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Got an automobile that needs to be disposed of? Maybe you are looking for a cheap used part to get your ride moving again. There are a million random things that you can find at a good junk yard, at the very least it is a place to properly get rid of a broken ride. Below you will find the Junk Yards Near Me Map, which will show the locations of all of the nearby junk yards and companies that offer disposal services for your junk.

Just click on a location to get the business’s name, address and phone number. You will also be able to get the hours of operation and if available, a company website. You will also find reviews from past customers. After you are done hunting through the map, you will find information and tips about junk yards and an introduction to some of the largest and most interesting junk yards around the world.

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Types of Junk Yards

Generally speaking, there are 2 major types of junk yards that you will find. The first is a classic do it yourself set up. Which means once you get past the clerk, which will require signing a waiver so you can’t sue them, you are pretty much left to yourself. You get to wander, find the parts you need, extract the parts and then carry on your happy way. If you want to enjoy the wander, have the time and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this is a great way to do it.

junk yards near me

Junk Yards are a great place to find parts for old decommissioned cars, though may not always have the best organization system.

The second part, is a full service junk yard. In this case, you really don’t have to do much more than know what you want. You get up to the clerk, make your requests. Someone heads into the back and finds the parts that you want and then bring them up to you. This way is a lot easier than learning organization system and fighting for the right piece. The downsides to this are that you don’t get to explore and have fun playing with all of the cards and it costs more. Generally, you have to pay for the time and efforts of the staff to get the parts for you, which means that those parts are going to cost you more than the do it yourself set up.

Junk Yard Organization

Unlike, say a library, there is no standard system for organizing a junk yard. If you are lucky, the yard you find using Junk Yards Near Me will have a nice system of organization. You will often find the organization systems set up with high demand parts and cars near the front, while the less demanded cars are hidden in the back. You may also find cars grouped by make and model and with domestic and imports separated. So, your Ford will be in a different place than your Honda and your BMW will be way off somewhere else. It may be best to ask directions if it is your first time at a particular junk yard.

Tools You Will Need

If you are going to a Do It Yourself set up, you will need to be sure to have the tools to get the parts you want. The parts wont be in simple boxes. You will need to extract them, which is where a lot of the fun comes in. Some helpful tools that you should bring with you are: Hammer (big and small), pliers, hack saw, screw drivers, Allen wrench, pry bar (long and short), ratchet set, pipe, socket set, safety goggles, safety gloves, coveralls, tin snips and cardboard. You may also want some boxes or bags to hold the parts you are getting if they are small.

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5 Biggest and Greatest Junk Yards

Alright, sure you might not find these junk yards when you search Junk Yards Near You, if you do, you should totally go. Some of these places are huge and amazing.

1. Corvair Ranch, Gettysburg, PA:

At Corvair Ranch, you will find over 600 old Corvairs for you to enjoy. If you are looking for a specialty junk yard, this one truly qualifies. So, if you need an old Corvair car, truck or ultravan part, this is the best place to go. They also offer servicing in their 4 maintenance bays.

2. All Bikes, Phoenix, Arizona:

All Bikes is a motorcycle junkyard. It may
actually be closer to a graveyard for bikes. With thousands of motorcycles all piled up awaiting their fate, it is a sad sight if you love your motorcycles, but it is good for you if you are hunting for some parts for a bike.

3. Taxi Graveyard, Chongqing, China:

Okay, the name of the place likely isn’t actually taxi graveyard, but it is just impressive. Hundreds of yellow cabs just sitting and rusting away. If you are looking for a yellow cab for some reason, maybe a movie scene, this place has many to spare.

4. Desert Valley Auto Parts, Phoenix, Arizona:

Arizona is a hit for places to dump old cars. With 40 acers of land to use, they have a large collection of vehicles from the 1930s all the way up to the 1980s. If you are looking for classic auto parts, this is a great place to go. It has even been featured in the Discovery Channel show, Desert Car Kings.

5. Old Car City, Atlanta, Georgia:

This junkyard is actually located 50 miles north of Atlanta. It has got 34 acers of cars and is considered the largest, by number of vehicles, junk yard in the world. There are over 4000 vehicles in the property and the owner doesn’t even really know how many cars there are. There are a wide range of classic vehicles out there that could be used for parts or if you really want to have a project to repair things, you may want to invest a lot of time in just exploring. The lot is also famous for being used by photographers as you have many priceless pictures to be taken.

Bonus: AMARC Junkyard, Tucson, Arizona:

This fantastic junk yard is home of the worlds largest airplane graveyard, nicknamed “The Boneyard”. If you are interested in aircraft, you may want to come and just visit this location as you will find hundreds of decommissioned aircraft to explore.

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