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If it’s a delicious sub you crave, look no further than Jersey Mike’s. Known for its variety of epic hot and cold deli sandwiches, Jersey Mike’s has firmly established itself as the best of the best in terms of quality, quantity, and the best bang for your buck. A quality sub isn’t easy to find, but Jersey Mike’s is taking away some of the guess work!

Are you interested in finding a Jersey Mike’s near you? Simply browse Jersey Mike’s near me on the map below and find a list of Jersey Mike’s locations in close proximity to your current point on the map. Need a bit more information on this legendary sub chain? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Jersey Mike’s Near Me – Jersey Mike’s Trivia

What year was Jersey Mike’s founded?

No matter how big a chain or business is in the modern day, it had to start from a place of simplicity. Jersey Mike’s is no exception. Consider these facts as you search Jersey Mike’s near me. Jersey Mike’s first opened its doors as Mike’s Submarine Sandwich shop which opened in 1956 in the New Jersey community of Point Pleasant. At the time, the shop was just one of several that sought to cater to the town’s robust amount of tourists. At fourteen years of age, Jersey Mike’s founder Peter Cancro went to work at Mike’s Submarine Sandwich shop. He had in, as his brother was already employed full time. The brothers worked full time in the summers crafting sandwiches for short patrons. In the school year they worked part time in between participating in football, basketball and track. Peter even served as student council officer and eventually class president. At age 17, Cancro was prepared to leave the Jersey Shore to attend North Carolina university. His intention was to study law and political science. His plans were derailed when an opportunity arose in 1975, just four years prior to his high school graduation. At this time, the owner of Mike’s Submarine Shop decided to sell his store and Cancro’s mother suggested that Peter buy the shop for himself. Cancro quickly agreed and was given three days to raise $125,000 for a down payment. Canro found his financing in banker Rod Smith who had once coached him in football. He offered two thirds of the down payment. The rest of the money was supplied by Cancro’s very generous gramdmother. The rest is sub sandwich history!

jersey mike's near me

Jersey Mike’s subs are known for fresh deli meats and fresh baked breads.

True or false: Jersey Mike’s has always had the most loyal customers in the game.

One thing that has always set Jersey Mike’s apart from other sub chains are its extremely loyal fans. When Cancro first opened his doors as the official shop owner of Mike’s Submarine Shop, he found instant success, quickly developing a cadre of local customers that were so loyal that many of them asked Cancro to pack the subs on dry ice in styrofoam coolers so that they could have them while away on vacations. Some of those coolers shipped as far as England and Australia. Other customers encouraged Cancro to open sub shops where they lived and branch out of the Point Pleasant area. In 1986, Cancro did just that. He adopted the Jersey Mike’s name and formed the Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems Inc. Within a year, he began to franchise sub shops. At first, Cancro was worried as to how other parts of the country would perceive the name “Jersey Mike’s,” but he quickly figured that if Kentucky Fried Chicken could make it big, so could he. As you search Jersey Mike’s near me, consider just how influential the the loyal fans of this sub shop proved to be. Do you think they paved the way for the tremendous growth this sub shop experienced?

Jersey Mike’s Near Me – Jersey Mike’s Facts

Always Served Up Mike’s Way

Every sandwich shop and restaurant has their “thing.” It might be a way that the food is presented or a secret ingredient. At Jersey Mike’s that extra flair is something called “Mike’s Way.” Any sandwich you order at Jersey Mike’s can come “Mike’s Way” or be custom crafted based on your own whims. The question is, what exactly is “Mike’s Way?” Consider this as you search Jersey Mike’s near me. An authentic sub sandwich served up Mike’s Way includes lettuce, tomatoes, olive oil blend, red wine vinegar, and spices. This blend makes for the perfect sandwich and tends to set all of Jersey Mike’s subs apart from the competition. What exactly is the spice blend used? No one outside of the employees actually knows. In fact, the actual ratio of spices used in this sub concoction is a tightly guarded company secret. Every Jersey Mike’s sub also includes fresh sliced premium quality meats and cheeses. You even have a say in the thinness or thickness of the meats being sliced. All of the bread used in Jersey Mike’s is baked fresh daily in store. It isn’t shipped in from other states or left to harden on the back of a flat bread truck. Every morning, employees hand slice fresh onions, lettuce, and tomatoes to perfectly top it all off.

Jersey Mike’s Rewards

Looking to save some dough on your next Jersey Mike’s run? There’s no easier way than joining the Jersey Mike’s rewards program. You’re already searching Jersey Mike’s near me, why not take a few minutes and garner yourself some savings. Not only does Jersey Mike’s reward program offer discounts and special promotions, but all of the points you accrue on the Shore Points program is put towards earning a free sub. That’s right, you won’t just get a couple cents off or a coupon, you’ll get an entirely free sub. The brand has also been known to run promotions for buy one get one free sub sandwiches. To earn points, all you have to do is visit any participating Jersey Mike’s location and make a qualifying purchase. Every member receives: 3 points for every Kid’s Meal, 4 points for every mini size sub or breakfast sandwich, 6 points for every regular sub, wrap, or sub in a tub, and 12 points for every Giant sub. This means that pretty much no matter what you’re buying at Jersey Mike’s will result in some major points. What are you waiting for? Go on and join the program today!

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