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Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a painful experience that feels like a burdensome chore, it can be both enjoyable and fun given you find the right market for you. American retail grocery and pharmacy chain Jewel Osco is known for its open and well lit stores, variety, low prices, and customer service. If you’re looking for an outstanding shopping experience, look no further than Jewel Osco.

Are you interested in finding a Jewel Osco location near you? Simply browse Jewel Osco near me on the map below and find a list of Jewel Osco locations near you. Need a bit more information on Jewel Osco? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and money saving grocery tips.

Jewel Osco Near Me – Find it on the Map

Jewel Osco Near Me – Jewel Osco Trivia

What year did the company first originate?

Odds are if you live near a Jewel Osco or are searching Jewel Osco near me, this chain has always been a part of your life. For many americans living in the Midwest, Jewel Osco is as much a part of the towns they lived in as the local high school. The company first originated in 1899, when Frank Veron Skiff and Frank Ross officially founded the Jewel Tea Company. The goal of the company was to provide condiments and spreads to individuals in the Chicago area via horse drawn wagons and carriages. As soon as the automobile was introduced and gained traction, the brand began to rely on motorized trucks in order to deliver its goods to locations all across the Midwest. The Jewel Tea Company officially incorporated in Illinois in 1903, changing its name to Jewel Companies in 1966. In the 1930s, the enactment of the “Green River Ordinance” officially made door to door solicitation an illegal act. This forced the company to move into the retail foods business rather than focus on delivery. In 1932, Jewel Food Stores were officially established. The Jewel Company quickly and magnificently flourished in the Midwest due to its strong emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. Looking to broaden its customer base and provide a more stellar experience, the company expanded into the retail drugstore business in 1961 with the acquisition of drug chain Osco Drug. Suddenly the company’s outlets included Jewel Supermarkets, Osco Drugs, and White Hen Pantry Convenience stores. By 1983, almost every Jewel and Osco brand were being constructed under the same roof, thus leading to the name Jewel Osco.

jewel osco near me

Jewel Osco is known for it’s variety, quality, and community outreach programs.

Where is Jewel Osco located?

As you search Jewel Osco near me, you may be wondering just where the highest concentration of Jewel Osco stores are located. After all, you want to increase your odds of finding a Jewel Osco store. According to brand insiders, Jewel Osco currently operates around 185 combination food and drug stores. A majority of these stores are located in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. This is the largest regional chain seller of groceries in the Chicago area, with more than 30 stores there and a whopping 30% share of the total metropolitan Chicago market.

Jewel Osco Near Me – Jewel Osco Facts

Jewel Osco Mission Statement

When frequenting any store or establishment, many individuals like to know what the brand itself stands for or what their mission statement serves to be. If you’re searching Jewel Osco near me, you’ll be happy to know that the Jewel Osco brand is highly focused on customer satisfaction and giving back. At the very heart of Jewel Osco, charitable giving and the idea of being a good corporate citizen is a major responsibility for both employees and executives. This chain truly believes that by strengthening communities, they not only enhance the quality of life for customers but they aid in enhancing the quality of life for their store associates as well. With happier employees comes happier customers and a greater emphasis on providing the best possible service to every individual who walks through the doors of a Jewel Osco location. Jewel Osco believes that being a good neighbor means providing for customers both within the confines of the store and out of it. That’s a mission statement we can all get behind!

The Jewel Osco Pharmacy

One of the greatest and most convenient aspects of any Jewel Osco grocery store is the fact that they also provide an in house pharmacy in the form of Osco Drugs. If you’re searching Jewel Osco near me, consider how Osco Drugs has built a reputation upon safety, trust, and transparency. Not only can you have your prescriptions reviewed and filled by a dedicated team of professionals, but you can also request in depth explanations and help in understanding your medications. Every Osco Drug also places an emphasis on prevention. All Jewel Osco pharmacies are able to view and go over your immunization history. This allows them to quickly determine which vaccinations might prevent you from getting an infectious disease and which vaccinations may interfere with any medications or day to day activities. Each Jewel Osco pharmacy location is also certified to administer vaccinations right in stores, thus saving you a costly trip to your primary care doctor or urgent care center. Many Jewel Oscos also employ specially trained Diabetes Care Specialists to offer classes, training sessions, and private one on one clinical care to help you manage your diabetes each and every day.

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