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In recent months, immigration has become a hot button issues on both sides of the aisle. We’ve all seen images in the news bearing the stark reality of immigration in the modern day. Detention centers, family separation, and heated rhetoric. Even if you’re doing everything right when attempting to move to the US, a qualified immigration lawyer can help you garner citizenship and a right to stay. They may even be able to reunite you with family members you were separated from upon arriving on US soil or crossing the border.

Eager to find an immigration lawyer near you? Simply browse immigration lawyer near me on the map below and find a list of qualified immigration attorneys in your local area. Need more information on immigration and immigration law? We’ve got your back. Read on for all the facts you need on immigration in the US.

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What is an immigration lawyer?

It goes without saying that US immigration laws are extremely complicated. Some have even said they’re designed to be that way, just as the US tax laws are known for being quite complex and difficult to understand. Even a modest mistake or some oversight on a visa application, can lead to years long delays and even an outright denial of your right to stay. Deportation has even occurred due to something as simple as an error on paperwork. This is why you need an immigration lawyer. Immigration lawyers work to interpret laws, analyze your rights, possibilities, and strategies. They guide you step-by-step through the complicated and daunting process of immigration. To avoid mistakes (that could be costly), an immigration lawyer will most often prepare paperwork on your behalf and help you to organize the items you must collect on your own (birth certificate or a marriage license). A great immigration lawyer will also ensure that the information you present when filling out the various forms and preparing testimony is very clear, correct, and consistent. Searching immigration lawyer near me is just the first step on your journey to citizenship. It may be cheaper monetarily to do these things on your own, but a small mistake could cost you the right to stay within the UA.

immigration lawyer near me

An immigration lawyer will help to fight on your behalf and keep you in the country.

How many immigrants live in the United States?

There’s a lot of misinformation happening in regards to just how many immigrants actually call the US home. While some would have you believe that a majority of folks living within the confines of US borders are immigrants, that’s simply not the case. As you search immigration lawyer near me, read on to get your facts straight. According to statistics, some 43.4 million foreign-born people currently call the United States home. Broken down by immigration status, the foreign-born population consists of 207 million naturalized US citizens, 22.6 million non-citizens, 13 million lawful permanent residents, and 11.1 million unauthorized migrant citizens.

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Are You Facing Removal?

Few things are as traumatizing to a foreign-born person than finding themselves in the removal process. If you find yourself in deportation or even removal proceedings, start by searching immigration lawyer near me. A qualified lawyer will research the law and go down every single avenue in pursuit of a possible solution. They will help you and any witnesses involved to prepare for a court appearance and deal with the procedural requirements and deadlines. Your lawyer will also write briefs arguing on your behalf and spend hours in the hearing right by your side representing you. Without an attorney to fight on your behalf, you could face deportation and removal. This will make it even more difficult to ever re-enter the United States should you need to return for family, work, or even travel.

Finding the Right Immigration Lawyer

Before you can fight for your right to stay in the US, you’ll need to find an excellent lawyer. First things first- you need a true lawyer. You cannot get buy using an immigration consultant or notario. While these professionals may be able to guide you in some aspect of your immigration journey, they cannot provide the same level of service or expertise that an immigration lawyer can. While searching immigration lawyer near me, always look for a lawyer who belongs to the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Members tend to be highly valued experts in the field of immigration law and are kept abreast on ever-changing laws and agency policy. Part of being a member means keep tabs on immigration in the modern day, not as it existed when the lawyer attended law school in the 1980s. Since immigration is such a challenging situation, you’ll want to talk to several attorneys before committing to one. Choose a lawyer with whom you feel very comfortable and able to communicate openly with. You’ll want to feel as if you can trust your lawyer with your life, because in many ways, hiring them means you are trusting them with a major aspect of your life. Feel free to call around for references and referrals. This is also the one time in your life where you don’t want a “bargain” lawyer. If you need to pay a bit more to get the best, then do so.

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