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Twirling and skating gracefully on an ice rink can take anyone back to childhood. Whether you’re seeking competitive skating lessons or simply want to spend a few hours skating around, a trip to the ice rink is fulfilling and fun for all ages.

Ready to find a great ice rink your local area? Browse ice skating near me on the map below and find a list of ice skating rinks in your local town. Need a bit more information on the sport of ice skating? How about some tricks of the trade? Read on for unique facts, trivia, and more about ice skating. You’ll be skating your way to knowledge in no time.

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Ice Skating Near Me – Ice Skating Trivia

True or false: Ice skates used to be made from animal bones.

Have no fear, hitting the rink in 2018 means you won’t have to skate on animal bones as technology has come a very long way since ice skating was first conceptualized. But at one time, animal bones were the norm as far as ice skates went. Here’s the skinny on old time ice skates. Long before people began to “ice dance” or develop any kind of real artistic expression through ice skating, the skates held a far more practical purpose. They were most often used as a form of transportation. That’s right, there weren’t glitter ridden spandex leotards or fancy spin moves, just simple traveling from point A to point B. Obviously, this kind of necessity called for the practical invention. Thousands of years ago, the residents of Finland did just they. Rather than hoofing it the old fashioned way, Finnish citizens strapped animal bones to their feet in order to glide across frozen lakes rather than attempting to walk around them. Scientists believe that they also used wooden poles to propel themselves forward. After all, why would you walk all the way around the lake when you can propel on some animal bones across it. The metal blades we know and love today, didn’t actually arrive until the 13th century. Still, if you find yourself searching ice skating near me, you may want to keep your ancestors and their animal bones in mind.

ice skating near me

Ice skating is the most fun you can have in the winter time!

What invention made figure skating possible?

Figure skating is truly a sight to behold. The spins and twirls are truly artistry and athleticism at their very best. Yet, figure skating wasn’t always a possibility, even after the metal ice skate came into fashion. What invention actually made the sport of figure skating possible? Consider this as you search ice skating near me. According to historians it wasn’t possible to perform any kind of skating tricks or intricate maneuvers on blades until E.V. Bushnell invented a secure clip for the metal skates. Prior to the invention of this clip, the skates would simply fall off and the wearer would be horribly injured. When Bushnell finally unveiled skates that could be clipped to the foot back in 1848, figure skating was finally made a possibility.

Ice Skating Near Me – Ice Skating Facts

The Facts On Ice Dancing

Ice skating can allow for some serious artistic expression, especially when it comes to “ice dancing.” Ice dancing and figure skating often go hand in hand, but historians believed that ice dancing is what made figure skating possible in the first place. Ice dancing actually dates back to 1862. During a particularly harsh London winter, ice dancing became a popular hobby that folks of both genders utilized to help pass the time and make the most of the dull weather. The first concrete example of ice dancing truly emerged in the 1880s. This is when the Vienna Skating Club decided to mimic the Waltz on ice while skating at their gatherings. Ice dancing soon became popular both in Europe and in the US. After all, it proved far more accessible than the complicated spins of figure skating. Though it was beloved, it didn’t actually become a recognized sport at the Winter Olympics until 1976. Nowadays, figure skating gathers some of the largest audience and crowds at the Olympics. Ice dancing is particularly beloved and has produced many major athletes and celebrities in recent years. As you search ice skating near me, consider how ice dancing helped change the face of this sport forever.

Spinning Like A Record

Odds are if you’re simply searching ice skating near me, you’re not a world class Olympian or gold medal athlete looking to get some time in on the rink. Still, you can likely appreciate the amount of work and training that goes in to becoming a pro skater. Skaters can endure a lot, especially when it comes to those complicated spins we all love to watch during the Olympic games. Have you ever wondered how skaters can physically endure those impossible spins and the speeds they reach while still executing a perfect jump. You’re not alone! During one of these spins, skaters can reach speeds of more than 300 revolutions per minute. This means that figure skaters experience as many RPMs as astronauts in centrifuge training. These complicated moves take years to master. Novice skaters can often face harsh injuries or even dizzy spells from training and learning these wild on ice maneuvers.

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