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A piece of jewelry is more than just an eye catching accessory. To many of us, our jewelry is connected to a certain person, time period, place, or memory. Whether it is wearing grandma’s vintage broach to feel more connected to her or simply donning that glittering first anniversary gift, jewelry is precious and valuable beyond measure.

When our jewelry becomes damaged or stones are lost it can be hard to think of parting with our treasures. Luckily, jewelry repair services exist to help bring jewelry back to from. From broken chains to lost diamonds, a jewelry repair service can do it all. Interested in finding a jewelry repair service near you?

Simply browse jewelry repair service near me on the map below and find a list of jewelry repair shops near you. Need a bit more information on jewelry repair? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more!

Jewelry Repair Service Near Me – Find it on the Map

Jewelry Repair Service Near Me – Trivia

Where were diamonds first discovered?

Few things are as precious or revered as a diamond, yet many of us don’t know much about these iconic stones. When were diamonds first discovered? Consider this as you search jewelry repair service near me. According to historians, diamonds were first discovered in India some 2400 years ago. Despite being first found in India, most diamonds are now mined in South America!

Jewelry Repair Service Near Me

A jewelry repair service can help to bring your precious items back to life!

Which country is the world’s biggest consumer of diamonds?

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but which country buys more diamonds than any other? If your answer was Dubai or France, you’d be way off! Who is buying the world’s diamonds? The United States! Statistics show that the US buys more of the world’s diamonds than any other country on earth. Gemstones and pearls are more popular in other parts of the world.

True or false: Your body care products may be damaging your jewelry.

Many of us think of jewelry as being quite hardy and difficult to damage. Yet, most jewelry is being damaged each and every day, even in ways you might not be able to see with the naked eye. Gemstones and soft metals are particularly susceptible to damage, which is why you may want to be wary of your body care products.

Are your body care products damaging your jewelry? Read on for the answer as you search jewelry repair service near me. According to jewelers, every person wearing fine jewelry should try to avoid allowing jewelry to come into contact with acidic fruits, perfumes, hair care products, soaps, body lotions, body oils, chlorine, and other harsh chemicals The reason? These substances can all dull, discolor and effectively damage your gemstones, pearls, and precious metals.

Obviously this doesn’t mean you have to abandon your favorite lotion! Simply put, allow your lotion to dry down and soak in before adding on any necklaces or jewelry. If you wear a ring, take it off prior to applying lotions or soaps. You may also want to take off any and all jewelry before hopping in the shower.

Jewelry Repair Service Near Me – Facts

True or false: You should always wipe your jewelry down after taking it off.

Odds are, you don’t need another thing to add to your to-do list. Yet, there is one thing you should add to your daily routine if you want your jewelry to stand the test of time. Keep reading as you search jewelry repair service near me. According to fine jewelers, you should always wipe down your jewelry items after wearing.

Simply take a soft clean cloth or a jewelry polishing cloth and wipe off any body oils that may have accumulated throughout the day. Keep in mind, you should never use a polishing cloth on pearls or gemstones. While this might seem like an unnecessary step, it can certainly help your jewelry to maintain its luster and shine for years to come.

How To Store Jewelry

Perhaps you’re searching jewelry repair service near me because you didn’t properly store your jewelry. Failure to store your jewelry the right way can lead to unsightly scuffs and scratches. It may also result in the finish being worn off or becoming discolored. How should you store your jewelry? Use double pocketed pouches or jewelry boxes that feature velvet lined compartments.

It is also important to keep your items separated. It can be tempting to lump everything into one box or pile, but this can actually damage the pieces long term. Instead, slip each pendant or ring into its own pouch. Sterling silver jewelry should be stored in airtight plastic bags or in a polishing cloth to reduce tarnish. Though tempting, never use silver cleaner intended for use with silverware. If your jewelry should become tarnished, use a polishing cloth to remove any tarnished bits.

The Truth About Pearls

Pearls are beautiful and enticing, but they can be difficult to keep. If you’re searching jewelry repair service near me in hopes of having your pearls corrected, you might not like what you’re about to hear. Discolored pearls cannot be saved or corrected. In fact, they may need to be removed entirely and replaced with new pearls. If you can’t bear the thought of losing any pearls, simply have your worn pearls moved to the back of your necklace by as jewelry repair professional.

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