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For decades, La Quinta Inns have offered weary travelers and overworked business people all of the comforts of home. With a focus on big beds, ample work space, and clean guest rooms, La Quinta keeps costs affordable by cutting out fluff items such as swimming pools, restaurants, and gyms.

Are you interested in finding a La Quinta near you? You’ve come to the right place! Simply browse La Quinta near me on the map below and find a list of La Quinta locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on this beloved hotel chain? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more!

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La Quinta Near Me – La Quinta Trivia

What year was La Quinta first built?

Given the number of La Quinta locations throughout the United States, you might think that La Quinta has an origin story that dates back hundreds of years. Though La Quinta is hardly fresh on the hotel scene, the history is more recent than you think. Consider these facts as you search La Quinta near me. La Quinta, which translates to “The Country Place” in Spanish, was first conceptualized and put into practice during the 1968 HemisFair in San Antonio, Texas. Across from the fairgrounds, an intelligent entrepreneur named Sam Barshop and his ambitious brother Phil, decided to build the first in what would soon become a successful hotel chain known as La Quinta Inns. At the time, the brothers saw the fairgrounds as an amazing starting point. Since people had a tendency to flock into San Antonio for the fair, the brothers reasoned they would need someplace to stay. What better than a hotel right across from the fair itself? The hotel was a hit. After the fair came to a close, the Barshop brothers decided to invent a new concept in the lodging industry: providing moderately priced hotel accommodations that catered to the business traveler rather than vacationing families. In the 1960s, the concept proved revolutionary. As more and more business people took to the road, the need for quality but budget friendly accommodations became more pressing.

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Every La Quinta offers reasonable room rates and spacious guest rooms.

Who was the target market for the original La Quinta Inns?

If you’re searching La Quinta near me today, then you know that La Quinta Inns are now enjoyed by individuals from all walks of life. Though the same could be said in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, the brand was catering to a specific demographic. The earliest La Quinta Inns were geared towards male business travelers, specifically those who worked in sales. Rather than trying to entertain guests, the Barshop brothers believed that all that one really needed to do to earn repeat customers was provide patrons with clean, comfortable rooms at a low cost. La Quinta visitors loved the large rooms with big beds and ample places to do work. The brand was able to undercut competitors such as the Holiday Inn by ditching the elaborate lounges, bars, restaurants, and swimming pools. Though these things were of interest to some, many businessmen had no time to enjoy them.

La Quinta Near Me – La Quinta Facts

A Revamped Approach to Lodging

It goes without saying that any hotel chain first built in the 1960s and 1970s would have to undergo some major renovations and redecorating at some point in the future. After all, the avocado greens and burnt oranges that dominated these groovy time periods doesn’t exactly translate well in 2017. Consider this as you search La Quinta near me. Back in 1997, La Quinta set out to complete a $200 million dollar project to help update and redecorate more than 30,000 hotel rooms with brighter colors, updated decor, and modern amenities. Not only did La Quinta swap out the furniture and linens, they also brought in bigger televisions, modern phones, video games, and larger desks. To promote the renovation and bring awareness to their remodel, the company decided to take a unique approach to marketing. Instead of letting people see the rooms for themselves upon check in, the company constructed a fully equipped hotel room on top of a trailer bed. The trailer bed was then hauled all over the country and featured in hip television ads that began airing in the spring of 1997. At this time, La Quinta also sought to unveil a higher end off shoot of the traditional La Quinta Inn known as La Quinta Inn & Suites. The first concept hotel was built in the bustling city of Raleigh, North Carolina. With all of the renovations and changes, the brand had no choice but to move from being an economy hotel into a mid-priced hotel. While some customers were disappointed by the change, many appreciated the modern digs and spacious rooms.

Deals and Steals

What traveler doesn’t want to save a little dough while planning their trip? If you’re traveling in the near future or even in the next few days or hours, consider these tips while searching La Quinta near me. Saving money isn’t hard when you visit a La Quinta Inn. Though rooms are already pretty affordable, a trip to the La Quinta website can help you to save even more. By visiting the La Quinta web page and clicking on the special deals tab, you can have access to weekend deals, business deals, hotel packages, and special accommodation prices. You can also score deep discounts at a La Quinta Inn if you are a Triple A member, an AARP member, or a member of certain worker unions. Before you book a room, do some research and shop around. You might just save yourself a few hard earned dollars!

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