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When Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank founded The Home Depot in 1978, they likely had no idea that it would revolutionize home improvement and the lives of millions of people worldwide.What began as a simple hardware store soon launched into a national chain that allowed people across the US to take on DIY projects, fix household problems, and dream a little bigger when it came to their homes. Are you interested in finding a Home Depot location near you?

Simply browse Home Depot near me on the map below. With over 2,200 locations in the US alone, you should easily be able to locate a Home Depot in your area. As the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, Home Depot prides itself on offering a large selection of products at accessible prices. From paint to windows and everything in between; Home Depot is a one stop shop for every home improvement need you may have. Search Home Depot near me and find your way to home improvement glory today.

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Home Depot Near Me – Home Depot Trivia

True or false: Home Depot is the fastest growing retailer in the US.

While searching Home Depot near me, you may be wondering just how big of a hold this home improvement retailer has on the nation. The answer? A big one! As of 2015, Home Depot was the fastest growing retailer in the United States, surpassing Target, Best Buy, and even retail juggernaut Walmart. With 2,200 locations in the US, each boasting a floor plan of nearly 105,000 square feet, it’s no wonder Home Depot has found its way into the American vernacular when it comes to home improvement and construction.

home depot near me

A Home Depot in North Carolina. While many Home Depot locations took a hit during the recession of 2008, many stores bounced back quickly.

How much does Home Depot earn per year?

Few people can walk into a Home Depot without dropping at least a few dollars. Much like Target, many Americans find it difficult to stick to their budget when in the confines of this home improvement store. This is evident by the $90 billion dollars in sales Home Depot boasts per year. Of those sales three quaters are from retail sales alone. Home Depot lands on the Forbes list of the top 100 companies in America nearly every year. While searching Home Depot near me, keep in mind just how tricky it might be to say no to all of the great products in this store!

Which political party does the Home Depot family support?

While statistics can’t speak for the political affiliations of store employees, the upper management of Home Depot typically sides republican. A whopping 72% of the Home Depot’s campaign contributions have gone to republican candidates in past elections. Former Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli was even a personal friend of president George W. Bush. Nardelli supported his friend by making the maximum allowable contribution to Bush’s presidential campaign run.

How many products does Home Depot sell in stores?

The Home Depot sells an impressive 35,000 items in their large warehouse style stores. With that amount of selection, it’s no wonder that every Home Depot customer can find exactly what they’re looking for and perhaps a little more. If you’re looking to be even more wowed, the Home Depot boasts over 1 million products on their online store.

Home Depot Near Me – Home Depot Facts

Home Depot is Highly Philanthropic

For some people, knowing that the company they support does good for the world is highly important. Fret not, while searching Home Depot near me, you can rest assured that this company does a lot of good. The Home Depot company has always invested in a bevy of philanthropic causes. Their namesake foundation, has donated over $200 million in contributions, materials, and time to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the City of Hope Medical Center, and KaBOOM. KaBOOM is dedicated to building playgrounds and parks for inner city children. It’s a cause that the Home Depot holds near and dear to their hearts.

The Home Depot Smart Home

If you’re wondering how the Home Depot develops cutting edge products while searching Home Depot near me, you’re about to get your answer. Every year the Home Depot funds an amazing project at Duke University called “The Home Depot Smart Home.” Functioning on the campus, the project selects ten upper class engineering students to live in a special home designed to emulate a research laboratory. The home collects their feedback and comments on innovations with security, home monitoring, home technology, home communications, energy efficiency, entertainment and environmental consciousness.

Committed to the Environment

On a changing planet, it’s nice to hear of a company the size of Home Depot making commitments to the environment. Home Depot prides itself on being an environmentally conscious company and an industry leader in finding/offering products that are respectful of the world and its citizens. While there has been some criticism in the past for not promoting responsible building practices and waste initiatives, they have since introduced several programs to do just that.

The company has also introduced an environmentally safe label for 3,000 of its products and pushes heavily for recycling, clean energy, and alternative lighting sources. The Home Depot foundation has also pledged a whopping $100 million dollars over the next decade to building green affordable homes and planting 3,000,000 trees. That’s building better, smarter, and more consciously!

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    A neglected comment from a senior citizen. I do NOT know a group of people more helpful and seemingly glad to be doing it then the HOME DEPOT employees. After years of patronizing the same store I have never been disappointed. They walk miles on concrete floors seem always ready to take me to the correct location of th e item I need. My recent visit was no exception. THANK YOU one and all. I use the Forest and Central location.