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There’s no other pizza place well-known for its delicious and cheap pizza than Little Caesar. It’s definitely a steal when you can buy four pizzas for only twenty dollars. They know how to create pizza that taste delicious so you can get a good bang for your buck.

Besides their classic pepperoni pizza, they also have deep dish and limited edition pizza for you to try as well as sides such as their crazy bread or salad. If you’re hungry for some pizza, just search “Little Caesar Near Me” to grab some pizza!

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What Did The Co-Founder Used To Be?

Before Mike Ilitch and his wife Marian would open go on to open the first Little Caesars in 1959, Mike was actually a shortstop for the Detroit Tigers farm team. Mike played for quite some time until an injury forced him to retire from playing baseball. It was during this time that Mike and his wife looked towards the pizza business.

little caesars near me

This is the perfect place to go for cheap and delicious pizza.

Mike wasn’t done with the Detroit Tigers though, not by a long shot. Today Mike and Marian actually own the Detroit Tigers as well as the Detroit Redwings. The married couple also own a casino, a theater and plenty more things besides the sports teams.
The theater they own is actually the historic Fox Theatre which they saved from the ruins in 1987. It’s just goes to show you that sometimes a tragedy may lead to greater things.

How Much Does The Couple Own?

Mike and Marian llitch are actually two of the richest Americans. They have made the Forbes’ annual rankings list of richest Americans for quite some years. They’re sitting at around #123 with a worth of about $4.2 billion. That’s quite some money from selling pizza over the years.

What Is Something Little Caesar Discontinued Selling?

Little Caesar was going through quite the experimental phase back in the nineties and one of the products they tried out was none other than spaghetti buckets. It’s exactly what it sounds like. These buckets were introduced in 1993 and were plastic buckets full of spaghetti with sauce and bread. There is no real reason why they were discontinued, but some customers still want them back. While you may not be able to get spaghetti, there is still pizza for you! Search “Little Caesar Near Me” to find your nearest location.

Which Celebrity Worked At Little Caesar?

You may not be able to guess it but Bill Murray actually worked at Little Caesar. He worked previously there during his starving artists days, long before he became a household name. Even stranger is that he worked besides celebrity chef Kerry Simon!

Little Caesars Near Me – Little Caesars Facts

When Little Caesars introduced their pretzel pizza, it actually happened to be their first limited edition pizza in over a decade. It was a delicious blend of pizza and pretzel and became quite popular. It became so popular in fact that they brought it back again for another year to the excitement of customers. While the pretzel pizza may not be back, you can still try just as many delicious pizzas. Just search “Little Caesar Near Me” to find the closest location.

Supposedly back in the day, if you said their slogan to a cashier, you would be rewarded with free Crazy Bread. It was an older tradition that is sadly not in effect anymore. While you may still be able to persuade a veteran manager, you will probably have no luck with new employees.

The “Pizza! Pizza!” Campaign is actually over thirty-five years old! It’s been a slogan for their commercials since 1979. When creating their commercials, Little Caesars has definitely come up with some wacky, but quite interesting commercials.

Little Caesars actually happens to be the third largest pizza place right behind Domino’s and Pizza Hut. The headquarters for Little Caesars is located in the Fox Theatre building in Downtown Detroit, Michigan.

The name Little Caesars was actually inspired by Mike llitch’s nickname. His wife always use to call him her “Little Caesar” so when they were thinking of what to name the restaurant, it was no trouble for her to create a name.

If you’re craving some rather cheap pizza, look no further. Little Caesars Hot-and-Ready pizza is only around five dollars, depending on where you live. While their deep dish and specialties may run a bit higher in price, you still can’t beat the bargain.

Little Caesars has always had a long standing fundraiser but back in 20-2, they got a bit more creative with it. They created the idea of pizza cones and allowed anyone who wanted to create one of their own. They even allowed churches, schools and sports teams to partner up and and sell the kits. It turned out to be quite a popular idea.

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