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In and Out Burger is a beloved California chain that is currently expanding throughout the west coast. With high quality burgers, fries, and drinks prepared the same way since 1948, it’s no wonder this brand has amassed a cult like following that few chains can boast.

Are you interested in finding an In and Out Burger near your current location? Simply browse In and Out Burger near me on the map below and find a list of In and Out Burgers near you. Need a bit more information on In and Out Burger? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on this beloved burger brand!

In and Out Burger Near Me – Find it on the Map

In and Out Burger Near Me – In and Out Burger Trivia

True or false: In and Out Burger was founded by two newlyweds.

This fact is 100% true. Consider this tidbit while searching In and Out Burger near me. When In and Out opened it’s doors in October of 1948, it was the first drive-thru hamburger stand in California. Founders Harry and Esther Snyder, were recent newlyweds who embarked on opening the restaurant as their first true married endeavor. Harry often hit up local Baldwin Park farmers markets to pick up fresh ingredients and stock the kitchen. Esther was in charge of the accounting and keeping the books. Together the duo created what soon became a west coast sensation. People traveled from all over California and beyond to get a taste of In and Outs famous burgers, fries, and milk shakes. The food was far from basic. This newlywed couple soon discovered that they were truly on to something big with In and Out.

in and out burger near me

In and Out is known for its amazing burger offerings!

True or false: In and Out boasted the first fast food speaker.

When you hit up a drive-thru, you expect to speak into a two way speaker system that allows you to order your food while an employee on the other end takes the order. Without it, the fast food system is a bit archaic. In and Out is credited as the very first chain to utilize the two way speaker system for drive-thru ordering. Harry was a known forward thinker with a love of innovation and technology. He installed the intercom system in 1948 with the notion that customers would be able to truly get in and out of his hamburger stand in a hurry. By eliminating car hops, individuals could quickly place an order, pull up to a window, and leave with minimal downtime in between each step. In an increasingly fast paced society, In and Outs drive-thru system became an instant sensation. Will you hit up the drive-thru after searching In and Out Burger near me?

True or false: In and Out Burger is involved in racing culture.

True! In and Out Burger is a mainstay name around the drag racing scene in California. Harry and Esther’s only grandchild Lysni Snyder used to make occasional trips out to the local drag racing track in Irwindale, a project that Harry Invested in back in 1965. Lysni competed in the Super Gas and Top Sportsman Division 7 drag categories, citing that she likes the adrenaline rush. Her father began taking her to the track when she was two or three. According to Lynsi, both In and Out and anything with a motor is in her blood.

In and Out Burger Near Me – In and Out Burger Facts

In and Out Burger University

Did you know you can attend In and Out Burger University to make all of your burger making dreams come true? Now you do! Consider this wacky fact while searching In and Out Burger Near me. Back in 1984, In and out established a university that offered classes aimed at training staff and managers on how to maintain quality, provide excellent customer service, and properly make burgers. According to Bloomberg, more than 80 percent of the the chains store managers rose through the rank to become career team members. The university offers employees the chance to make the most of their time at In and Out all while learning valuable tools that can help them advance quickly and earn more money.

Celebrities Love In and Out

Few celebrities love any fast food chains as much as they seem to love In and Out Burger. In fact, if you’re searching In and Out Burger near me in the Los Angeles area, you may even run into a celebrity or two while on your burger run. High brow chef Julia Child once proclaimed to journalist Larry King that In and Out Burger was “awfully good.” Child even went so far as to keep a list of In and Out locations on a concise list in her purse. That’s In and Out devotion. Another famous In and Out fan is none other than heiress Paris Hilton. The reality star once explained away a DUI arrest in 2006 by telling radio and TV personality Ryan Seacrest that she drove because she was really hungry and just wanted to eat an In and Out Burger! While one should never drink and drive in the name of burgers, many have proclaimed that In and Out burgers are so good that they can cause people to do some mighty irrational things.

Hidden Bible Verses

If you’re searching In and Out Burger near me, you may want to check the bottom of your cup or wrapper after making your burger run. The chain discretely prints bible verses on the bottom of their products. The Snyder’s only son, Rich, who ran the company after Harry passed, began the practice in the late 1980s. Snyder was a born again Christian who just wanted to share his faith and devotion amongst his consumer group. He even took out a radio ad around Christmas of 1981, that urged listeners to choose life and choose Jesus. The company did take quite a bit of flak for the ad but quickly recovered. After all, faith or lack thereof should never come between a man or woman and their burger cravings.

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