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Kayaking has become an increasingly popular means of enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you’re taking on rapids or taking a leisurely trip down a river, kayaking can quell both the need for adventure and relaxation. Kayaks most closely resemble canoes in that they are both long, narrow, and pointed at both ends. The major difference being that kayaks offer more control and tend to be for one person.

Are you interested in finding a kayaking place near you? Simply browse kayaking near me on the map below and find a list of kayak spots near you. Looking for more information on kayaking? Read on for interesting facts, history, and tricky trivia on kayaking.

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Kayaking Near Me – Kayaking Trivia

True or false: Kayaks date back more than 2,000 years.

Kayaking has been around longer than the country of America itself. The design and manufacture of kayaks have undergone many changes over the centuries, venturing from primitive and handmade crafts, to mass produced boats used for sporting. Archeological evidence suggests that kayaks likely date back at least 2,000 years ago to the Eskimos, who used kayaks for transportation, hunting, and fishing. A typical Eskimo kayak weighed around 26 pounds and were 18 to 20 feet in length and 20 inches wide. To create these primitive kayaks, Eskimos were tasked with lashing bone or driftwood into frames with seal sinew or intestine. Caribou and seal skins, stripped of all hair, were tied together and soaked in water prior to being stretched out over the handmade frame. As the skins dried, they were stretched taught. Seams were then waterproofed with seal oil or caribou fat that had been boiled. Despite the limitations that many of these Eskimos faced, their version of the kayak was both graceful and durable. Modern kayak designers touch upon these early kayaks for both the concept of the boat and for features that allow them to be sturdy, reliable, and seaworthy. Consider these facts as you search kayaking near me.

kayaking near me

Where will your next kayaking adventure take you?

How are modern kayaks built?

If you’re searching kayaking near me, then you’re well aware that kayaks have come a long way since their earliest inception by the Eskimos. Modern kayaks are now built from covered wooden frames or from shells comprised of fiberglass or plastic. Of course, wooden kayaks are what most closely resemble the ancient Eskimo rib and cross frame construction used by early Eskimo tribes. They are considered to be the most classic design and are often built from scratch in little or no time at all. Durable marine grade plywood is always used for the frame, along with waterproof glue and mechanical fasteners which serve to join together the wooden pieces. Stainless steel staples and copper tacks are then used to attach cotton canvas or cotton duck fabric to the frame itself. These coverings are then treated with airplane dope to waterproof and strengthen the fabric itself.

Kayaking Near Me – Kayaking Facts

Different Kayak Types

Much like many modern water sports, there is no longer just one type of kayak. As kayaking has evolved, so have the types of kayaks that are manufactured and sold for use. Each kayak enjoys a design that makes it more efficient for its intended use. Some different types of kayaks include: “Sit on tops,” which as the name implies is a type of kayak where the the paddler sits on top of the kayak in an open area. “Cockpit style” is a conventional style of kayak where the paddler is positioned inside of the kayak with his or her hips and legs within the confines of the hull. A spray skirt can be used on this type of kayak to create a barrier against any splashing water. “Inflatables” are a relatively new style of kayak that combine the “sit on top” and “cockpit style” kayaks. They boast an open deck but the paddler sits beneath the deck. There are also “tandem” kayaks which are made for more than one paddler. Some tandem kayaks can even hold 3 or 4 people! Consider what kind of kayak that you want as you search kayaking near me!

The Meaning Behind the Kayak

What you might not know is that kayaks were not always intended for recreational use, in fact, kayaks were essentially tools of survival at the very beginning. The name kayak itself means “hunters boat” or “man’s boat.” When kayaks were first introduced by the Inuit, Aleut, and Yup’ik people, they were designed for hunting, rather than recreation or sightseeing. These small boats proved a perfect resource for creeping up on animals that lived in the water or along the shoreline. Common prey hunted in kayaks includes seals, caribou, and whales. You won’t find many people hunting in kayaks in the modern day, but you will find millions of people enjoying a day out on a river, lake, or shoreline. In recent years, kayaking has become one of the most popular forms of recreation in the world. Consider the long and storied history of these vessels as you search for kayaking near me. Who knows where your kayak adventure might just take you!

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