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As the United State’s largest supermarket chain, Krogers has been supplying stores all across the country with quality groceries and low prices for decades. With an unbeatable selection of goods, including organic and natural items, Kroger is hard to beat in terms of prices or items per square foot.

Are you interested in finding a Krogers near you? Simply browse Krogers near me on the map below and find a list of Kroger stores located in close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on Krogers. Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on this grocery store chain.

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Krogers Near Me – Krogers Trivia

True or false: The Kroger company can trace its routes back to 1883.

Every company has a starting point. A time in history where preparation and luck met to result in something truly spectacular. As you search Krogers near me, consider these interesting facts on the brands history. The Kroger company can trace its routes all the way back to 1883 when Bernard H. Kroger first began the Great Western Tea Company. The company served to be one of the very first chain store operations in America. When his father lost the family dry good store in the panic of 1873, Kroger left school to go to work at the age of 13. At age 16, the resourceful Bernard H. Kroger began selling coffee door to door. Coffee was a hot commodity and and few people could turn Krogers door to door coffee pitch down. By the age of 20, Kroger earned the position of manager at a Cincinnati grocery store. At age 24, he became the sole owner of the Great Western Tea Company. By the summer of 1885, the Great Western Tea Company had expanded to include a total of four stores. With shrewd determination, Kroger’s buying during the panic of 1893 raised the number of store locations to 17. By 1902, 40 stores and a factory were established as part of Kroger Incorporated. With this great step in a new direction, the company’s name was officially changed to the Kroger Grocery and Baking Company.

krogers near me

Krogers is the largest grocery chain in the US.

True or false: Kroger himself was known as a bit of a crank.

If you’re searching Krogers near me, then you likely know that Kroger stores are pretty fanatical about quality and service. Well, there’s a reason for that. Historians say that B.H. Kroger was a total “crank.” He used to frantically insist upon a certain scale of quality and service. If his expectations weren’t met or stores were deviating from the plan, Kroger made sure to let them know it. Profanity was known as Kroger’s second language. His often colorful tirades made for an efficient business, but it could also make for a somewhat harsh working environment. Kroger often advised his managers to run prices down as far as they can as to keep the other fellows from slicing their throats. And if there was one phrase to sum up B.H. Kroger, cut throat might be

Krogers Near Me – Krogers Facts

Cutting Out the Middleman

As you search Krogers near me hoping to find a location closest to your exact point on the map, you might be wondering how Kroger manages to keep costs so low. Well, so much of Kroger’s success came from the cut throat practices of B.H. Kroger, but another wealth of the success came from eliminating the middlemen between the store and customer. In 1901, Kroger company became the very first grocery chain to bake its own bread for its stores. This was largely unheard of at the time and was remarkable to behold. In 1904, Kroger bought out Nagel Meat Markets and Packing House which allowed Kroger grocery stores to include meat departments. As it turned out, innovation wasn’t going to be simple or even cost effective. At the time, it was common place for butchers to short weigh and take sample cuts along home with them. These practices did not go hand in hand with Kroger’s strict accounting policies and penny pinching attitude. When Kroger installed cash registers in the meat departments, every one of them inexplicably broke. The obvious answer was that the butchers themselves were breaking them to protest Kroger’s policies. This wasn’t the only run in Kroger had wit his butchers. When Kroger decided to hire female cashiers in the meat department, the butchers decided to open all of the windows in order to “freeze out” the female cashiers. When that didn’t work, they let loose with profane language, forcing the women to quit within days of being hired. To spare the ladies from this kind of treatment, Kroger began hiring young men as cashiers instead. Sadly, the butchers threatened them with physical force. Luckily, Kroger was a stubborn man. In the long run, his money saving and penny pinching procedures won out and the Kroger we know today was born.

The Leading Grocery Store

Krogers long and storied history has brought the chain to a place of true grocery store greatness. While searching Krogers near me, you’ll quickly learn that the Kroger Company is the leading grocery store chain in the United States. The brand currently operates more than 1,300 supermarkets in a total of 24 US states, primarily in the Midwest, South, Southeast, and Southwest. You won’t find many if any Krogers in the Northeast just yet. More than 1,050 of these locations are under the banner Kroger name, with the remainder operating under such names as Dillon Stores, King Soopers, and Fry’s.

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