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When it comes to buying a car, few brands boast the reputation or reliability of a Honda. Since forming as a car brand, Hondas have been a staple in the driveway of folks from all walks of life. Now that many Hondas are even being built in America, more and more citizens are jumping on the Honda bandwagon. Often times, once you own one Honda, you’re an owner for life. Of course, finding the perfect Honda means finding the best dealer first.

Ready to find a Honda dealer near you? Simply browse Honda dealer near me on the map below and find a list of Honda dealers in your local area. Need a bit more information on Honda cars? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the best Honda vehicles. You’ll be a more informed buyer in no time!

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Honda Dealer Near Me – Honda Dealer Trivia

What did Honda originally manufacture?

Nowadays, Honda is known for their established fleet of cars, SUVs, and trucks. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to drive anywhere without seeing at least a handful of Hondas on the road at a time. Due to a stellar reputation and fair prices, Honda is truly one of America’s top selling car brands. Before getting into vehicle manufacturing, Honda was originally focused on a different mode of transportation. What did Honda originally manufacture? Consider this as you search Honda dealer near me. Back during the post-war period (1946 and later), Soichiro Honda and an established team of twelve men decided to create engines that could be attached to bikes. The bikes were a runaway hit. By 1964, Honda motor company became the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, even outpacing Harley Davidson and Triumph. To this day, Honda still creates quality bikes. They have also taken to putting their iconic motors in everything from power washers to generators and even lawn mowers. There’s no doubting the durability of a Honda motor or the brand itself!

What was the first Honda vehicle manufactured in the US?

Hondas are a staple on the American road, but this wasn’t always the case, especially when muscle cars and the big three American automakers were dominating sales from coast to coast. But when import cars become more prevalent in the states (in the 60s and 70s), Honda decided to move some manufacturing to the US, which would cut down on import costs. So what was the first Honda vehicle manufactured in the US? Read on as you search Honda dealer near me. Records indicate that the still popular Honda accord was the very first foreign vehicle ever to be manufactured in the US. The iconic 1982 model was produced in Honda’s Marysville, Ohio plant. Today, Honda has American manufacturing plants in several US states.

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True or false: Honda is a major exporter of soybeans.

When you think of Honda, soybeans probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. After all, what do motors and soybeans really have in common? Well, absolutely nothing. Still, Honda is a major exporter of soybeans. They first began shipping soybeans from the US to Japan back in 1986 because the US crop in Ohio was so plentiful and Japan had a huge market for soybeans. Not only did they want to help out their fellow countryman in Japan, but they wanted to find ways to invest in the state they were operating their manufacturing plant in.

Honda Dealer Near Me – Honda Dealer Facts

Honda’s Best Selling Vehicles

Honda is a best selling car brand for a reason. Their cars are dependable, get great gas mileage, and typically last well over the 200,000 mile mark. There are still Hondas on the road today from back in the early 90s, proof that Honda vehicles are built to last. But what exactly is Honda’s best selling car and SUV? Read on as you search Honda dealer near me. According to statistics, the Honda Civic was Honda’s best selling vehicle for the past three years. The Honda civic even comes in three distinct body styles: coupe, sedan, and hatchback. What’s the best selling SUV? The Honda CR-V! Though Honda produces both the Pilot and the CR-V, the CR-V has consistently been both Honda’s best selling SUV and the best selling SUV in the US out of every car brand. Not only does the CR-V sell well, but it also reaps the accolades from car gurus such as Edmunds, US News, and Car and Driver. All three publications list the CR-V as one of the best SUVs in its class.

Why buy a Honda?

If you’re searching Honda dealer near me, then you already might be on the market for a Honda vehicle. If you’re on the fence, there are several reasons why buying a Honda will benefit you today and years down the road. So why buy a Honda? People recommend Honda for a lot of reasons, especially over domestic counterparts such as Ford or Toyota. The reason? Honda vehicles almost always score well on studies carried out by J.C. Power and Consumer Reports, which suggest that they are highly reliable for the consumer and a solid purchase. This also makes Honda a good choice when buying a used car, since many models still have a lot of life left in them, even if they’ve already hit the 100,000 mile mark. It is not uncommon to see a Honda on the road with more than 200,000 miles, a feat that was once seen as impossible for many auto brands. People also love Honda models for their familiarity. They are easy to operate, safe, and tend to be very straight forward. Couple this with fair pricing, great gas mileage, and environmentally sound business practices, and you have the recipe for a great car brand.

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