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Looking for a finger looking good dinner without the hefty price tag? Kentucky Fried Chicken has your back! With family meal deals, excellent combo choices, and homestyle sides to suit even the pickiest of palettes, KFC is one of America’s most popular fast food chains.

Are you interested in finding a Kentucky Fried Chicken near you? Simply browse Kentucky Fried Chicken near me on the map below and find a list of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants located in close proximity to your current location. Looking for some homestyle facts on this fast food chain? Read on for trivia, tips, oddities, and more! You might just learn something new to share around the dinner table.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Near Me – Find it on the Map

Kentucky Fried Chicken Near Me – Kentucky Fried Chicken Trivia

True or false: It’s A Christmas tradition to eat KFC in Japan.

You might not think to equate Christmas with Kentucky Fried Chicken, but thanks to a successful marketing campaign back in the 1970s, Japan surely does. Consider this strange fact as you search Kentucky Fried Chicken near me. Back in 1974, KFC ran a marketing campaign in Japan around Christmas that became so successful it evolved into a full on tradition. Ever since the 1970s, droves of Japanese people choose to place orders for the KFC chicken dinner, which includes some pretty fancy extras such as cake and champagne. Sales for the Chicken dinner peak on Christmas eve, when the fried chicken obsessed nation orders up fried chicken by the literal bucket. The chain is so popular year round in Japan, that KFC actually opened a three story franchise in Tokyo, complete with a full service whiskey bar.

kentucky fried chicken near me

With finger looking good chicken and amazing sides, it’s no wonder KFC is America’s top chicken restaurant!

What was Kentucky Fried Chicken originally named?

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a well known name throughout the world, but this wasn’t always the moniker that the chicken chain went by. In fact, according to historians, KFC wasn’t always Kentucky Fried Chicken. Consider this while searching Kentucky Fried Chicken near me. While the chain did originate in Kentucky, Harland Sanders actually sold his first few meals of fried chicken out of the front of a gas station he operated known as the Sanders Court & Cafe. The original location was located in Corbin, Kentucky. You can still visit the historic site today, as it still functions as a full service KFC. The only difference is that this location also offers a museum dedicated to Sanders.

True or false: KFC didn’t always sell buckets of chicken.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for it’s big buckets of chicken. In fact, the bucket is almost as famous as the chicken itself. Strangely enough, the paper buckets now associated with KFC were nonexistent up until 1957, a whopping 27 years after the original restaurant opened its doors. Up until this point, you could only buy single pieces of chicken rather than a whole bucket tos hare with the family. The bucket meal was crafted by one of the first KFC franchisees and not Sanders himself. The original bucket meal included 14 pieces of chicken, five bread rolls, and a whole pint of gravy.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Near Me – Kentucky Fried Chicken Facts

Is the Colonel Real?

What’s KFC without its famous figurehead Colonel Sanders? Some might say the Colonel is just as famous as the chicken. The question is, was the Colonel even a real Colonel? Consider this as you search Kentucky Fried Chicken near me. While Harland Sanders did serve in the army as a mule-tender, he was never actually a real colonel. Once Harland Sanders brought KFC to the public and the popularity of chicken picked up, the Governor Kentucky, Ruby Laffoon, decided to make Harland an honorary Colonel in 1935. This was due to Harland’s massive contributions to the state’s cuisine and their overall image to the United States at large. Now it’s almost impossible not to equate the state of Kentucky with this famous chicken chain.

The Secret Recipe

The secret recipe used to create the famous coating on Kentucky Fried Chicken is a closely guarded secret, so much so, that the actual secret recipe is kept locked in a safe at the brand’s Louisville headquarters. What’s locked up with the recipe? Consider this as you search Kentucky Fried Chicken near me. Within the safe, one would also find vials of the eleven herbs and spices that go into that famous coating. While one might assume that the addictive chicken must be laced with something out of this world, many of speculated that the secret recipe isn’t actually as complicated as we’re lead to believe. Top chefs have noted that the mixture definitely includes flour, tellicherry black pepper, salt, MSG, and sage, amongst many other spices. While you’ll never get your hands on the original recipe or those coveted vials, there is a pretty dupable substitute available on the market. Made by Marion-Kay Spices, the 99-X spice blend is as close as you’ll ever get to the real recipe. Sources say that Harland Sanders once asked Bill Summers of Marion-Kay to recreate the blend of eleven herbs and spices and recommended that the Marion-Kay version be shipped to franchises, as it was higher quality. While KFC denies this claim, some will argue that it’s actually a Marion-Kay spice blend you might be indulging in.

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