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Finding the right bank isn’t always easy. Every individual has unique needs and wants that not every bank can meet. That’s where Huntington Bank is different. Not only does it put its focus on the customer rather than the bottom line, but it offers low to no fee checking accounts and a variety of people friendly amenities.

Are you interested in finding a Huntington Bank in your area? Simply browse Huntington Bank near me on the map below and find a list of Huntington bank locations in close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on Huntington bank? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on this esteemed brand.

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Huntington Bank Near Me – Huntington Bank Trivia

When was Huntington Bank founded?

While searching Huntington Bank near me, consider the long and storied history behind this great banking venture. P.W. Huntington is credited with forming Huntington National Bank in 1866. Compelled by the need to do something “big” and fulfill his passion for business, Huntington wanted to carve out a name for himself amongst his family. After all, he came from a long line of Huntington’s who had actually helped to shape the United States.The Huntington’s parents left Norwich, England for the US in 1633. This is when they came to the US with their daughter and four sons to settle in the town of Roxbury, Massachusetts. Though the family lost one son to smallpox during the voyage, the family prospered, married, and multiplied. Benjamin Huntington, P.W.’s great grandfather and the descendant of one of Margaret Huntington’s sons helped to start the Revolutionary War by calling the first revolutionary meeting in Norwich, Connecticut in 1774. Another Huntington, Samuel, was the president of the Continental Congress. He even signed the Declaration of Independence and helped to construct the Constitution. Some have even referred to Samuel as the nation’s first true president. Given his family’s long history of innovation and American history, it’s no wonder P.W. sought to make a place for himself in the history books with the inception of Huntington Bank.

huntington bank near me

A Huntington Bank location in Springboro, Ohio.

In what state was the first Huntington Bank founded?

Now that you know who founded Huntington Bank, you may be wondering where the first Huntington Bank branch was located. The first Huntington Bank was built in 1978 in Columbus, Ohio. The five story building was dubbed one of the first “skyscrapers.” P.W. was highly proud of the building and made sure to include four of his five sons in the banking businesses. Four of them were partners by the late 1890s and early 1900s, when they eventually assumed executive management positions. The bank was officially incorporated in 1905 as the Huntington National Bank of Columbus. In 1916, Huntington moved to an even bigger building in order to house the expanding operations. Sadly, P.W. died in 1918 shortly after handing the bank over to his sons, but not before being credited with building the leading financial institution in Columbus at the time.

Huntington Bank Near Me – Huntington Bank Facts

The End of Family Leadership

You may have guessed while searching Huntington Bank near me, that this bank has always sought to include the family and family leadership. It was because of this leadership and discipline that Huntington was one of the few banks that was able to survive the depression. This was during a time that many of the industries largest operations sank into oblivion. Prior to the depression, T.S. Huntington had guided the company, but eventually stepped aside due to health issues. He handed the company off to the youngest Huntington Brother, B.G. in 1933. Known for his seemingly never ending supply of energy and logical mind, B.G. successfully guided the bank through the great depression and World War II. He ceded his duties in 1949, serving only as chairman of the board during Huntington’s postwar expansion. His death in 1958 marked the end of 92 years of family guidance for Huntington National bank by the men of the P.W. Huntington clan.

Company Perspectives

While searching Huntington Bank near me, you may realize quickly that this is a bank that puts people first. In fact, Huntington is a bank that prides itself on making people feel right at home. The company strives to feel small enough to not seem imposing but big enough to provide all of tis customers with every possible resource and amenities that they could possibly need to make the most out of their banking experience.s. With astute management strategies, amazing checking account offerings, online/mobile banking, and more than enough branches to suit your needs; Huntington is the local bank with a big city offerings. It’s no wonder that this bank has enjoyed 150 years of constant expansion. Among notable accomplishments, Huntington is known for being the first bank to open a 24 hour fully automated banking office. Dubbed the “handy bank” this concept was soon copied around the world. Nearly every bank offers 24 hour ATM machines and banking deposits. At the end of the day, Huntington will always treat you like family.

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