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Looking to spruce up your space without the hefty price tags of many designer home stores? Home Goods is the place for you! Home goods offers high quality designer and department store home items at a deeply discounted price. You’ll never pay full retail and will often find savings of more than 50% off the suggested manufacturer’s price.

Interested in finding a Home Goods store near you? Simply browse Home Goods near me on the map below and find a list of Home Goods stores located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Home goods? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more! You might just learn something new or find your new favorite store!

Home Goods Near Me – Find it on the Map

Home Goods Near Me – Home Goods Trivia

True or false: The company dates back to 1919.

Home goods may seem like a fairly recent concept and in many ways it is, but the company that founded and owns Home goods has a history that dates all the way back to 1919. Consider these facts as you search Home Goods near me. The company that owns the Home goods brand was founded by two brothers, Max and Morris Feldberg in 1919. The brand was initially known as the New England Trading Company. Though they found massive success with the New England Trading Company, the business minded brothers decided to open a few select stores under their umbrella company. Zayre was officially opened in 1950s and T.J. Maxx was opened in 1977. Home Goods was introduced in 1992 as an off price model. Nowadays, the powerhouse company goes by “TJX.” When Home Goods was first introduced, the store focused on selling women’s hosiery, not home goods. Thankfully, the store refocused and you can search Home Goods near me without needing a new pair of pantyhose.

home goods near me

Home Goods is a great place to buy upscale and designer home goods at low prices.

What are you really buying at Home Goods?

One of the many myths that persists when it comes to Home Goods is the idea that the shelves are stocked with past season goods or items that were passed over in previous seasons by department store shoppers. Though this may have been the case in similar concept stores in the past, Home Goods is not hocking past season items or sloppy seconds. Instead, if you’re searching Home Goods near me, you’ll find that the company practices what is known as “opportunistic buying.” This is different from most retailers who order their products six to nine months in advance only four times per year. Opportunistic buying means that buyers hunt for items 40 weeks out of the year. This allows them to acquire stock other retailers didn’t pick out a few months earlier, even though they’re still in season. You’re not buying items that sat on retail shelves in a Macy’s or Bloomingdales, you’re buying items that the buyers for these department stores initially passed on buying so far in advance. If you’re searching Home Goods near me, you’re always getting the best of the best.

Home Goods Near Me – Home Goods Facts

Finding a Home Goods Store

Long ago, finding a Home Goods store felt like finding a needle in a haystack. Though the brand had stand alone stores, they were typically in more upscale or suburban areas. Rural areas often had a T.J. Maxx, but no Home Goods, leaving many shoppers no choice but to travel a great distance in order to visit the famous housewares brand. Nowadays, there are more than 487 Home Goods locations in the US and Puerto Rico, meaning that you can find a Home Goods store in pretty much any state or location. As you search Home Goods near me, consider just how important it is for a brand to have as many locations as possible. Would you be willing to travel a great distance to visit a Home Goods?

No Coupons, No Sales

If you’re searching Home Goods near me, don’t expect to find any coupons or sales for your visit. No matter what time of year you’re shopping (even on Black Friday), you won’t find a single coupon or advertised sale at a T.J. Maxx or Home Goods store. The brand doesn’t want customers to hold off on buying to wait for a sale or coupon because merchandise is almost always changing on a weekly basis. Instead, Home Goods and T.J. Maxx always guarantees their items at the lowest possible prices possible. In their buying practices, they ensure that savings are being passed along to customers without the use of coupons or sales. This means buying is easier for the customer and the brand itself.

The Four Criteria Points

Anyone searching Home Goods near me, you can expect every item in the store to meet four key criteria points. According to brand insiders, bulk buyers look for four key points before purchasing items to put in stores. The first point is that it must be a classic fashion piece or a current trend. SEcond, it must be made of quality material. Third, the item must be a brand that buyers know and love. Lastly, the item must be able to be sold for up to 60% less than it would be sold in a department store. By meeting these four criteria points, shoppers are guaranteed the best brands at the best possible prices.

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