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Little Caesars is one of the most rapidly growing pizza chains in the US just behind Dominos and Pizza Hut. This brand is known for its well priced and high quality offerings that are ready to go as soon as you order.

Are you interested in finding a Little Caesars Pizza in your area? Simply browse Little Caesars Pizza near me on the map below and find a list of Little Caesars locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on Little Caesars? Read on for facts, trivia and history on this beloved pizza brand!

Little Caesars Pizza Near Me – Find it on the Map

Little Caesars Pizza Near Me – Little Caesars Pizza Trivia

When was Little Caesars Pizza Founded?

The story of Little Caesars begins with a minor league baseball player by the name of Mike Ilitch. Though baseball was his first passion, Mike developed a fondness for slinging pies. Along with his wife Marian, Mike founded Little Caesars in 1959 in a small strip mall in a suburb of Detroit Michigan known as Garden City. Mike was enchanted with the name Pizza Treat, but Marian vetoed that idea and the pair settled on Little Caesars Pizza Treat. Eventually, Marian won out completely. On the brand’s first day in business, they sold a whopping forty-nine pizzas. At the time, their menu also included items such as chicken and shrimp. It didn’t take long for the restaurant to find a dedicated fan base. By 1962, the duo were selling their first franchise. In 1987, Little Caesars boasted locations in all 50 states. Upon purchasing a chain known as Mother’s Pizza, this husband and wife team soon found success in Canada and the United Kingdom as well. At peak popularity, Little Caesars operated many locations within Kmart stores, though that has largely petered out. Today, they’re the fastest growing pizza chain in the US, with more than 4,000 locations. Consider these fabulous facts while you search Little Caesars Pizza near me!

little caesars pizza near me

A sample of Little Caesars delicious offerings!

Who created the Little Caesars logo?

If you’ve been searching Little Caesars Pizza near me and are a fan of this fast pizza chain, you may be wondering just how Little Caesars acquired their famous logo. The cartoonish and exaggerated “Caesar” character eating pizza is as synonymous with the brand as the pizza itself. The logo was created by a friend of the Ilitches named Don Silverstein. Don came up with the logo while sketching on a napkin at the original location in 1959. The Ilitches loved Don’s logo so much, that they decided it should be the face of the brand. Who knew napkin art could produce such quality results? Much like their history implies, this brand doesn’t place a high stock on corporate or outside influence.

Little Caesars Pizza Near Me – Little Caesars Pizza Facts

The Pizza! Pizza! Motto

Little Caesars is known for it’s ubiquitous for its exclamatory motto, “Pizza! Pizza!” but just where did this unique motto come from? Like so many facts on chains in the US, the answer is not quite what you’d have in mind. While you may be picturing a large wood table with advertising executives slinging possible logos back and forth coming up with a Little Caesars motto, this simply was not the case. In fact, the Ilitches prized themselves on not utilizing traditional advertising in marketing methods. They were a true DIY pair. Instead, “Pizza! Pizza!” was created to correspond with a successful 1979 deal in which two pizzas were offered up at the price of one pie from their competitors. The promotion was a hit, with many buying multiple pairs of pizza at much lower prices than other pizza chains. In an attempt to latch on to the success of this promotion, the motto stuck. Unfortunately, the deal did not! Worry not, if you’re searching Little Caesars Pizza near me, you’ll still find plenty of awesome promotions to take advantage of.

The Little Caesars Headquarters

If you’re searching Little Caesars Pizza near me you may be wondering where this pizza chain calls home. The headquarters of Little Caesars is in the Historic Fox Theatre building in downtown Detroit, MI. The brand has always stayed true to its roots. Despite having the option to move their headquarters into other states and locations, Little Caesars has proudly called Michigan home since the beginning. In 1989, Little Caesars officially set up shop in the Fox Theatre building, which is home to the largest surviving movie palace of the 1920s in the United States. The Ilitches purchased the entire building and took it upon themselves to renovate the theatre before moving in. The renovation cost a whopping $12 million, but the pair saw something special in the theatre and wanted to restore it to it’s former glory.

Giving Back

While searching Little Caesars Pizza near me, consider how this brand has given back to the communities they serve. In 1985, the Ilitches launched the Little Caesars Love Kitchen Foundation. The foundation is a mobile pizza truck that feeds the hungry and helps disaster victims to garner stable meals. The charity has fed more than 2 million people to date. They’ve also donated more than one million dollars to various charity groups in Detroit, as well as establishing Charities for Children which aim to improve the lives of children in the Detroit area.

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