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A recent study concluded that 71% of all Americans would rather eat Italian food for dinner than almost any other ethnic cuisine. The reason? Not only does Italian food offer a bevy of options to suit even the pickiest of eaters, but Italian restaurants are prevalent in pretty much every nook and cranny of the US. From the rural midwest to the bustling Northeast, finding an Italian restaurant is typically as easy as typing a few words into the search bar.

Are you interested in finding an Italian restaurant in your neighborhood? Simply browse Italian restaurants near me and find a list of yummy Italian eats in your area. Need a bit more information on Italian restaurants? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top 3 Italian restaurants in the US!

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Italian Restaurants Near Me – Italian Restaurants Trivia

Where is the oldest operating Italian restaurant in the US located?

If you find yourself in South Philadelphia while searching Italian restaurants near me, you’re in for an old school treat. Ralph’s is the oldest operating Italian restaurant in the US. Founded by , Francesco Dispigno of Naples in 1900, Ralph’s has been a staple in this Philadelphia neighborhood for 112 years. Named for Dispigno’s son, who eventually took over the business, this restaurant survived through the tough times of the depression and World War II. By offering inexpensive meals to family and sponsoring countless immigrants from Italy (who the family would allow to stay on the building’s third floor apartment), Ralph’s earned a reputation as a neighborhood staple. To this day three generations of the Dispigno family work at Ralph’s and proudly carry on the tradition of Fancesco.

italian restaurants near me

Italian restaurants can easily range from low end to high end, with an option for nearly every budget.

What is the biggest sin one can commit against pasta?

Even if you’re searching Italian restaurants near me, you might not be privvy on what many chefs consider to be the biggest sin against pasta. While thin sauce or a less than stellar seasoning blend can surely mar a good dish, experts say that the worst offense one can commit is overcooking the pasta. Not only does overcooked pasta not taste as good, but it harder for humans to digest. This is why the rule of thumb is to always cook pasta al dente.

Do pasta shapes actually matter?

PAsta comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thickness. This can often make ordering pasta a bit tricky as many diners wonder if the shape of pasta actually affects the taste or overall enjoyment. The answer is: yes! While using the wrong pasta shape won’t necessarily ruin an otherwise edible dish, many authentic Italians will scoff at the idea of using the wrong pasta with the wrong sauce. The reason? Many pasta shapes are designed to fit certain sauces because specific sauce consistency cling better to some shapes than others. This can mean the difference between consuming saucy and rich pasta or pasta with sauce that refuses to cling.

Which Italian food was once banned for export?

While searching Italian restaurants near me, you might be shocked to know that until 1980, prosciutto was actually banned for export into the US. Mortadella and Speck were even outlawed until 2000. While the reason isn’t entirely clear, other Italian meats such as Zampone and Cotechino are still banned for export to this day. Odds are the ban has something to do with FDA regulations on the quality of certain exported meats.

Italian Restaurants Near Me – Italian Restaurants Facts

Home of the Pasta Eaters

It’s not exactly shocking to learn that Americans and especially Italian-American’s love their Italian cuisine. Eating at an Italian restaurant is not only a crowd pleaser for groups of diners, but even the pickiest eaters can typically find something yummy to choose from the menu. Given this information, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the average American will consume more than 15 ½ pounds of pasta per year. While this figure may seem high, it’s pretty mild compared to the 51 pounds of pasta that an average Italian citizen will consume per year. That’s a healthy amount of pasta!

Regional Differences

If you’re searching Italian restaurants near me in the US, you likely won’t be met with many regional differences in the cuisine offered. Sure, authenticity will likely vary based on your location (for example many New York City Italian joints offer authentic hand made pasta versus store bought pasta in many restaurants), the way we eat pasta in the US is typically the same regionally. Italy is a different story. Each region in Italy has its own favorite and specific ways of eating pasta. For example, in Rome, diners love to eat pasta in the carbonara style with eggs and pancetta. They also like the cacio e pepe version of eating pasta, which is pasta with cheese and pepper.

Top 3 Italian restaurants in the US

You can only hope that you run into one of these three amazing Italian restaurants while browsing Italian restaurants near me. You’ll be in for a culinary treat that you will surely never forget.

1. Frasca, Boulder, CO

Sure, Boulder, Colorado might not seem like the first place you’d search for an epic Italian joint, but this restaurant boasts some of the best Italian grub in the country. From an amazing wine list to authentic Italian cuisine, this is restaurant is truly one and a million .

2. Tulio, Seattle, WA

If it’s bold and unique Italian dishes that you’re craving while searching Italian near me, Tulio is truly your best bet. With homemade noodles, spicy offerings, and more wine options than you’ll ever know what to do with, this is definitely one of the best of the best in the US.

3. Marea, New York City

If it’s authenticity you crave while searching Italian restaurants near me, then Marea is certainly your best bet. The head chef spent years studying in Italy, cooking for some of the pickiest diners of all, actual Italians!

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