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For avid readers and those looking to do research, a library is the best way to access a large selection of books and other forms of media, all at zero cost. If you’re a bookworm, a library can mean access to hundreds of classics, best sellers, and new releases.

Are you interested in finding a library near you? Simply browse libraries near me on the map below and find a list of libraries located in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on libraries? Read on for amazing facts, trivia, and history on the library!

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What is the oldest library in the United States?

Given America’s love of books, it makes sense that libraries would hold a special role in the history and development of the nation. While there are many old and historic libraries in the United States, specifically on the east coast, the oldest is the Sturgis Library located in Barnstable, Massachusetts. The Sturgis Library was first constructed in 1644 for the Reverend John Lothrop who was the founder of the town of Barnstable. The house which forms the original makings of the library is the oldest building housing a public library in the US. The building also holds the title of being one of the oldest houses still remaining on Cape Cod. Since Reverend Lothrop also used the front room of the historic house for public worship, the Sturgis Library is also the oldest structure still standing today on US soil where religious services were routinely held. The room is now referred to as the Lothrop Room, which features a historic beamed ceiling, a pumpkin colored floor, and the historical architecture of authentic cape cod houses. While Sturgis Library is considered by most to be the oldest library, some would argue that it is only the oldest building, and not the oldest library. Some historians regard the Darby Free Library in Darby, Pennsylvania to be the oldest public library in the United States. The Darby Free Library was founded in 1743. Find out where the oldest library in your town is as you search libraries near me.

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Every library presents boundless opportunities to learn and grow.

When was the first public library in history mentioned?

Now that you know the oldest library in the United States, you may be interested in knowing where the first public library in the world was established. Consider these facts as you search libraries near e. The first public library in history is believed to have been established by Clearchus, a tyrant of the land of Heraclea on the south coast of the Black Sea. This Pontic individual had reportedly been educated in Athens, Greece, by both Plato and Isocrates. He built a library to shake the perception that the Greeks living in the Black Sea region were somehow less cultured or intelligent than those living in Athens. Clearchus’ need to prove himself and his comrades as intellectuals helped pave the way for the first public library, which gave citizens access to information they would have never had access to before.

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Libraries in the E-Book Age

To some, it seems libraries may be at a high risk due to the advent and popularity of e-books in the modern age. While e-book reading is certainly growing, printed books are still dominating the reading world, with many preferring physical books over their tech savvy counterparts. According to statistics, 28% of all American adults age 18 and older have read an e-book in the past year. That’s up from 17% in 2011. With that said, 69% of all individuals read a printed book, with only 4% of all readers considering themselves “e-book” only readers. This means that though libraries may face funding issues in many regards, it’s not due to e-books. Many libraries have also taken to offering e-book downloads to card holders through apps such as Overdrive which can be accessed on any tablet, laptop, or smartphone. Keep in mind, you will still need to have a library card at your local library in order to access these digital downloads. As you search libraries near me, think about which format you most often read in. Does your library support your reading habits? What other kinds of media might you want to consume while visiting your local library? Many also have audiobooks, DVDS, CDs, and tapes that are available for loan with your card. You may also have access to free wi-fi and internet services at your local library.

Who Loves Libraries?

If you’re searching libraries near me, then you obviously appreciate libraries and the role they play in most communities. According to researchers, most Americans appreciate libraries more than most other centers in their community. 90% of all Americans report that closing their local public library would impact the community negatively and 67% believed that it would hurt their families and schools. Not only do a wide range of people lay claim to loving libraries, but parents are especially fond of the ease and role that libraries play in their children’s lives. Statistics show that mothers and fathers are more likely to have a library card and to visit a library regularly, as more than 55% of all parents report reading to their children every day. Not only does the library allow parents access to a wide range of books, but libraries provide other forms of media and programs to not only keep children interested in reading, but to allow for proper socialization through child focused reading programs and play dates.

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