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If a loved one is nearing the end of their life, it may be time to seek out hospice care. Hospice is compassionate care geared towards anyone who is facing a life-limiting illness or injury. Unlike a traditional hospital stay, hospice care focuses on emotional and spiritual support, medical care, and pain management. The goal is to make a patient as comfortable and pain free at the end of their life as possible. Support is also provided to a patient’s loved ones and grief counseling is sometimes provided. Everyone has a right to die with dignity and that’s exactly what hospice care allows them to do.

Do you need to find hospice care in your area? Simply browse hospice care near me on the map below and find a list of hospice care facilities in your area. Looking for more information on hospice? Read on for facts and tips on choosing hospice care.

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What is the main goal of hospice care?

Eventually, everyone reaches the end of their life. Sometimes we make into old age and die peacefully in our sleep- other times, terminal illness or accidents can cut our live short. When a loved one reaches the end of their life there are many factors that are woefully all intertwined. Psychosocial, financial, interpersonal, and spiritual factors all must be considered when aiding someone through the end of their journey on earth. The main goal of hospice care is to reduce physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering that can often be encountered by patients in the process of dying. These things aren’t easy for the patient or their families. Which is why hospice care focuses on both. End of life care often requires attention to a person’s beliefs, wishes, values, and personal characteristics. No two patients are exactly alike, which is why hospice care is so important. Unlike a hospital setting, hospice will seek to give every patient what they deserve at the end of their life. In addition to treating physical symptoms such as anxiety, nausea, confusion, pain, and shortness of breath, hospice will also counsel a patient on uncertainty, fear, and grief that come with end of life and dying. Hospice also places a high value on the family of these patients, as it can be a high time of psychological distress and overwhelming physical exhaustion. As you search hospice care near me, think of how this type of care may be right for you or your loved one.

hospice care near me

Hospice care aims to help those nearing the end of their life find comfort and ease.

Can hospice care be offered at home?

As you search hospice care near me, you may be wondering if it’s possible for hospice care to be provided in the patient’s home. Some people prefer to spend the end of their lives in a place they know and are comfortable in. Not only do they feel most at peace in their own home, but this also gives family members and friends a chance to gather. Hospice car can be provided in many different settings, including in your own home. The location chosen to deliver care is based on the individual patient’s preference. Not every patient feels comfortable going to a hospice center. As long as the home environment is safe the intensity of care does not overwhelm the patient or the caregivers, then hospice care can be offered where the patient lives. Unfortunately, in some cases, a patient may need to be moved to a health care setting if home care is too difficult or unachievable.

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The Importance of Hospice Care

Hospice care provides great hope and compassion to patients and family members as the end of life draws near. Why is hospice care so important? Keep these things in mind as you search hospice care near me. When a person is diagnosed with a progressive condition such as cancer, heart disease, or dementia, the disease process can reach an end stage. At this advanced stage, symptoms may be outside of the spectrum of treatment and difficult to control. This can impair a person’s quality of life and ability to endure day to day activities. There is no further treatment to impair the progression of the disease, which makes comfort and pain management the number one priority. Often times, these things cannot be achieved by family caregivers alone. Hospice can offer help to patients and families, especially when doctor’s feel there is nothing left to do for the disease being battled. Hospice plays a key role in managing symptoms, supporting patients, and lifting them up emotionally.

Qualifying for Hospice

The only unfortunate aspect of hospice is that you will have to qualify. Consider this as you search hospice care near me. To qualify for hospice benefits, through your private insurance or Medicare, two separate physicians must certify that you have a life-altering condition with a prognosis of six months or less to live. This time frame does not have to be spot on- as there is no true biological basis for knowing how long a person actually has left. If you or a family member starts hospice but then decides it is not the right fit, you can quit and go with other options. Generally speaking, hospice recipients tend to live longer than those receiving standard care. In a 2010 study of lung cancer patients, data revealed that those receiving hospice care lived around three months longer than those that did not. Other terminal diagnoses found the same, with patient’s living an average of 20 days to 69 days longer. Be frank in your discussions about hospice care and you’ll always make the right decision.

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