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Finding a job isn’t always simple, especially in an economy that is more helpful to the employer than the future employee. Fret not, there are more jobs being created in the present day than there have been in the past few years, and many of them are available in your area. When hitting the job search trail, it’s important to know what you’re looking for, and what your skills are. This will make the job hunt that much easier.

Are you interested in finding jobs hiring near you. Simply browse jobs hiring near me on the map below. You’ll find a comprehensive list of jobs hiring in your area. Need a bit more information on jobs hiring? Read on for facts, trivia, and the fastest growing job fields.

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Jobs Hiring Near Me – Jobs Hiring Trivia

True or false: Most job openings are kept secret.

While this might not be what you want to hear while searching jobs hiring near me, it’s an unfortunate part of the current job market. Many new job are not posted on a website or store window, in fact, research suggest that 80% of jobs never get posted and are only found through networking and face to face meetings. This means that pounding the pavement may be more literal than figurative in the current age. While online research is great for getting a feel as to what’s out there, you’re going to need to talk to real live humans in order to infiltrate this tricky job market. This means reaching out to former co-workers, teammates, classmates, and even acquaintances.

jobs hiring near me

While one can easily find jobs in the classifieds; pounding the pavement, sourcing online, and consulting friends is your best bet for finding a good job.

True or false: Knowing someone on the inside is the best way to get hired.

If you’re searching jobs hiring near me, then you obviously are in need of a job. While it might seem discouraging to think that knowing someone who’s got an in is the only way to get hired, it is a very real aspect of the current job market. But before you get too discouraged, remember that knowing someone on the inside isn’t the only way to get hired, but it is a good way to get your foot in the door of a company or business. With so many applicants, many companies rely on networks of existing employees. This often has to do with the fact that companies want to hire employees who “get it” and who will click with their current staff, which means sourcing from those on the inside guarantees them better results.

True or false: Recruiters rarely read your resume.

To say that recruiters spend no time reading your resume would be a lie, but they do only on average spend six seconds reviewing your resume. That’s right, six seconds is all they need to make a snap judgement. In other words, a resume alone will not get you a job or guarantee you an interview, but a bad one will truly eliminate your chances. In order to make those six seconds count, you’ve got to make your resume as easy to read and user friendly as possible. You can do this by including relevant experience, keeping the resume at one page, and running spell check/grammar check before submitting. Sometimes something as small as a spelling error can mean the difference between an interview and a big fat rejection.

Jobs Hiring Near Me – Jobs Hiring Facts

On Average Hundreds Apply For One Job

If you’re searching jobs hiring near me, you might have some stiff competition. According to researchers, nearly every job that is posted gets at least 100 responses, meaning that you’re competing with hundreds of other people for the same job. Corporate listings will attract even more resumes, with an average of 250 people vying for a single corporate position. Because of this, it’s a good idea to tailor your application and go the extra mile to stand out. But first make sure that the position is one that you really want and something worth fighting for. If you don’t you won’t be motivated enough to set yourself apart, thus wasting your time and their time.

No Embarrassing Emails Please

That embarrassing email address you crafted in college isn’t going to fly in when applying for a job in the modern age. In fact, many otherwise qualified applicants have been tossed to the side based solely on their juvenile or embarrassing email. 76% of all resumes submitted will get thrown out for this very reason. At the end of the day, most employers just want to know that you’re going to be professional and take the job seriously. [email protected] won’t exactly help your cause.

Top Surging Job Markets

If you’re searching for jobs hiring near me in hopes of finding a gig in one of these fields, you’re in luck. These are the five fastest growing fields in the United States.

1. Wind Turbine Technician

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, this will be the fastest growing job field in the Us for the next few decades. Starting pay for a turbine tech is around $51,000.

2. Physical Therapy Assistants

With a surging number of physical therapists and increasing need due to an aging population, physical therapy assistants will be in demand for years to come. The average starting salary is $57,000.

3. Optometrists

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics also cites a staggering need for Optometrists, meaning growth in this field will continue for decades. The average starting salary is $101,000.

4. Interpreters

As a melting pot, America will always need interpreters the bridge the gap between those who have lived here and those just arriving. The average starting salary is $43,000.

5. Genetic Counselors

With a growth rate of 29% and a high demand, this job will likely be on an upswing for years to come. Starting salary is $67,500.

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