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For decades, Joann Fabrics has been helping crafters and hobbyists to thrive and enjoy the activities that make them happiest. With a wide and varied selection of fabrics, craft supplies, art supplies, and workshops, Joann has always been a one stop shop for hobbyists of all skill levels and price points.

Interested in finding a Joann Fabrics location near you? Simply browse Joann Fabrics near me on the map below and find a list of Joann locations near you. Looking for information on Joann Fabrics? How about some tips for buying the best fabrics for your project? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more.

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What year was Joann Fabrics founded?

Joann Fabrics has a humble backstory that could inspire generations to follow their path and go with their entrepreneurial instincts. What year was Joann Fabrics first founded? Consider these facts as you search Joann Fabrics near me. Back in 1943, Joann Fabrics was first founded by German immigrants Hilda and Berthold Reich and their friends Sigmund and Mathilda Rohrbach. The store initially began as in imported cheese store in Cleveland, Ohio. Soon enough, fabric was added, which sold so well, that the foursome decided to open up a second store. Though they had no money for additional inventory, they decided to open the second store and divided full bolts of fabric into two to supply both locations. Eventually, fabric sales were so high that they discontinued selling imported cheeses and instead began to operate under the name Cleveland Fabric Shop. Fabric proved profitable, especially during an age where people still made their own clothes and home textiles. With much success, the foursome changed their stores name to Joann Fabrics in 1969. The name came by combining the names of the daughters from both families: Joan and Jacqueline Ann.

joann fabrics near me

Joann Fabrics is known for offering high quality fabrics and craft supplies!

When did Joann begin to sell crafts and floral?

Walk into any Joann Fabric store today and you’ll find aisles of craft supplies, floral arranging supplies, art supplies, and of course fabric. But when exactly did Joann begin selling more than just high quality fabrics? Consider this as you search Joann Fabrics near me. Back in 1969, JoAnn officially became a publicly held corporation that was traded on the American Stock Exchange under the fitting name of Fabri-Centers of America. During the 1970s,the company decided to expand into shopping malls, but found that they simply didn’t have enough room to grow. In the 1980s, the brand left shopping malls and decided to open stand alone stores that boasted both crafts and floral. By 1994, the store had fully transitioned into a craft store that offered a little bit of everything to hobbyists and those just looking to get their craft on!

Joann Fabrics Near Me – Joann Fabrics Facts

Always Check The Blend

If it’s your first time buying fabric or your first time searching Joann Fabrics near me, you’ll want to know a bit about choosing the right fabric. The first step any novice fabric buyer should follow is to check the blend of the fabric. Fabric is almost always organized by blend. A blend is simply a way to define the percentage of cotton that your fabric contains. For example, if a fabric is a poly-cotton blend, then it only contains 35% cotton. 100% cotton garments will not feature the word blend and will generally be higher priced. The more cotton, the higher the cost. The type of fabric blend you choose will largely depend upon your budget and your exact needs. A fully cotton fabric may be appropriate for some garments, but may not be the best fit for home textiles. You’ll also want to check fabric labels carefully for washing instructions. Making pillow covers at home won’t save much money if you have to replace them every few months because they aren’t machine washable!

How are fabrics organized?

Whether you’re searching Joann FAbrics near me or another fabric store of your choosing, you’ll want to know what you’re in for as soon as you hit the fabric aisle. To novice buyers, purchasing fabric can be intimidating and even a bit complexing. One important thing to keep in mind is how the fabrics are organized in each store. Typically, fabrics are separated by solids, patterned fabrics, heavy felts, wools, silks, laces, and any special collections the store sells. Each section is then organized by color and is sold off in bolts. A bolt of fabric is 42” long. Depending on your project, you may not need a full bolt of fabric. Don’t be afraid to ask to have your chosen fabric cut down to the proper size. You don’t want to have to pay more for fabric you don’t necessarily need. Many fabric stores will sell you speciality cuts of fabric that can be quite handy if you need a very small size or a larger size than what is sold off the bolts. Some will even sell scrap fabric pieces that can be great for smaller craft projects or quilting. The quantity, blend, and style you need will all depend upon your particular project. Do some research and don’t be afraid to ask a store associate for some tips on choosing the right fabric for your sewing endeavor.

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