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The illustrious and storied culinary history of Italian food established a strong reputation more than 2,000 years ago during the Roman Empire. Now, Italian food proves to be one of America’s favorite types of food. With crowd pleasing portions and options to suit every member of the family, Italian cuisine is always a hit with folks young and old.

Are you interested in finding Italian food near you? Simply browse Italian food near me on the map below and find an Italian restaurant in your area. Need a bit more information on Italian food? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top three Italian restaurants in the US.

Italian Food Near Me – Find it on the Map

Italian Food Near Me – Italian Food Trivia

What do Italians say before eating a meal?

If you’re searching Italian food near me or even Italian restaurants near me, you may be interested in knowing that prior to eating a meal with others, Italians always offer a word of kindness to one another. “Buon appetito!” This greeting means “good appetite” and is meant to wish everyone at the table a good appetite so that they can fully enjoy their meal. According to most Italians, a good appetite doesn’t develop before a meal, it develops while you’re eating. The phrase for this is “L’ appetito vien mangiando!”

italian food near me

Whether you’re looking for fine Italian food or pizza, you’ll have thousands of options from coast to coast.

Where was the all too important pizza invented?

If you’re on a quest to find Italian food near me, you may be craving some pizza. Pizza was invented in Naples, Italy during the 18th century. While we all consider pizza be the doughy sauce ridden delicious piece it currently is, pizza wasn’t always so yummy. In fact, the original pizzas were dry, flat, and largely out of favor. In most communities, the pizza was considered food for the poor. It wasn’t until Queen Margherita of Italy, tried some of the flat bread in 1889, that pizza as we know it today began to take shape. Despite being a food for the destitute, Queen Margherita liked the flatbread so much that she ordered her personal chef to prepare the bread into various types of pizza. He decided to make a pizza that contained the three colors of the Italian flag by using mozzarella cheese (white), tomatoes (red), and basil (green). The pizza was then named the Pizza Margherita in her honor.

What is considered the most important food in Italy?

This might seem like a no brainer, but pasta is without question the most important food in Italy. In Italy, pasta actually means “paste” because it is a paste that is comprised of water, flour, and sometimes egg (depending on the region in which it is prepared). Pasta can either be dried or fresh, with hundreds of different shapes and types of pasta available. While Americans will eat pasta at any time, in Italy pasta dishes are eaten as a first course which is known as “un primo piatto.”

Italian Food Near Me – Italian Food Facts

Different Premises For Serving

While you won’t run into any of these premises while searching Italian food near me, in Italy there are several different types of premises for serving food. In Italy a “ristorante” serves all foods but not pizza. A “Trattoria” serves all foods but not pizza and is considered an informal restaurant where you may be expected to share your table with other diners at the restaurant. A “pizzeria” specializes in only pizza and is quite informal in nature. An “agriturismo” is something you likely won’t run into in America, but in Italy this is a restaurant that is located on a farm and serves home produced food. Finally a “Tavola calda” is a self serve restaurant that translates to “hot table.” It will lack many of the amenities of a traditional Italian restaurant.

On the Table

If you stumble across a fine Italian restaurant while searching Italian food near me, there are a few things you can be sure to find on the Italian table. Much like in traditional Italian homes, the dining table of a good Italian restaurant will include water, wine and bread. In Italy there is a superstition that holds that if one should never place bread upside down on the table as it is a sign of bad luck.

Top Three Italian Restaurants in the US

While searching Italian food near me, cross your fingers that you stumble upon one of these delicious digs. Not only will you be treated to the finest Italian cuisine, but you’ll do so in an atmosphere that makes the whole experience that much more rich.

1. Babbo, New York, NY

For years, Babbo has been serving up authentic and rustic style Italian eats to hungry New Yorkers looking to have a good time and get down on some true Italian cuisine.

2. Spiaggia Chicago, IL

There’s a reason why Michelle Obama cites this Italian restaurants as one of her favorites. With fresh local ingredients, authentic plates, and a dreamy atmosphere; a night at this restaurant is truly unforgettable.

3. Frasca Boulder, CO

While one might consider Colorado to be a hot bed of Italian food, Frasca could certainly change that. With farm to table ingredients, top rated chefs, and a bright airy dining room; Frasca will leave you feeling full in every way.

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