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While some may argue that there is nothing like owning your own home, many real estate agents will argue that renting can be a smarter move for most individuals looking to trade up to a house. Whether you’re expanding your family, moving out on your own, or simply looking to upgrade your space; renting a home can afford you many options that buying cannot.

Are you interested in finding homes for rent in your area? Simply browse homes for rent near me on the map below and find a list of homes for rent near your current location. Need a bit more information on renting a home? Read on for facts, trivia, and the top three states to rent a home in the US!

Homes For Rent Near Me – Find it on the Map

Homes For Rent Near Me – Homes For Rent Trivia

True or false: Renting a home can afford more flexibility.

If you’re searching houses for rent near me, then renting a home has likely been on your brain for a minute. Depending on your age, location, and family life: renting a home can afford you much more flexibility than purchasing a house. Why? Let’s break down the facts. A 12 month lease is far more flexible than a 30 year mortgage. If you’re at a stage in life where you’re not quite sure where you want to end up or what you want to do with the rest of your life, renting is your best option. Not only does renting lend flexibility on a long term scale, but it caters to the unexpected. Is your job suddenly moving you out of state? Fret not, many landlords will allow you to buyout your lease or sublet if you need to break your lease. This is much quicker and easier than trying to sell a home, especially in the current real estate market. If you’re the type of person who craves constant change, renting is for you.

homes for rent near me

Finding a rental home in your area is as easy as knowing what you want and where to search!

True or false: When you rent a home, you’re not responsible for maintenance.

This fact is both true and false! If you’re searching houses for rent near me, check the listings you find to see if your landlord will cover maintenance. Most landlords will take care of any repairs or rental property needs without any additional charges. In fact, it is part of their job. When you own a home, you’re tasked with fixing, replacing, and paying for all repairs needed for the home on your own dime. That means if you’re not exactly handy with a wrench, you’ll end up paying and calling in a professional. Does renting cost a bit more? In some cases, yes. But one of the great amenities of renting is that you have the luxury of not worrying about a leaky roof or a broken pipe ever again. For most properties, these concerns fall on the shoulders of the landlord.

Can you get paid for doing work on a rental property?

Take this fact with a grain of salt as you search houses for rent near me. Not every landlord will abide by this rule of thumb, but many will. Some landlords are a bit strict about making changes to the space, while some are open to positive changes that will appeal to future renters such as refinished floors, new light fixtures, better faucets, and neutral paint colors. In fact, many landlords will even reimburse you for materials and labor (and for saving them the headache of doing it themselves). The rule of thumb: ask your landlord up front about doing renovations to the home. If they’re on board embrace your ability to create the space you’ve always desired. If they’re not keen on the idea, hold out for the next one.

Homes For Rent Near Me – Homes For Rent Facts

Renting Allows For More Free Time

A huge positive to searching houses for rent near me and potentially renting a home? All of the additional free time you’ll have! Owning a home means you’ll spend many hours performing home maintenance. From lawn mowing, gutter cleaning and deck staining to painting; these things take time. While they do have their rewards and you might enjoy doing them, they can take away from time you could spend doing other things. You’ll never have to schedule your life around the things you need to do at home. While this might not seem like a big deal, you’ll be grateful for the extra minutes and hours when life gets to its busiest point.

Easy Upsizing As Your Family Grows

Life is unpredictable, while we’d like to plan out every big moment that comes our way, it’s simply not how life works. A big plus in renting instead of buying is that you can upsize as your family grows. Having an unexpected third child? You won’t need to worry about where all of the kids will sleep. Renting means that upsizing is no big deal. In fact, you can easily move into a space that allows for your lifestyle and family. On the flip side, if you’re growing older and would like to downsize, renting also affords that opportunity. Many older individuals find that as they age, the idea of keeping a big house or doing maintainer is out of the question. Renting allows you the flexibility to choose a place that feels right for you at any age.

The Best And Worst Cities For Renters

If you’re living in the US and wondering where the best place to rent a home would be, you’re in luck. Read on for a list of the best cities in the US for renters. These cities not only offer great properties, they offer a wealth of professional opportunities as well. On the flip side, make sure to avoid the worst cities for renters, which tend to boast high rents for low square footage.

Worst Cities For Renters

1. New York, NY

2. Boston, MA

3. San Francisco, Ca

Best Cities for Renters

1. Kansas City, MO

2. San Antonio, TX

3. Charlotte, NC

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  1. Donna Stewart says:

    I need a 1-2 bedroom house for 300.-350 a month,that allows a dog thats a companion animal1

  2. carol says:

    need a 3bedroom,1 1/2 bath in Willoughby,ohio and allows a dog.

  3. carol ciammaichella says:

    need a 3-4-bedroom with 2 full bath and allow a dog, in lake ccounty,ohio to rent, 850.00 to1100

  4. Darla says:

    Need a 1 bdrm house with a fenced yard, I have a small dog that is house trained, w/d hookup, storm cellar if possible in El Reno, OK. On Section 8.

  5. Ruby Phifer says:

    Looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bath double car garage need to move by 6-1-2018

  6. Catrina Williams says:

    Need 3/1.5 or 3/2 ch/a in or around Idabel

  7. Ja nn ie c e Molano says:

    I’m looking for a 3 to 4 bedroom home in Niagara Falls went to bathrooms I have a pet and he’s well-trained

  8. Dori arellano says:

    How can I rent

  9. Stephanie says:

    We need a 4 bedroom place and that allows animals