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If you’ve never tried laser tag before, you’re definitely missing out. It’s a fun experience especially when you’re surrounded by plenty of friends. You can easily lose hours of your time when you get into a battle of laser tag, especially if the battle gets rather intense. While you can play the game alone, it’s much better with a group of friends. If you’re interested in trying out as game or if you’re looking for a location to get some friends together and play like the old day, just search laser tag near me to find the nearest location.

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What is laser tag exactly?

What laser tag happens to be is a sport where a team or an individual uses a gun that emits a high infrared beam on a certain frequency in order to chase down or hit the other teammates enough times until they are out of the game. It’s been described as a mixture between tag and paintball.

laser tag near me

Playing laser tag is a great way to spend a few hours

What’s the history of laser tag?

Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the United States Army deployed a system that used infrared beams for combat training. It was otherwise known as the MILES system and it function just like laser tag where the beams are fired into receivers in order to score hits. Systems that are similar to this one are now used by several companies and by various armed forces around the world. The first known toy though to use infrared light and the corresponding sensor was in 1979 as Star Trek Electronic Phaser Guns set. The first Photon toys would hit the market in 1986 at the same time as the Lazer Tag toys from the Worlds of Wonder. Worlds of Wonder would go out of business in 1988 and Photon followed soon after in 1989 as the fad of these games wore off.

Who is the Inventor and Founder of the laser tag industry?

In 1982, after watching the film Star Wars Episode IV in 1977, George Carter III began designing an arena-based system for playing a scored version of the game. The first grand opening of the Photon center took place in Dallas, Texas on March 28, 1984. Carter would end up being honored by the International Laser Tag Association on November 17, 2005 for his contribution.

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor equipment?

Indoor laser tag is usually played in a large arena that may or may not be dark and ran by a commercial laser tag operator. The dimensions of an indoor laser tag arena is made for close quarters so there is a large design focus on performance and game play under these conditions.

Outdoor equipment usually focuses with equipment being able to function well at longer ranges, even in daylight. If you’re interested in trying out some laser tag, just remember to search for laser tag near me to find the nearest location.

Laser Tag Near Me – Laser Tag Facts

There are actually competitions and tournaments for laser tag. These are usually staged for local, regional/state, inter-regional, national, bi-lateral international and international levels. The first ever Zone Worlds Laser Tag Championships were hosted in the United States. Ultrazone’s San Diego, California site would go on to host Worlds I from August 2-7 in 2003. Worlds I featured twelve teams from Sweden, Finland, Canada and the United States and the tournament was played on v5 equipment and took place between 11pm to 6am. These individual Laser Tag systems often would end up developing active tournament scenes but unfortunately due to the business practice of manufacturers not owning sites, these scenes tended to last only a few years and are player-organized and ran. Ultrazone ran tournaments when it had corporate-owned sites until about 2000.

The oldest laser tag arena in the world is located in Brisbane Australia and it’s known as LaserForce. It’s been quite around for quite some time and it celebrated 26 years in 2014. There is over 1500 laser tag areas around the globe though besides the oldest one and there is about 90 million laser tag games played a year.
One of the largest laser tag games had an incredible amount of players in one game. There was actually about 436 players in just that one game of laser tag.

The world’s largest laser tag arena is actually located in Belleville, Illinois and is known as Laser Rock. This is probably no surprise as laser tag is extremely popular in the Southern and Midwestern parts of the United States. It is actually even more popular than miniature golf in these areas.
Have you ever had the urge just to constantly play a game of laser tag? Well, you’re in luck! There are many facilities around the world that offer all night laser tag. So you can choose to play from sun down to sun up if you so desire to.

Laser tag isn’t just for kid parties nowadays! There is a whole ton of services that laser tag arenas offer. They can host events for corporate parties or even for bachelor parties if that’s your thing. If you’re interested in maybe booking a party or you’re just in the mood to play some laser tag, just search laser tag near me to find your nearest location!

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