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Have a hankering for pizza that’s like no other? Hungry Howie’s is your best bet! Hungry Howie’s pizza is a popular franchise and the 11th largest pizza chain the United States. With more than 550 locations peppered throughout the lower 48, Hungry Howie’s is feeding folks everything from pizza and chicken wings to salads and brownies.

Are you interested in finding a Hungry Howie’s near you? Simply browse Hungry Howie’s near me on the map below and find a list of Hungry Howie’s locations in your neighborhood! Need a bit more information on Hungry Howie’s? Read on for facts, trivia, and more! You might just satisfy your appetite for knowledge.

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Hungry Howie’s Near Me – Hungry Howie’s Trivia

What year did Hungry Howie’s first open?

Ever wondered how Hungry Howie’s first got its start? Consider this as you search Hungry Howie’s near me! According to brand historians, Hungry Howie’s was first opened by James Hearn on Telegraph Road in Taylor, Michigan in 1973. The pizza place was modest at first, with just a few employees and bare bones options. Soon enough, Howie’s caught on with the locals, especially students who attended nearby Taylor Junior High and Taylor Center High Schools. With the growing popularity, Hearn decided to team up with his head pizza delivery guy, Steve Jackson, to franchise the business and start building up a pizza empire. The first Hungry Howie’s franchise was opened in 1983 and found just as much success as the initial Hungry Howie’s. Within the first three years, Hungry Howie’s successfully franchised more than 65 locations. By 1990, the number quickly grew to 160. In 2005, Hungry Howie’s officially celebrated opening its 500th store. There are currently more than 550 Hungry Howie’s locations located throughout the 21 states.

hungry howie's near me

Hungry Howie’s is known for good pizza and good prices!

What is Hungry Howie’s best known for?

Hungry Howie’s is known for great food, good times, and great pizza, but what exactly is the brand most famous for? Consider this as you search Hungry Howie’s near me. Hungry Howie’s is best known for being the home of the flavored crust pizza. Pizza Hut may have stuffed crust, but Hungry Howie’s has flavored crust, which has set the brand apart from the pack for some time. The concept of developing a flavored crust was first brought to the attention of Hearn and Jackson by an ambitious franchisee who started to put sesame seeds and butter on the crusts of the pizzas being sold. The creators were intrigued and decided to begin a process of evaluating flavored crusts and testing out the concept in a few stores. They rolled out eight flavors in 1985. The current flavored crust options that you can enjoy when you visit a Hungry Howie’s location are: original, garlic herb, onion, cajun, butter, butter cheese, sesame, ranch, Italian herb, and asiago. Lucky for you, you don’t have to choose just one! Multiple crust flavors can be combined to truly customize your crust experience.

Hungry Howie’s Near Me – Hungry Howie’s Facts

Love, Hope, and Good Pizza

Hungry Howie’s isn’t just known for their great pizzas and iconic crust options, they’re also known for their charitable campaigns and giving nature. Consider this as you search Hungry Howie’s near me. Since 2009, the Hungry Howie’s brand has been dedicated to spreading awareness and raising funds for the well known charity, the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Through its Love, Hope, and Pizza campaign, Hungry Howie’s has been raising money for breast cancer for years. Every October, the brand turns all of its pizza boxes pink. For every pizza sold, Hungry Howie’s makes a nice donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. As of September 2016, Hungry Howie’s has donated more than $1.5 million to the foundation.

Is Pizza A Vegetable?

Pizza isn’t considered a vegetable to most, but the federal government might just think differently. In 2011, the government declared that all schools that were subsidized by government programs must contain a certain amount of vegetables in order to remain qualified for funding. To keep pizza in the rotation, the government deemed the two tablespoons of tomato sauce that were found on most pizzas met the vegetable requirements just fine. While searching Hungry Howie’s near me, you can rest assured that by the government standards getting a piece of pizza, also means getting some of your daily requirements of vegetables. Of course, we wouldn’t rely on pizza for all of our nutrition needs!

The Pepperoni Connection

Ever wondered what the most popular pizza topping is at Hungry Howies and in the US at large? According to statistics, you can find pepperoni pizza on a whopping 36% of all pizzas sold in America. It’s definitely America’s most popular topping and one of the fastest selling toppings at both chains and Mom n’ Pop shops. What are the most popular toppings in other regions of the world? The Japanese love to pair their pizza with teriyaki chicken. In India, dough is often paired with paneer. The Australians love to put shrimp, pineapple, and barbecue sauce on their pies. What will you top your pizza with after searching Hungry Howie’s near me?

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