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As one of the world’s most popular automakers, Honda has always had its finger on the pulse of advancement and automotive technology. Whether it’s crafting a fuel efficient and eco friendly car or an SUV that can get you from A to B in any kind of weather, Honda has every base covered.

Are you interested in finding a Honda dealership near you? Simply browse Honda dealership near me on the map below and find a list of Honda dealers in your region. Need a bit more information on Honda? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more! Your next car buying experience might just be a little more fun!

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Honda Dealership Near Me – Honda Dealership Trivia

True or false: Honda started out by manufacturing motorized bicycles.

Honda has never been a stranger to advancement, but before making automobiles the brand was making something rather different. Did Honda actually start out by manufacturing motorized bicycles? Consider this as you search Honda dealership near me. According to brand historians, Honda got its start in a rather simple way. They focused on manufacturing motorized bicycles and perfecting engines. It is this foundational knowledge of engine operation and tinkering that has given Honda the upper hand. Eventually, Honda moved from bicycles and began making automobiles during the post war period. Prior to the war, Soichiro Honda and his modest team of 12 men worked tirelessly to produce engines that could be attached to bikes. By 1964, the brand was swelling in side, growing quickly to become the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and eventually one of the world’s biggest automobile manufacturers.

honda dealership near me

Honda is one of the world’s most dependable car brands!

True or false: Honda produces most of its vehicles right here in the United States.

Sometimes in America, import car brands can be a bit polarizing. Those who favor American car brands often argue that buying an import car takes jobs away from those living stateside. It has been a hot button issue for years, but it doesn’t exactly need to be. Consider this as you search Honda dealership near me. Despite what you may have been told, Honda produces a majority of its vehicles right here in the United States. That means that buying a Honda won’t be robbing an American of a job, but rather helping to keep American auto manufacturing alive. Though Honda may be a Japanese company, when you buy a Honda car in the US, you are buying an American made car. Honda has many large manufacturing plants in the United States, as well as many other R&D Centers, engine plants, and transmission facilities. If you take a look on the inside of your Honda’s glove box, you’ll often see right where your car was manufactured. Many times, you’ll find that it was in a hard working midwestern state such as Ohio!

Honda Dealership Near Me – Honda Dealership Facts

The First Foreign Vehicle

America is a country built on innovation, and no industry helped to build American prosperity more than the automotive industry. With the introduction of Ford and later the assembly line, cars grew in popularity. Suddenly the average person could afford to travel without relying on lengthy train rides or slow moving coaches. It ignited industry in a way that few other innovations ever have. Despite the popularity and success of American car brands, the world was infatuated with manufacturers such as Honda and Toyota. These brands had an eye on innovation and fuel efficiency, which allowed for consumers to get more mileage out of every car and a better bang for their buck when it came to filling up at the tank. Foreign cars first made their way to the US in the 50’s thanks to Volkswagen. Despite the popularity of the Volkswagen Beetle and other models, it took other foreign brands a few more years to make it stateside. Eventually, both Honda and Toyota established roots and great sales in the United States. The first foreign vehicle to ever be manufactured in the US was the Honda Accord. That’s right, a Marysville, Ohio plant began to produce the Accord for the United States in 1982. It became the first model under a foreign brand name to become a best selling vehicle in the United States. As you search Honda dealership near me, consider just how popular foreign car brands are today.

What’s in a Name?

As you search Honda dealership near me, you may noticed that many Hondas have some rather peaceful names. Is there a reason or is just coincidence? According to brand insiders, the name Accord was initially chosen because Honda sought to create a car that could represent the harmony between people and the automobiles they chose to drive. The name Civic was thought to invoke images of a society that was whole, connected, bustling, and thriving. In naming these cars, Honda wanted to create a vehicle that seemed relatable and practical. They achieved this with the Civic and Accord, two dependable cars that equal parts practical and fun. Their names and quality definitely appeal to the harmony Honda was attempting to achieve during the initial design period.

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