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Since the 1980’s Hooters has been serving up wings with a side of sex appeal to hungry consumers with a love of bar grub. From spicy wings to juicy burgers, Hooters is a haven for any individual who likes their food spliced with a bit of fun.

Are you interested in finding a Hooters location near you? Simply browse Hooters near me on the map below and find a list of Hooters locations in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Hooters? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on this scantily clad sports bar!

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Hooters Near Me – Hooters Trivia

When did Hooters first open?

Nowadays, Hooters is a commonality in most US cities and even suburban areas. In fact, it’s a pretty amazing part of American culture. Hooters was incorporated on April Fool’s Day in 1983, when six businessmen who boasted zero restaurant experience got together and decided to open a restaurant that they couldn’t get kicked out of. Having been, forbidden from many restaurants in the past before, the six men sought to open a restaurant without restrictions. Soon after coming up with their idea, the doors to the first Hooters Restaurant opened in Clearwater, Florida. The now famous “Hooters Six” included: L.D. Stewart, a painting contractor; Gil DiGiannantonio, a liquor salesman; “Uncle Billy” Ranieri, a retired service station owner; Ed Droste, a real estate executive; Dennis Johnson, a brick mason; and Ken Wimmer, a partner in the painting business with the L.D. Stranger group. Out of the minds of these six men came the concept of Hooters; a restaurant that would combine their favorite finger foods with the music they felt best exemplified American nostalgia. In terms of decor, the men wanted lots of wood. Wooden walls, floors, tables and bars. Consider these facts when searching Hooters near me.

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Hooters is known for its bright orange decor, beautiful waitresses, and yummy dishes!

How were Hooters girls incorporated into the business?

For many, a trip to Hooters means the infamous Hooters girls, but just where did the idea to incorporate scantily clad women first come from? The six men had a very irreverent sense of humor that began with the creative menu saga written by Ken. The name Hooters came from a popular comedy sketch written by Steve Martin, that used the term “Hooters” to describe women’s breasts. The six men knew that by incorporating beautiful scantily clad waitresses into the mix they’d have a slam dunk restaurant with men everywhere. The first Hooters girl, Lynne Austin, was hired on a bet. The next Hooters girls were Ed’s beautiful secretary Loretta.

True or false: The men were convinced the company would fail.

True! This fact may surprise you while searching Hooters near me, but the six men at the helm of Hooters were completely convinced that the business would fail. This is why they chose to incorporate the business on April Fool’s Day and even went so far as to build a small “graveyard” on the property in order to acknowledge all of the restaurants that had previously failed on the same plot of land. Luckily for anyone searching Hooters near me, the business didn’t fail, instead it thrived and grew to be a well known national chain.

Hooters Near Me – Hooters Facts

The Hooters Calendar

What you may not know while searching Hooters near me, is that every year Hooters releases its now famous Hooters calendar. First released in 1985 (for the year 1986), the calendar featured the restaurant’s best looking Hooters girls, including the original Hooters girl, Lynne Austin. The calendar sought to increase the popularity of the restaurant and be a stand alone product that would bring the Hooters experience home. The calendar still remains popular to this day. Each calendar features more than 200 Hooters girls. The company claims that the calendar has been a springboard for hundreds of successful modeling careers. The people at Hooters know that no one is buying the calendar to read the articles!

Hooters On the Small Screen

Did you know that back in 1987, Hooters had a successful TV show known as Hooters Nite Owl Theater? For eight years viewers watched the Hooters Girls introduce and host a late night cable movie each and every week. The show was eventually syndicated in 13 major markets nationwide. Later, it was renamed the Hooters Movie of the Week. The show remained on air until 1995 until it was canceled after a legal issue between Hooters Inc and the Hooters of America. Do you remember Hooters Nite Owl Theater? Consider just how huge of a role this brand has played in American culture while searching Hooters near me. The facts may just surprise you!

The Hooters Swimsuit Pageant

If you ever find yourself in Las Vegas, you may want to check out the annual Hooters swimsuit pageant. Held annually at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the pageant features 100 Hooters girls chosen from Hooters locations all over the world. If you’re a Hooters enthusiast or just a lover of swimsuit competitions, you may get your fill at this legendary show. In 2014, two time Hooters calendar girl Tyler Suess took home the crown. Who will take home the crown in 2017? Only time will tell! Try searching Hooters near me the next time you’re in Las Vegas, you may just find yourself sitting stage side at a swim suit competition.

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