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Craving a double double with a side of animal style fries? Of course you! Anyone who has visited the West coast knows that In And Out is arguably one of the best fast food chains in the country. With fresh patties, amazing toppings, and a secret menu other chains can only envy, a trip to In And Out is almost always a guaranteed good time.

Are you interested in finding an In And Out location near you? Simply browse In And Out near me on the map below and find a list of In And Out’s in your area. Need a bit more information on the West’s most famous fast food chain? Read on for facts, trivia, and more. You might just learn something new to share on your next In And Out excursion!

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In And Out Near Me – In And Out Trivia

True or false: In And Out was created by Newlyweds.

Sometimes a brand such as In And Out almost seems too big to have ever come from humble beginnings. After all, wouldn’t someone who grows a chain such as In And Out be a business dynamo? Not exactly. Consider these facts as you search In And Out Near me. In and Out was first opened in 1948 as California’s first drive through hamburger stand. The founders, Harry and Esther Snyder, were highly optimistic newlyweds looking to start a small burger chain. Esther was put in charge of the accounting side of the business and Harry was the face of the brand and cook. Every morning he would visit Baldwin Park markets to pick up the freshest ingredients for their now famous burgers.

in and out near me

In And Out offers some of America’s favorite burgers and fries!

How did In And Out revolutionize fast food?

In And Out came about at a time when fast food chains were still pretty simple in concept and design. Though fast food was quickly gaining traction as a popular type of restaurant, not every brand was privy to the technology that could lead them into the new American era. How exactly did In And Out revolutionize fast food? Consider this as you search In And Out near me. This beloved hamburger chain revolutionized fast food by being the first to implement a two way speaker system for drive-thru ordering. Harry was a forward thinker who installed the system in 1948, believing that it was the only way one could truly get “in and out” of his hamburger stand in a hurry. Up until the concept of the two way speaker was implemented, drive ins had carhops who took your order face to face and then delivered your food right to the window.

When did In And Out first add soda to the menu?

An icy cold fountain drink and fast food simply go together like peanut butter and jelly, but In And Out wasn’t always as keen on the idea as you may think. For ten years, In And Out did not offer fountain soda to its customers, offering only bottled cola drinks. In 1958, the brand finally decided to add fountain soda to the menu, thus replacing the Coke bottles they had been shelling out for nearly a decade. A 12 ounce drink at In And Out would have only set you back around 10 cents. As far as choices go, one would only have the option of choosing between Coke and Pepsi! As you search In And Out near me, think about how recent the fountain drink really is.

In And Out Near Me – In And Out Facts

Look For The Hidden Bible Verses

Here’s something you might not know while searching In And Out near me. Every single In And Out location discretely prints well known and beloved bible verses on the bottom of every cup and wrapper. Though the brand has never discussed their religious beliefs or the verses publicly, it’s believed that the Snyder’s son Rich, who ran the company after Harry passed away, began the practice of printing bible verses onto wrappers sometime in the late 80’s. He stated that it just was something that he wanted to do. Some thought the inclusion of bible verses to be a bit random, but Snyder, a born again Christian, was simply spreading the gospel in his own unique way. Unfortunately, the brand got some flack for the practice in 1991 after a very religiously charged ad ran endorsing the Christian faith. Some patrons love the bible verses and others have simply learned to deal with them. All and all, the practice has never really turned anyone away from enjoying a double double with fries.

The Not So Spoiled Heirs

When it comes to big companies such as In And Out, there’s almost always a chance that the founder’s children will turn out a bit on the spoiled side. After all, with all of that money and power, it can be hard to keep kids grounded and down to earth. This is why Harry and Esther Snyder decided to make their two sons, Guy and Rich, do entry level work at In And Out locations so they wouldn’t it be spoiled. The idea was for the boys to understand the amount of work and elbow grease that actually goes into preparing the food and the care put forth by employees. Even though daughter Lynsi owned the company by age 24, she was also made to work in the In And Out kitchen doing prep work, coring tomatoes, peeling potatoes, and slicing onions. At the time, Lynsi wasn’t exactly a fan, crying nearly every time she was made to work in the kitchen. Over time, she grew to love working behind the scenes and attributes the time to part of her success. While searching In And Out near me consider how this brand has always tried to keep its children grounded.

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