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Got a hankering for seafood but don’t want to subject yourself to a stuffy seafood establishment? Have no fear, Joe’s Crab Shack exists to fulfill every one of your seafood fantasies without having to dress up or worry about spilling butter all over a fancy linen napkin. This beach themed restaurant serves up delicious seafood in casual digs that will leave you feeling like you’re living an easy beach life no matter where you reside.

Are you interested in finding a Joe’s Crab Shack near you? Simply browse Joe’s Crab Shack near me on the map below and find a list of Joe’s Crab Shack locations within a close proximity to where you are. Do you need a bit more information on Joe’s Crab Shack? Read on for interesting facts, trivia and more!

Joe’s Crab Shack Near Me – Find it on the Map

Joe’s Crab Shack Near Me – Joe’s Crab Shack Trivia

When did Joe’s Crab Shack first open?

Every business has to start somewhere and for most the whole journey begins with a single idea. The original founders of Joe’s Crab Shack were first inspired to open the chain after dining at a few seaside crab houses during a visit to Galveston, Texas. The founders saw how much fun and entertainment a casual crab restaurants could bring to diners who wanted seafood, but weren’t looking for a traditional stuffy sit down affair. They wanted to emphasis “casual” dining from the beginning. No matter where a Joe’s Crab Shack was located, the diner was to feel as if they too were dining seaside near the ocean. It was a lofty goal but the founders deemed it possible. Joe’s Crab Shack opened its very first location in Houston, Texas in 1991. Landry’s Restaurants Inc. purchased the restaurant soon after in early 1994 to convert it into a Landry’s Restaurant. By 1995, the chain had officially grown to include a total of three locations, one in Houston and one in Dallas. Though the restaurant and concept has changed hands several times since it’s launch some 22 years ago, the group has always emphasized staying true to its roots as a crab shack and a gulf coast company. The idea was always pay homage to where they began, not just where they were going. Every Joe’s Crab Shack has a festive but laid back atmosphere. Most are located on waterfront properties, though not always. Even those situated inland are built to resemble beachfront crab houses. As you search Joe’s Crab Shack near me, consider just how this brand has always stuck to its guns in terms of authenticity.

joe's crab shack near me

Joe’s Crab Shack is the best place to grab some casual seafood fare!

How does Joe’s Crab Shack want to be viewed?

Every restaurant wants to be viewed in a certain light. Some strive to offer a bit of luxury or class, while others want customers to feel comfortable and at ease. For Joe’s Crab Shack, the goal has always been for customers to feel as if they were dining at a local Mom and Pop crab shack. They want customers to think of the restaurant as a place where they can get a unique seafood experience at any time, at any place in the country, regardless of proximity to the ocean. Joe’s doesn’t want to be seen as a special occasion restaurant but a restaurant that one can visit for any reason completely out of the blue. In 2010, Joe’s launched a new prototype restaurant, that aligned perfectly with the brands ideals. Not only were tables replaced, bars moved around, and decorations rehung, but the brand sought to keep the feeling of the shack as authentic to a real crab house as possible. Even the sinks in the back mimic those used by actually crabbers and crab restaurants in the gulf. The goal was authenticity, comfort and casual appeal. If you’re searching Joe’s Crab Shack near me, you’ll find that this brand truly hit the nail on the head.

Joe’s Crab Shack Near Me – Joe’s Crab Shack Facts

They Once Tested A No Tipping Policy

In the United States, odds are if you’re going to eat at a sit down restaurant, you’ll be required to leave a tip. Not only is it bad etiquette to not leave a tip, but waiters and waitresses work hard and often depend on tips to survive, especially since base pay at many restaurants is often below minimum wage. In 2015, Joe’s aimed to make life better for staff workers and a bit less confusing for consumers by implementing a no tipping policy. The seafood chain followed in the footsteps of Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer, who rolled at a tipping policy at his New York based restaurants. To pay for increased wages for workers including dishwashers and chefs, prices were raised 20% to 25% to help cover costs. Some patrons were fine with paying a little extra if it meant staff members were guaranteed a certain wage at the end of the night, not so much. Despite this, Joe’s Crab Shack set out on a similar model. Crab Shack servers would begin at a flat rate of $14 an hour instead of the standard $2.13 plus tips. To make up for the extra wages, menu prices were increased by 12% to 15%. As you search Joe’s Crab Shack near me consider how you feel about tipping? Is it something that bothers you when going to a sit down restaurant or something you expect. Do you think this benefits waiters more or the restaurant itself?

Cracking a Crab

One of the most frustrating things about searching Joe’s Crab Shack near me and sitting down to a crab dinner is the cracking process. Cracking a crab can be totally frustrating experience, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Experts agree that there are a few key steps in cracking a crab and dining without the frustration. First, choose your crab. King crab, snow crab, blue crab, and wild caught Alaskan crab are all delicious options. Second, make sure you have the right tools at you’ll disposal. Joe’s will provide a seafood cracker, cocktail fork, and a bowl for empty shells.Third, separate each of the legs from the cluster and break them off with your hands. Fourth, go ahead and loosen the meat in each leg by bending it forward and then backward at the middle. Lastly, take one part of the leg, crack it in half with a seafood cracker, and pull the shell off of the leg to slide the meat right out. Go for your trusty seafood cracker to loosen up the shell and then pull the meat right out with your cocktail fork.

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