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The Humane Society of the United States is credited as the largest and most effective animal protection agency in the United States. Between the Humane Society and their affiliate agencies, more than 100,000 animals are rescued and cared for each year. Aside from rescuing these animals, they offer training and educational programs. That’s paying it forward in the best possible way.

Are you interested in finding a Humane Society location near you? You’re in the right place. Simply browse Humane Society near me on the map below and find a list of Humane Society locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on the Humane Society? Read on for facts, trivia, information, and history on this incredible animal rescue agency.

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When was the Humane Society founded?

When it comes to animal welfare, the humane society has been on the side of abandoned or abused dogs for decades. Since 1954, the Humane Society has been slowly creating a new kind of animal organization, one that is not afraid to confront national cruelties beyond the reach of the local societies or local federations. From the beginning, the most important goal of the Humane Society was to eliminate all animal cruelty on a global level, not just in particular areas. It immediately sought to fight legislation that would required shelters to turn over animals for scientific research. The Humane Society considered this to be cruel and unusual, a truly archaic and unethical way of treating an innocent animal. Because of the many campaigns proposed by the Humane Society, the United States government and other governments throughout the world have passed animal rights legislation, which have served to protect animals from all walks of life. They have also since made it illegal to treat any research animals inhumanely. Consider just how much this agency has done as you search humane society near me.

humane society near me

The Humane society of Lowell, Massachusetts.

How has the Humane Society helped animals?

Aside from rescuing animals in a very physical sense, the Humane Society has used its influence and power to force important pieces of federal legislation that were passed largely owing to the society’s efforts. These include the Humane Slaughter Act of 1958, which helps to protect the rights of animals and the methods in which they are slaughtered; the Laboratory Animal Welfare Act of 1966, which mandates the humane treatment of animals in research, commercial breeding, transporting, and public exhibition; and of course the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006, which requires that animals always be taken into account in the disaster plans of state, local, and federal agencies. The Humane Society is the leading disaster relief agency of all animals the United States. They operate a variety of veterinary clinics, mobile vets, rehabilitation centers and disaster relief for all animals in other countries. When you search Humane Society near me and visit your local shelter, you’re helping animals in the most selfless way possible.

Humane Society Near Me – Humane Society Facts

Undercover Investigations

In addition to rescuing animals, providing care, and helping to find displaced, abandoned, and abused animals homes; the Humane Society also conducts regular undercover investigations that have managed to have exposed significant amounts of animal abuse in a number industries and research facilities. In 2008, an undercover investigation performed by the Humane Society, lead the United States Department of Agriculture to recall more than 140 million pounds of beef from the Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Company in California. Through the society’s training division, academic courses, certificates, and workshops are offered to help educate the public at large on animal welfare topics. The society also produces several magazines that touch a wide range of animal related issues and topics. The Humane Society is almost entirely funded by bequests, contributions, foundation grants, and dues provided by membership dues. The society also gleans a small amount of funding from the federal government in support of specific programs. Without kind folks like you searching Humane Society near me and possibly donating funds, this agency wouldn’t thrive.

The Animal Rescue Team

Now that you know a bit about what the Humane Society does while searching Humane Society near me, you may want to know about the beloved Animal Rescue Team. The Animal Rescue Team works alongside law enforcement agents to investigate illegal animal and cruelty, often taking on the worst cases of animal abuse nationwide. It’s a difficult job, as many of the rescue agents are met with truly appalling conditions and cases of abuse that could make one’s stomach turn. Each and every year, the animal rescue team manages to free thousands of animals from puppy mills, dog fighting rings, natural disasters, and other situations what cause suffering in animals such as life threatening neglect and cruelty. Through these efforts, thousands of animals are spared a life of suffering and sadness at the hands of inhumane owners. It is these acts of heroism that have allowed many dogs to eventually thrive and find forever homes with loving individuals who treat them the way they deserve to be treated.

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