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Are you out of clean clothes? Have you stretched your clothing past its due date and it is starting to smell a bit off? Well, if it is time to get a bit of that smell out of your wardrobe it is a good thing that you can take a look at the Laundry Near Me Map Below.

On the map, you will have the location of every laundromat in your area. Just click on a location, and you will get the location’s name, address and phone number. You will also be able to get the hours of operation and reviews from past facility users. Finally, if it happens to have a website, there will be a link. After you are done with the map, if you would like to keep reading, you will find laundry tips to help you get the most of your trip to the laundromat and some strange and interesting laundry facts.

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Laundromat Tips

Is this your first time having to do your laundry? Do your clothes never come as clean as when your mother did you laundry? Well, to get your clothing truly clean and fresh scented, it takes skill, practice and knowledge. Here are some helpful tips and wisdom to help make your trip as productive as possible.

laundry near me

Almost a million Americans use laundromats on a regular basis.

1. Do as much prep in advance as possible.

There are some important things to separate before you get to the laundromat. Divide your clothing into different groups for settings. Generally, you want your lights, darks and colors separated. You will also want delicate and bulky items divided in advance as well. Basically, anything that is going to need a different setting or may cause color staining differences. If you don’t care about separating because all of your clothes are well washed and aren’t going to bleed anymore, than you may be able to get away without the separation.

If you have anything that needs to be treated for a strain, treat it before you get started.

Some more things to prepare is to have the right materials packed. You will want to keep the dirty laundry in separate bags and have your laundry basket or baskets kept clean. You will also want to bring a nice clean garbage bag, just in case it rains. Also, bringing a rag to be used for cleaning out the machines is helpful.

Finally, have your money, detergent and dryer sheets with you. The money is best in rolls of quarters, your detergent works well in the tabs, no measuring needed and dryers sheets can just be in their box. If you want to bring fabric softener, you can also bring it along. Bringing your own detergent and dryer sheets will help save you money, but most laundromats will have vending machines you can buy single use packages at, but the mark-up is rather impressive.

Bonus: Bring some entertainment, a book or podcast is a great idea.

2. Going to the laundromat.

When you select your time to get to the laundromat, you are going to want to go when it isn’t very busy. The best time of day is during the day on a weekday, in the early morning or late at night. After work, especially on the weekends, is always busy. Going at a slow time will help you because you can use multiple machines at once. Generally, a wash and drying cycle can be upwards of 90 minutes to 2 hours combined, so you want to be there for only one cycle each if possible.

When you get there, inspect your machines. Smell them, wipe them out and check their settings. You don’t want to use a machine that is dirty or has a strange smell in it. Do the same for both the dryers and the washing machines.

Once you have got your stuff started, don’t abandon it. People may steal your clothing or if the machine finishes and you are not there to claim it, you might find your clothing in weird places.

3. After you are done washing.

Once you are done, be sure to fold up your clothing carefully and place them in your baskets. This will help prevent wrinkling. If it is raining, wrap it in the garbage bag that you have brought with you and you are done.

Laundry Near Me – Laundry Facts

Laundry Facts

1. Disney produces a lot of laundry

Walt Disney World alone, has got a dedicated staff to wash the garments of its cast members (employees). Each day, they wash 285,000 pounds of clothing, on average. It would take one person years to wash that much.

2. How much laundry does the average American family do?

On average, the regular American family does between 8 – 10 loads of laundry. With the average laundry run time of 90 minutes, from start to finish, you are looking at spending 12 – 15 hours a week doing laundry. Since most families don’t use a clotheslines for drying anymore, less than 30% of families still use them, that means they are generally running machines for those 12 – 15 hours, which means it is mostly just loading, unloading and folding.

3. An outdoor laundromat?

If you are looking for both a laundry service and a bit of entertainment, you may wish to visit the outdoor laundromats in India. In Dubai, India, they have the largest outdoor laundry, called the Dhobi Ghat. The Dhobis (laundry men) dip the clothing in soapy water and then place them against concrete stones where the clothing is flogged until it is nice and clean and then the clothing is hung on clotheslines. By the next day, it is all dry and clean and the clothing is returned to the owner.

4. Which uses more water, laundry or the toilet?

While the toilet is used more frequently in most homes, the washing machines take a lot of water. Still, the toilet uses almost twice as much water as the washing machine. On average, the washing machines account for 21% of household water usage (when looking at indoor usage), while the toilet accounts for upwards of 41%. This may vary if you have a low-flow toilet versus the standard toilet.

5. How many laundromats are there in the United States?

Overall, there are almost 22 thousand laundromats in the United States. As comparison, there are more laundromats than there are KFCs, so you will be sure to find a laundromat when you search Laundry Near Me. The laundromat industry employs around 50 thousand people each year and brings in almost $5 billion in revenue annually. It is a really big business.

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