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As one of the largest clinical laboratory networks in the world, Labcorp is known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and providing the best possible to service to every client it serves. With more than 36 primary locations, find a Labcorp near you should prove simple!

Are you interested in finding a Labcorp location near you, simply browse Labcorp near me on the map below and find a list of Labcorp locations located within a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Labcorp? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

Labcorp Near Me – Find it on the Map

Labcorp Near Me – Labcorp Trivia

What year was Labcorp founded?

Though Labcorp is not a nationally recognized institution that is trusted by both patients and those in the medical industry, the brand was formed under humble means. Labcorp first began in 1978, formed as the National Health Laboratories Incorporated. The company itself was a national blood and pathology laboratory that was initially owned by the Revlon Health Care group and managed by Michael E. Lillig for a total of seven years. Prior to managing Labcorp, Lillig had been with Becton, Dickinson, and Company.

This is where he gained the experience and wisdom necessary to help Labcorp to succeed in a newly competitive industry. Each year at Labcorp Lillig grew annual sales by 43%, with revenue reaching a whopping $12 million by the conclusion of his tenure. While this might not seem exceptional, especially when compared to the Walmarts of the world, this was a very high figure for a company specializing in healthcare. As you search Labcorp near me, consider just how swiftly this company has grown since its inception back in the 1970s.

labcorp near me

Labcorp is known for its cutting edge research.

What was Labcorp an early pioneer in?

From the beginning, Labcorp has always been on the cutting edge of innovation and technology in the medical field. Though it might not seem apparent to those who only casually follow medical news, Labcorp is one of the top research laboratories in the United States. Consider some of Labcorps early achievements as you search Labcorp near me. According to Labcorp insiders, Labcorp was the early pioneer in using PCR or polymerase chain reaction technology for genome testing.

This process is also known as “amplifying” the DNA as it enables specific genes of interest to be accurately detected and measured. This technology was first performed in North Carolina at the Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology in Research Triangle Park. Aside from genome testing, Labcorp is also known for conducting tests such as human immunodeficiency virus genotyping and phenotyping, molecular diagnostic testing, and oncology testing.

Labcorp Near Me – Labcorp Facts

The Labcorp Operations

Often times a lab or research facility is only as good as the place they call home. With different countries placing various regulations and restrictions on certain types of test, as well as methods that may be implemented, many times seeking out operations in a several countries can be vital to conducting the best research. Though Labcorp is mainly based in the United States, their operations are not strictly limited to US borders. This is often seen as an advantage rather than a setback as the US can place stringent regulations on various testing methods. Because of this (and also due to cost), Labcorp also conducts test in three provinces of Canada.

When it comes to the development and implementation of PCR testing methods, all research is conducted at the National Genetics Institute in the state of California. As you search Labcorp near me, do you believe there is some benefit in a research company being spread out over several different countries? Labcorp and many other research facilities certainly do. Of course, Labcorp isn’t immune to accruing its fair share of criticism.

Though highly successful, the company has often drawn public criticism for their practice of paying each doctor’s offices and genetic counselors in hospitals annual salaries. Despite this, the revenue of Labcorp increases nearly every year. In 2005, the company earned a total of $3.3 billion. By 2007, that number jumped to a whopping $4.1 billion. As you can probably see, revenue from medical testing isn’t going to fall away anytime soon.

Labcorp Acquisitions

Like any big company, Labcorp knows that expanding its reach is key to earning more profit and reaching a higher caliber of excellence in terms of research. In order to continue its breakneck speed of growth, Labcorp conducts many acquisitions and has been known to scoop up beneficial companies on the cheap. For example, Labcorp acquired Litholink, a corporation that specializes in kidney stone analysis.

By bringing Litholink into the Labcorp family, the company suddenly grew its research team to include a speciality in kidney stone analysis, something the company had been lacking in prior years. Labcorp also acquired companies such as Tandem Labs, Monogram Biosciences, MedTOX, and Genzyme Genetics.

The key to every acquisition is to help grow their research specialties all while earning high profits that will allow the company to fund large endeavors and stay relevant in an ever changing field. While searching Labcorp near me, consider how these specialities play a role in your life. Do you feel more confident knowing that Labcorp is well versed in so many medical research fields?

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  1. Barry Engh says:

    All l needed was location got a bunch of ads to fight through to find your map

  2. Chase says:

    The quest in Fort Worth, Texas on Oakmont is a joke. Staff is rude and not helpful at all. Never going back! I don’t know how these people stay in business.

  3. Chasr says:

    The quest in Fort Worth, Texas on Oakmont is a joke. Staff is rude and not helpful at all. Never going back! I don’t know how these people stay in business.

  4. Makus family says:

    You messed up on the holidays. Had doc appoint requiring lab tests. You say open but are closed.

  5. Robert Frenza says:

    I need to make an appointment for lab draw as soon as possible

  6. Vicky and Ken Grier says:

    Terrible site can’t find what’s near me without bunch of ads and Facebook wanted info. A map would be nice

  7. Yolanda says:

    My husband needs some lab work done for procedure he’s having done on the 10th of this month can you please help me

  8. Mae Beauford says:

    Looking for a Lab. Near me 19528 Sunset Bay Dr.Land O Lakes Florida 34638

  9. joan williams says:

    complaint about employee at the labcorp near me
    every time I have this person, she is nasty to me

  10. Diana R Sharp says:

    Trying to Locate Labcorp near me No other request at this time Zipcode 95370 I have United Healthcare Brown & Toland

  11. merle Moshiri says:

    This search for a Labcore near me in downtown Orlando is more than frustrating!!! Where are you? I have a lot of lab work to do.

  12. Nihal says:

    Need to find how to get the PCR travell test

  13. Denise says:

    I would like to donate Covid antibodies.

  14. Candace Carrera says:

    I will never again use Lancorp other than the lab in the Poly Clinic in Seattle.
    Share holders and CEO pay attention
    Your approval rating averages a 1
    If your drawing sites are so terrible one wonders what quality of results are. Terrible place

  15. Linda Hellard says:

    Had lab week ago and neither my doctor or myself have results!!!!

  16. Yvonne Mitchell says:

    I need appt. on Rt. 41 downtown Inverness this week

  17. Kevin McKenna says:

    I’d like to make an appointment for my wife and I to get blood test done Friday 10/23 around 8am at the Bonney Lake facility. How can I do this?

  18. Richard Fitch says:

    Where can I input s zip code. Vpn security doesn’t let me use a map of my area

  19. Aileen says:

    I have an account can’t gain access to it. Forgot email and password . Help me. Please!

    • Virginia E Ciereck says:

      I have an appt on 12/01 unable to find info and confirmation #. cannot access account. would like to change to 11/30 if any available in am as this is fasting

  20. Helen Quick Brooks says:

    Very unfriendly website, tried to make an appointment on line and never could find where to sign up.

  21. Maureen Pickett says:

    Took covid test on 7/15/20 in Lilburn, Ga.
    Still no result.

  22. justo munoz says:

    I need to make appointment

  23. Wanda Ford says:

    I’m trying to get my results from 5 days ago thru med Express on bruce b downs covic 19

  24. sarah & warren davis says:

    Address of Nearest Labcorp in West Orange

  25. virginia wheeler says:

    I’m on blood thinners and nee to have my INR checked to make sure I’m in the 2.0 to 3.0. Do you have a lab in the Mesa, Arizona.

  26. Anthony says:

    the people that work there need people skills

  27. Barbara Kurtz says:

    Shown wrong state on map. No place to put my ZIP Code 32163 to locate LabCorp location nearest to me

  28. t,kral says: location ?

  29. MARCIA T Talmage SCHNEIDER says:

    your website is TERRIBLE. no phone number or the like…..can’t make an appt. and in these conditions of contagion….TERRIBLE …unable to phone the lab nearest me and that information was also difficult to ascertain…..

  30. Crystal Edden says:

    I need to recline when I have a needle used on me. I have panic attacks. It has never been a problem until I had to go to lab corp. I do not feel this to be an unreasonable request. This should be available at all lab corps.

  31. Sharyn Jenkins says:

    Have 1 appt for tomorrow 6/2 that I need to cancel.

  32. Ross Fisher says:

    Is your location on Swan open today/Monday?
    Can you walk in or make an appointment?
    Thank you

  33. Maggie says:

    I am trying to find where my appt. location is

  34. Marilyn says:

    All I want is a phone number!! I have an appointment but am elderly, handicapped and have no cell phone. How am supposed to scan and don’t know how to text, whatever that is. You don’t make this easy for your clients.

  35. Lillian Perkins says:

    Im trying to schedule an appointment at the Forked River, Nj location
    Cant get to the site. Very frustrating and annoying. Easier going to the old fashion phone book

  36. MARY Huff says:

    Cannot connect with POTTSTOWN LABCORE MEDICAL DR DID THEY RECIEVE MY SCRIPT FOR Urinalis from my doctor Called for days 5 times today keeps hanging up ? No car

  37. William Wilson Cumberland says:

    i am trying to find thr phonr number of the 12121 Westheimer Location

  38. Bonnie Fulton says:

    I have blood work to be done and don’t know what to do

  39. Noel says:

    Any labs near or in Sullivan county NY?

  40. gilda gildenberg says:

    lab corp for Inr blood test- closest to Dayton,nj

  41. June Allegro says:

    I need to have an ekg done and blood work. Can’t get into area to set up ekg appointment. When I call there is no mechanism to leave a message. Very frustrating.

  42. Cheryl Greene says:

    Does Walgreens has a Lab Corp on 20th Street Miami,Fl 33142

  43. Anna Beaver says:

    I need to make an appointment

  44. Jill Kerney says:

    Need a fax number for Labcorp on Fortuna in yuma

  45. María Jennings says:

    Vivo en el 9516 NW 3 AV Miami FL. 33150 Dónde encuentro un laboratorio labcorp cerca

  46. ChrisManitsas says:

    I was sent lab results for Kimberly Barnett’s. For information call me at 415 664-4761or cell 425 948-5003

  47. michael Wynavage says:

    Want to make an appointment at LabCorp west deptford nj

  48. Maggie B. Smith says:

    Couldn’t find Kissimmee, FL on the map. It would not move.

  49. joseph elwood griffith says:

    I found the Labcor on main st. Newart De. How do I book an appointment.

  50. Bernard Arthur Eilers says:

    I need to make a Blood draw appointment at your location in Mesa (on the 2nd floor by the hospital) for an appointment with Dr. Kalmadi ASAP but I am having a difficult time doing that on your horrible !!! website.

  51. J HARDEMAN says:


  52. edwin pinnock says:

    how do i make an appointment??

  53. F. Butler says:

    Why is there no tel no. listed? I Need to make an appointment. No web page.

  54. Charles Clark says:

    Need to talk on phone

  55. Marilyn says:

    This is a Esto This is something very ridiculous to take more than an hour for a ciple laboratory and since I arrived in an hour 1/2 I only called 5 people and the service in front is very bad where children of old age that I arrive after it and see what they are still sitting I see that they leave person but I do not see that they call anyone a very bad service I feel like I am in a laboratory in Puerto Rico very bad service dr

  56. Amy Giordano says:

    Are Labcorp hiring drivers?

  57. Jerry Trub says:

    How do I make an appointment for a routine blood test?

  58. John graff says:

    Please send my account info…

  59. BRENDA KAMP says:

    the ladies at the memorial highway site in new rochelle new york MICHELLE,DYWANNA,PALLAVI, and ERUM are most helpful and polite with smiles . ladies you are a god send thanks for all your help.

  60. Lynne Kalish says:

    send me locations near 10994

  61. Lindsey H Clark says:

    I want to make an appointment and can not get to a page that lets me make it. Please tell me how to do this on line. If I already said this then answer me

  62. Lindsey H Clark says:

    I want to make an appointment and can not get to a page that lets me make it. Please tell me how to do this on line.

  63. Steve says:

    Why not provide addresses, instead if a nap???

  64. mary noda says:

    how do you make appt

  65. Herbert Johnson says:

    LabCorp’s location on Swamp Road in Doylestown, PA is superior to any other one I’ve ever gone to. Quick registry service, excellent technicians and location and never waiting. Will use them in the future without hesitation.

  66. Gary Vaillancourt says:

    Need to have drug screening for aramark, acccount 519787 How do I get appointment? area code 14120

  67. Claire King says:

    I need to know the address of your Lab in Chino Valley Arizona.

  68. Joyce VANCE says:

    You have understaffed office. In Oak Harbor Washington. The poor worker is drawing blood and acting as a representative at the same time. He’s a fine worker an overworked to say the least I wish you would get someone else in there to do the receptionist job. He can’t keep doing this back and forth between paperwork and blood draws. I would hate to see you lose this really fine worker because of the situation at work. He gets harassed because of the time people wait and it is not his fault. Please rectify the situation and treat him decently by giving him some help thank you for your consideration.

  69. Colleen orso says:

    Is lab corps closed in sept 3 for tosh hoshanna?

  70. M. Rosario says:

    I need bloodwork and live in Dayton Texas. I need a location address nearest to me.

  71. S. Sherman says:

    Have been unable to breach the vault. That is could not access my data online. Very frustrating.

  72. 623-594-7850 says:

    Need to have blood work done with LabCorp EREQ
    I live in Surprise, AZ 85374 where is the closest location?

  73. cornelius jubeck says:

    trying to sign up on line to access lab results. my wife is already has accss but I am unable to find aplace to enroll for access. The site is extremely busy.

  74. Roberto Cruz says:


  75. Roberto Cruz says:


  76. Suzanne Comfort says:

    I had a blood draw about two weeks ago. It was very chaotic there that day due to only having one employee on site. Apparently the other two people who should have been there were no shows or were scheduled off. The lone employee was doing a courageous job on her own but the waiting time was over 2 hours. I could hear her phone for help but nobody else came. I am telling you this because when I saw my doctor a week later , she had still not received my report Because of your phone system that won’t allow me to talk to anyone at the office, I have no idea what has happened to it.I am referring to your drawing station on Bass Lake Road in Holly Springs, NC 27540.Would you look into this for me and find out what happened. If the stickers were missing so you couldn’t check it, or whatever, I would like to know This is the first time I have had a problem with this lab and I have liked going there. The employee was doing her best but I don’t feel this was safe practice..

  77. Add Austin says:

    All I want to do is make an appointment with LabCorp. Can not find the simple form to do that

  78. norma bojanowski says:

    several Labcorp offices have closed in the phoenix area recently. will they be reopening? The office on 5750 w. thunderbird rd is so overcrowded the people are outside in this 110 degree weather. Is Labcorp going out of business or will they be reopening the closed office?

  79. David McDonald says:

    I need directions to Lab corps i Rhe Villages, Florida, USA

  80. stanley says:

    I have eye .problems. please call. 565 272 9239.

  81. andy Lee says:

    i want to set up appointment with the lab located at 855 Frostwood Houston, TX 77024

  82. mary Schindler says:

    The Bluffton LabCorps is not answering their phone. I understand that their system is down. I don’t want to drive down there if they’re not functioning. How do I find out when they are able to take patients again?

  83. Stephanie Ryan says:

    trying to use computer to make an appointment but I can’t seem to find the right place to make the appointment. No one to call for appt. How cheap of Lab Corp to not have live people making appointments . Lab Corp. you think your so smart going full automated appt. scheduling. I am going to Sonora Qwest.

  84. John Patterson says:

    Would like to make an an appointment at your Bernardo Heights location.

  85. Philip Loken says:

    I misplaced the portion of the invoice with your address. The check had been made out, but I don’t know where to send it. Please let me know your mailing address. Thank you.
    Account # 16123440

  86. Alicia Galvez says:

    would like to make an appointment for lab work. tried to call, but was hung up on. i quess the other party could not hear me.

  87. Gordon Walker says:

    need location(s) for blood draw near zip code of 92653, Laguna Hills, CA. ; you did have a location right by Mission Hospital, off of Crown Valley by I-5. please send me list of several options + hours of operation. Thank you in advance.

  88. Susana Silva Ruelas says:

    Looking for LabCorp at 850 Latham Ave. Ste.C, Hemet, CA
    Is this location no longer available?

  89. Laura Jacquin says:

    How to find results of lab tests.

  90. Russell Nipe says:

    Show the hours that the location is open.

  91. BRANDE LEE says:

    please show me the map

  92. Lynn Aust says:

    What is going on! I live in Cameron Park,Ca. I just drove there and the place is closed. It was always swamped. I went about 3 times a week when my husband was dying of cancer. I then tried the one in Folsom,and it was closed. I don’t know what people are going to do. I am going to let my oncology office know that I tried.

  93. Susan O'Brien says:

    Why do you make it so difficult to find out what the hours of your locations are? I need to do fasting labs and wish I could just click, look and go. No, I’m winding up having to dig for information. Are any of your locations open at 6 AM to help with people who have to go to work? Add that information to your click the flag for each location on the map!

  94. Patrick says:

    In Orlando

  95. Patrick says:

    I to know if any lab Corp open tomorrow

  96. Jerry ahern says:

    phone number for lab corp in cottonwood az

  97. Tressa H WHITE says:

    why is it so hard to get on the site to make an appointment?

  98. alireza says:

    want to mack an appointment

  99. Terry tracy says:

    Want to make an appointment

  100. michael kevin says:


  101. MOHAMMAD FAROOQ says:


  102. Gail Ayers says:

    I cannot find which site to go to for my lab results

  103. luis F nebel says:

    your site has no value for example the location in Melbourne fl is different from the one on the phone fire the person in charge of the web site

  104. B. Roncayolo says:

    Map is shown but no addresses or phones at all.
    So the site is USELESS !!!

  105. Pat Sterba says:

    I received an invoice from you and have not had an appt with you. I would like to talk to someone about it but cannot find a phone number to call.

  106. Rosemary Vetor says:

    Where do I need to go for Lab Corp in Shelbyville IN?

  107. Peggy Mazziotti says:

    I”m trying to find out if the Grants Pass, LabCorp is open today, Columbus day, Can’t find a phone number any where. Not even on our billing.

  108. Kathleen H Pike says:

    Need appt for blood work fasting, at Sheldon Rd location for 9/21 am or
    9/22 am Will also need urine test. I AM DIABETIC TYPE 2

  109. Catherine washington says:

    Found my lab request over weekend. Do I need an appointment

  110. Ellen Humphreys says:

    I can’t find my confirmation number

  111. Ann Asta says:


  112. Victor J Medori says:

    Are you open on Sunday?

  113. Coleen Nadolski says:

    I need to make an appointment for blood work . I need the Titusville location Garden Street. I would like it for the first week of July, have all my paperwork. How do I do this.

  114. Alicia Rivero says:

    I am trying to make an appointment and have not been able to do it!! What do I have to do in order to make an appointment with Lab Corp at 14713 SW 42 St. Miami FL 33175?

  115. Enid Wilmeth says:

    do you test for Gadolinium ?

  116. Helen Ann Frobose says:

    Need appt. for bloodwork on June 27th,2018, preferably early a.m.

  117. Alyce. Saunders says:

    Need appointment for lab blood test on Monday 6 11 18. At heritage road office. Naples fl

  118. Alyce. Saunders says:

    Need appointment for lab blood test on Monday 6 11 18

  119. Karen Cordrey says:

    Is there a lab Corp off of 441 in the villages?

  120. cecille kennedy5617971855 says:

    i need to schedule an apt for lab work . I am neat 4601 no congress ave
    how do i make an appointment??

  121. Jose Ariel Cruz says:

    I’m a new patient, do I need to make an appointment first for my INR blood work or just walk-in with my doctor’s order?

  122. ronald harris says:

    need phonenumber for lab corp in miami beach fl.

  123. Georgia Gilcrease. says:

    need appointment with Lab CORP IN DESOTA, TX U HAVE MY PAPERWORK ALREADY

  124. Susan Crowder says:

    Please help me to review my lab results. It has been so hard to login to the account that I have been using for years…nothing works!! I have made countless attemps to make new passwords, nothing is working.

  125. Angela kehoe says:

    Please call me ar 562 431 5603, I made an appt. on line for Kaitlyn and Jakob Kehoe for blood work. . I didn’t note the date on my calendar. They will have to fast. We live in Los Alamitos.

  126. Sandy says:

    I made an appointment for 9am today at the Val Vista office. After 10 am I was still sitting in the waiting room. I am diabetic and was fasting. By the time I was called in I was shaking and dizzy. I asked for some juice or other glucose, but was told there wasn’t anything like that available. Finally one receptionist found me a couple mints. She said they book three appointments for every time slot and there is no way they can keep up. Still…over an hour? That is ridiculous. Other people with appointments were being seen within minutes of arriving.

    • Sharon Merkel says:

      JUST FYI- we have the same experience at all Dr.’s offices. After watching a full room empty out…and being last to go in for an appt. -45-1 hr. AFTER my time slot, I asked the nurse why? I was told, “Oh your insurance is out of Philly…we take other ins. 1st”. I’ve got not the best…and now I realize the better insurance, the faster they will see you as they make more $! Wow! Learn something new each day….but totally wrong.

  127. carollyn says:

    need a Saturday appointment. who do I call .

  128. Jean Phillips Truscott says:

    I must say that having an ad that starts with a negative reference to the company is hardly inspiring!! Hopefully, LABCORP didn’t pay for this ad…….even if they did, someone with some marketing or client savvy needs to review it as it is anything but positive!

  129. Lisa Vargas says:

    Do yaw do drug testing on Saturdays till 12 pm


    7:00 AM

  131. Rick Cook says:

    I am still waiting for the e-mail that you were going to send me. Have made an appointment at the Washington street LabCorp in Carson City? Please make my appointment and call me at this number (775) 248-5867).

  132. Deborah L.Mason says:

    Do you have an office in Oneonta, NY 13820?

  133. Stacey says:

    I’m trying to find a Lab Corp neatest to me for employment



  135. Ingeborg Stochmal says:

    I find it impossible to make an appointment for blood tests on line! FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the location on 83rd Street and 34th Avenue in Jackson Heights/Flushing that I use.

  136. Nancy Curtis says:

    what site should I go on to make appointment for Labcorp in Lake Charles, La. I need to make appointment for 2/19 Monday at 10:20 am