lobby as well. Affiliated business include Hemispheres, a unique home furnishings business that includes accessories from around the world and Mardel Christian and Education Supplies, which offers books, bibles, gifts, and church and education supplies. Mardel Christian also offers a large variety of homeschooling supplies for the family who has chosen the homeschool path for their family. At the end of the day, Hobby Lobby and their affiliated companies are all about family and faith. Whether helping you to create a space to enjoy family time or a place to buy supplies for projects, Hobby Lobby is as focused on the family as they come.

Crafting and the Brain

Here’s a good reason to search Hobby Lobby near me: crafting actually has a vast array of benefits for the brain. According to recent studies, crafts such as knitting, scrapbooking, and model building can boost cognition in the brain and actually keep you feeling spry and witty for a long time. Crafting is believed to reduce your chances of developing cognitive impairment in your old age by a whopping 30% to 50%. If you ever needed a reason to pick up a new hobby or learn a new skill, keeping your brain sharp may be the best one you can find.

Art and the Brain

Not only does Hobby Lobby boast a wide variety of craft supplies, they sell a great deal of art supplies as well. While on the topic of art consider that channeling your inner Picasso can improve your problem solving abilities and boost your memory. In fact, researchers have found that artists have structurally different brains, with an increased amount of neural matter in areas that are related to fine motor skills. Research has shown that making art can delay and even negate age related declines that occur in the brain as we age. Much like yoga and meditation, the process of creating art is a way for your brain to take a break and calm down. This is why art therapy is so effective in individuals with anxiety and depression. Search Hobby Lobby near me and find your new artistic passion, it may be the key to keeping your brain healthy!

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  1. Richard Paracka says:

    I had a shadow box assembled at the Port Richey, Florida store. Part of the inside of it has detached from its part of the box. I need it to be repaired. It’s only been a week since I picked it up.