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Ever since the first Kmart opened in Garden City, Michigan in 1962, consumer’s have been treated to low prices on everything from apparel to food. The brand has always had the goal of over exceeding customer expectations while providing rock bottom prices on any goods a person may need in their day to day life.

Are you interested in finding a Kmart near you? Simply browse Kmart near me on the map below and find a Kmart location in your area! Need a bit more information on Kmart? Read on for facts, trivia, and statistics on this well known and beloved chain.

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Who is credited with founding Kmart?

While searching Kmart near me, you’re likely interested in knowing just who founded this chain of discount stores. Kmart was founded by S. Kresge and was officially opened in 1962. Prior to opening Kmart, S. Kresge owned a series of stores known as S.S. Kresge. S.S. Kresge was successful in its own right and was even listed on the New York Stock Exchange. After opening the first Kmart location in Garden City, Michigan, the brand found instant success. In the first year of operation corporate sales reached well over $483 million and 17 additional stores were opened to meet burgeoning demand.

kmart near me

While Kmart might not hold the value it once did, many still find these box stores to be useful. Especially since many stores are open 24 hours a day.

What year did the 2000th Kmart store open?

Kmart may have begun with humble roots, but the brand quickly skyrocketed and found a true place in the American shopping scene. By 1981, Kmart had a total of 2,000 stores operating throughout the United States. Sales were high and consumer’s were loving features such as the blue light special and post holiday markdowns. By the early 1990s, Kmart decided to acquire retailers outside of their own brand. They purchased Waldenbooks, Builders Square, Payless, PACE, Borders Bookstore, and Sports Authority. Kmart was truly top of the food chain at this point in time; however, the stay at the top didn’t last long. Kmart’s sales were soon surpassed by another burgeoning box store: Walmart.

What year did Kmart open its first Super Kmart?

If you’re searching Kmart near me, you likely won’t find any Super Kmart’s in your area these days, as they are few and far between. Kmart first introduced the concept of Super Kmart; a store that included a full service grocery section, deli, and general merchandise 24 hours a days. While many truly enjoyed the idea of a Super Kmart, the store did not help dwindling sales due to Walmart. In fact, halfway through the 1990’s, Kmart was forced to sell off Office Max and the Sports Authority to raise capital and stay afloat in a changing American marketplace.

True or false: Kmart introduced Big Kmart to help shoppers feel less cramped.

True! In 1997 Kmart introduced the Big Kmart store format. These stores were much larger than a traditional Kmart and were designed to improve a customer’s overall shopping experience. Not only were stores larger and less cramped, but they offered brighter lighting and a more pleasant aesthetic than a traditional Kmart.

Kmart Near Me – Kmart Facts

Kmart in the Late 90’s

If you’re searching Kmart near me, you’ll want to know about the rocky experience Kmart endured in the 1990s. Not only does this speak of Kmart’s current resiliency, but it proves just how touchy the American marketplace can be. After launching their first online web store in 1999, Kmart hoped that commerce would turn around their dwindling sales and spark new interest in the company. While did enjoy some success, sales fell short of expectation and by mid 2000, the company was forced to close down 72 Kmart locations. At this time, Kmart also decided to phase out the Big Kmart name and rebrand them Super Kmarts in an attempt to cover more bases in the retail area.

Celebrity Lines at Kmart

Kmart is well known and beloved for its celebrity lines such as Jaclyn Smith collection and Martha Stewart Everyday. The Jaclyn Smith line of goods offered apparel, jewelry, and shoes to the modern woman in need of workwear and casual apparel for everyday life. The Martha Stewart line offered bed, bath, and kitchen products for the consumer looking to update their home on a budget. Both lines are currently still offered at every Kmart location. Kmart also offers Bongo, Selena Gomez, and Route 66 apparel.

The Fight to Save Kmart

Despite having to file bankruptcy and facing financial hurdles, Kmart continued to do anything possible to keep the brand alive. At a point in 2002, Kmart went so far as to launch a marketing campaign directed by Spike Lee. The campaign sported a theme of “family values” and featured the tagline “Kmart, the stuff of life.” In a press release, Kmart higher ups noted that the goal of the campaign and Kmart’s goal in general has and always will be to build an emotional bond with the consumer by establishing the role that only Kmart can play in shoppers lives. By forging an emotional bond, one steeped in nostalgia and need, consumers began to see Kmart as more than just another place to buy goods.

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