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It’s hard to imagine the US without its glittering chains of liquor stores. Not only do they offer the convenience of fulfilling all of your liquor needs in a one stop shop, but their prices are hard to beat. From wine to whiskey, the liquor store stocks hundreds of brands, local offerings, and seasonal favorites. Although liquor stores weren’t prominent until after prohibition, they’re now as common on the street corner as the local pharmacy or grocer.

Interested in finding a liquor store in your area? Simply browse liquor store near me on the map below and search for a liquor store location in close proximity to you. Odds are, you’ll have more than a few liquor stores to choose from. Need a bit more information on liquor stores? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and general information on what was once dubbed a “state store” in most of the US.

Liquor Store Near Me – Find it on the Map

Liquor Store Near Me – Liquor Store Trivia

True or false: No one major chain of stores dominates the liquor store market.

In searching liquor store near me, you will likely find that no one store has a corner on the market. While this may come as a surprise given the prominence of several liquor chains such as Wine and Spirits, there is not a single major chain of liquor stores that dominates this side of retail.

liquor store near me

The average liquor store boasts hundreds of brands of wine and various liquors. Most also offer cigars, drink mixes, and cigarettes.

Much of what drives a person to one liquor store or another is simple proximity to their location at the time. State regulations have also kept one major chain of liquor stores from dominating the national landscape. In states where stores are state owned, hours, operation times, and offerings can vary wildly.

What is the top selling liquor at most liquor stores?

While sales can vary regionally, most stores reported that the top selling liquors at their locations were Hennessy cognac brandy and Jack Daniel’s No.7 Black Label. Sales in cinnamon and apple flavored bourbons have also enjoyed skyrocketing sales in the past two years. It seems as if America has a certain fondness for these southern liquors! In fact, Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey accounted for over $5.8 million in sales in 2015 alone. What are you thinking about buying while searching liquor stores near me?

What is the top selling wine at liquor stores?

What’s a liquor store without wine? We’d argue that it’s half a liquor store. If you’re a wino, you’ve likely picked up more than your fair share of wines at your local liquor store. What you might not know is what the top selling wine is.

The two topping selling wines at most liquor stores in the US?

Apothic Red and Barefoot California Chardonnay. While wine tastes can definitely vary regionally and by season, these two wines have a good footing in the market. Affordable, easy to pair, and available at most liquor stores; it’s no wonder these brands have enjoyed so much rampant success in recent years.

A good tip when searching liquor store near me? Call ahead and find out if your particular store offers local brands from wineries within the region. Spoiling the guests at your next dinner party with a few local flavors can’t hurt!

Liquor Store Near Me – Liquor Store Facts

Liquor Stores In The US

Walk down almost any main street or town center in America and you’re likely to find a liquor store (or two). In fact, you may find your quest to find a liquor store near me, yields more results than searching most other retail outlets. The reason? There are over 42,941 liquor stores located within the United States. Compare this to the fact that there are only 37, 459 grocery stores in the US and you can see just how big of a role the liquor store plays in everyday American life.

While American’s love to unwind with a good drink, they also love to entertain. Liquor store outlets provide an opportunity for every American to meet all of their liquor in wine needs in one location.
Liquor Store Sales By The Numbers

If you’re searching liquor store near me, you probably have a hankering for wine or liquor. The questions is, what does the each liquor store sell more of at a given location? While sales can vary regionally (ie: wine in California), a whopping 40% of all liquor store sales are attributed to strictly liquors and wines. For liquor stores that offer beer in addition to finer spirits, 25% is attributed to beer sales.

The remaining percentage of all liquor store sales are attributed to smaller items such as cigarettes, cigars, groceries, and soda. Of course since many people are using the soda for mixed drinks, every purchase virtually goes hand in hand.

Fast Facts on Liquor and Liquor Stores

While searching liquor store near me, read up on the facts and find out exactly what makes this particular string of retail stores tick. If nothing else, you’ll have some good info to impress your friends with at your next wine and booze filled party!

1. America loves a good drink. Total alcoholic beverage sales in the US top out at 211.7 billion dollars annually.

2. Sales are on the upswing. US liquor sales raised 4% in 2015. Based on 2016 sales so far, sales show no signs of slowing down.

3. Liquor stores pride themselves on helping the local economy by offering wines and spirits made within close proximity to the stores themselves.

4. The average liquor store in a high population area is around 5,000 square feet. That’s plenty of room to stock the good stuff!

5. The average number of employees at a liquor store is 5. This includes full and part time employees.

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