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Horseback riding is as integral to American history as many of the individuals we consider heroes of the revolution today. Horses were domesticated as far back as 10,000 years ago, providing necessary transportation and companionship for citizens across the world. Nowadays, horseback riding is a true thrill that can transport you back in time without the time machine.

Are you interested in finding horseback riding near you? Simply browse horseback riding near me and discover horseback riding facilities in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on horseback riding? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on this beloved past time!

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Horseback Riding Near Me – Horseback Riding Trivia

When did the first horseback ride ever occur?

It’s hard to imagine a world without horses or horseback riding, if you’re searching horseback riding near me, then you are probably well aware of the important role that horses have played in civilizations for thousands of years. According to historians, the all important first horseback ride in history was recorded in 4200 BC. This is around the time that academics note a major shift from hunter gathering societies to settlements built around farming. The advent of horseback riding made it much easier for these civilizations to watch over herds of livestock, travel to fertile lands, and maintain their crops. Not only did riding horses make it much easier for farmers to keep up after large groups of livestock, but after people began riding horses, many were able to increase the size of the livestock they kept which in turn upped their earnings. This lead to a higher quality of life for everyone involved and marked a major milestone in the modernization of civilization.

horseback riding near me

Horseback riding is good for your health and good for your spirit!

Which piece of horseback riding gear was invented first?

While you may be tempted to note the saddle as the first piece of horseback riding gear to be invented, it was actually the bit. Consider this while searching horseback riding near me. Early domesticated horses were much tougher to control than a cow or sheep. When you add riding into the mix, individuals had to be able to discern some control over the horse’s head in order to lead the horse in an effective and painless manner. The first bits weren’t made from the metal elements we know today. They were comprised of twisted rawhide which was the toughest material to be found at this point in time. Just like modern bits, these rested on the gums near the back of the mouth at a gap in the teeth known as “the bars.” While many used these rawhide bits to guide their beloved horses, the Native Americans used cord around the jaw. This was often referred to as a Cherokee bridle. As soon as metalworking began, mainstream bits were made of copper. It was a long time before more modern variations made an appearance.

Horseback Riding Near Me – Horseback Riding Facts

Building Positive Character Traits

If you’re searching horseback riding near me, you’ll likely want to know a major benefit of riding horses, especially for young people. Horseback riding bears many benefits, but one of the major positive aspects is that it teaches responsibility to those who ride and take care of horses. Horse caretakers are tasked with caring for the horse during both times of health and illness. They learn not only about horse health, but tack and farm care. This involves a lot of time and responsibility in order to put that knowledge to use everyday. Riding itself teaches patience, discipline, empathy, willpower, self control, compassion and dedication. These are traits that will take a rider far beyond their lives as riders and help them to build a solid foundation as good people.


Much like humans, horses are very social creatures. They love being able to communicate and interact with people. Not only has this been proven to have a positive effect on people, but it has a positive effect on the animals as well. This is why many therapeutic horseback riding programs exist to help aid humans back to wellness. Psychologists have seen the benefits of horseback riding for individuals recovering from trauma, PTSD, depression, and abuse. It’s been proven that children who will not talk much to people or often feel timid, will actually talk and interact with the horses. They open up and communicate. They see the horses as both companions and confidants. This interaction is beneficial to all involved, this is why horses make excellent companion animals and while many equestrian enthusiasts cite their horses as their best friends. If you’re searching horseback riding near me, think about how horseback riding may positively affect your life in the long run!

A Return to Nature

One of the greatest benefits of searching horseback riding near me, is finding the perfect venue to get back to nature. Studies show that individuals who spend at least 90 minutes of time outside on a regular basis are much happier and less prone to depression and anxiety conditions than their indoor counterparts. This is why many riders have such a positive outlook on life!

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