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As the world’s largest and most prominent cultural furniture store, IKEA is synonymous with fashion forward and affordable home decor. Whether you’re looking to outfit a kitchen, cozy up the living room, or give your children the bedroom of their dreams; Ikea is chock full of easy to assemble and stylish furniture.

Are you interested in finding an Ikea location in your area? Simply browse Ikea near me on the map below and find a list of Ikea locations in your location. Need a bit more information on this Swedish brand? Read on for facts and trivia on one of the world’s greatest furniture stores.

Ikea Near Me – Find it on the Map

Ikea Near Me – Ikea Trivia

True or false: Ikea began as a mail order business.

For the budget savvy shopper looking for some furniture, Ikea always makes the list of places to visit for high quality low cost pieces. While hitting up an Ikea store now is fairly simple, the business didn’t always have stand alone stores. In fact, Ikea began as a mail order business founded by Ingvar Kamprad. The business began in Kamprad’s tiny Swedish village in the 1940s. Hailing immediate success, the business quickly grew and Ikea spread globally. The company now boasts more than 300 stores located everywhere from China to Russia. While searching Ikea near me, you’ll be guaranteed to find a location in close proximity.

ikea near me

All Ikea locations offer typical floor plans meant to encourage you to buy hot items fast.

True or false: The name Ikea is an acronym.

While on your quest to find Ikea near me, you may be wondering just how this furniture brand earned their unique name. What many patrons of this store don’t know, is that the name Ikea is actually an acronym. Ingvar Kamprad initiated the business when he was just 17. At the time he was doing door to door sales-peddling mostly a variety of pens and stockings. A young Kamprad decided to name his fledgling and still nuanced business Ikea. The “Ik” in the name are his initials, the “E” is for the small farm he grew up on in Elmtayrd, and the “A” is ofr Agunnayrd, his hometown. Now you know what Ikea really means!

Where do the products get their unique names?

If you’ve ever visited an Ikea, then you know that their home goods are most often identified by Swedish names rather than actual product numbers. While the process seemed a bit confusing to some at some, customers were soon endeared by the names and enjoyed the “culture” simply buying an Ikea item allowed them to have. The practice of naming the products started because Kamprad had dyslexia and kept getting numerical codes confused. While this is rather charming, it can sometimes lead to cultural stress. The company ran into issues in 2006 when they discovered that many of the Scandinavian names given to their products doubled as explicit expressions in Thailand. The more you know!

Ikea Near Me – Ikea Facts

A Slow Building Success

Nowadays, Ikea is as much a part of the American vernacular as apple pie. Sadly, this wasn’t always the case. After totally conquering the European market, Ikea sought to expand into the US and placed its first location just outside of Philadelphia in 1985. Customers struggled to make sense of the brand and even had trouble pronouncing the name. That’s almost as much trouble as they had figuring out the merchandise (and how to assemble it). The furniture itself had not yet been tailored to the market: products were shown in centimeters and didn’t fit American measurements. Because of this many Americans bought curtains that didn’t even fit windows and flower vases that they assumed were drink tumblers. For five years the company didn’t open any new stores in the US due to lagging sales. The brand didn’t begin to see real growth in the US until 1987.

Dazed and Confused

If you’re searching Ikea near me because you’ve already visited a location, then you know that the Ikea floor pan can feel more like a maze than an actual store. According to research conducted at the University College of London, Ikea’s chaotic floor plan is done on purpose. It leads its shoppers into an increasingly maze like floor plan because consumers will snap up impulse products like lampshades and pillows out of fear that they won’t find them again. There are short cuts to be taken, but doing so will probably cause you to miss out on all of the good stuff you went to Ikea for in the first place.

The Iconic Assembly Figures

After searching Ikea near me and picking up some new furniture, you’ll probably become well acquainted with the Ikea assembly manual. The first thing you’ll likely notice is that their aren’t’ any actual words in the instructions. While this might seem like pure madness, Ikea does have its reasons .Written words are more expensive to produce. When information is written out, it would take up more space per page, which would make the manuals much thicker. Consequently this cost would be passed down to the buyer. In an attempt to keep costs low for themselves and the consumer, the brand opted for assembly figures that can effortlessly display how to construct a coffee table or bookshelf.

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