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When it’s a night out you crave, few things are as fun or as fulfilling as taking in a live music set. Whether it’s your favorite band or a local up and comer, live music has the ability to transport us out of our everyday lives into someplace else entirely.

Are you interested in finding live music in your area? Simply browse live music near me on the map below and find a list of live music venues located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on live music? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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When did live music first come to be?

In the long span of human history, it might seem like live music was more recent than most historical art forms; however, most historians actually believe the opposite to be true. So when exactly did live music first come to be? Consider these facts as you search live music near me. According to artifacts and texts that have been uncovered, it’s clear that live music has existed for as long as humans have been communicating with one another. In other words, live music first came to be during the dawn of man. Around 100,000 years ago, the first prehistoric performances took place when humans would essentially “perform” for one another by mimicking the sounds they had heard in nature. From animal calls to the sound of the wind, humankind found a great source of entertainment in recreating these sounds with only their voices. Musical instruments first came about around 40,000 years ago, this is when instruments made of animal bones were crafted and used for both recreation and religious purposes. These are the earliest form of the flute we still enjoy playing today. During the 8th century BC, ancient musical performances were conducted in Ancient Greek and Roman societies. Music performances became closely associated with theater, marriages, funerals, and religious ceremonies. At the same time, Persian and Indian cultures were using classical music in the same fashion. It’s clear that music has always had a starring role in human life, so much so, that we’ve built entire cultural practices around it.

live music near me

Nothing beats seeing live music!

What were the original music venues?

If you’re searching live music near me, odds are you want to visit a club, theater, arena, or similar type of music venue. Though music has always existed alongside humans, the music venues we know and love today have not. So what were the original music venues? Historians believe that sometime during the Middle Ages, churches became the main music venues in the Western World. Up until this point, music was often performed in an outdoor or informal setting. Theater performances often had music, but they were not formal venues for music without acting. Churches had huge pipe organs that were installed in giant cathedrals that could boast natural acoustics. This added a very spiritual and imposing element to the pieces being performed. It’s no wonder so much music is tied to both religion and spirituality.

Live Music Near Me – Live Music Facts

The Birth of Rock N’ Roll

No one can discuss live music without discussing the birth of rock n’ roll. Without the inception of this musical genre, the simple act of going to a concert, letting loose, and dancing might not exist as it does today. Consider these facts as you search live music near me. In the 1950s, many music groups in the United States began to experiment musically. Many of them failed to find their sound, but several found success in fusing country, blues, and swing music. This is believed to be the earliest version of rock n’ roll. The genre as perfected by acts such as Elvis Presley who broke almost every musical rule in existence at the time. With gyrating hips, slicked back hair, and a voice that shake men and women to the core, Elvis perfected this new genre with gusto. Soon, more rock n’ roll artists began to emerge, finding both freedom and the potential for stardom in the fledgling genre. With rock n’ roll, came the rock concert, which soon grew into the gold standard of entertainment around the world.

The Birth of the Pop Concert

Rock n’ roll concerts paved the way for the modern concert format we know and love today, allowing for the development of pop music concerts. As you search live music near me, consider how one man helped to develop the format of concerts that still exists in its purest form today. In the 1960s, a concert promoter named Bill Graham is credited with developing the first ever modern pop concert. He introduced the idea of advance ticketing (and later online ticket purchases), security measures, and cleanliness standards for every venue. With these measures in place, concerts became safer, more hygienic, and more accessible to the average music lover. It also allowed for individuals of all ages to enjoy concerts, with or without parental supervision. In the 1960s and 1970s, live music was a major influence on pop culture as a whole. With the invention of large scale amplification facilities, massive music festivals were able to be held, allowing for art, culture, fashion, and activism to unite as one. 1969’s Woodstock festival is still the greatest example of the cultural effects of life music on young people. That festival was attended by over 400,000 people and was largely considered to be one of the most important events in the 1960s.

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