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Lost your keys? Need to re-key your doors? Maybe you are looking for a safe or a lockbox. No matter the reason that you need an expert locksmith, you are able to find all the local locksmiths here. Just take a look at the Locksmith Near Me Map below. You will see all of the locksmiths listed.

Just click on one of the locations and you will get the company name, address and phone number. You will also be able to get the regular business hours and reviews written by past customers. You can also get a link to their website and with a few clicks you can have directions to the business, so you can get to them quickly.

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Hours of Operation

Locksmiths are one of those companies that generally are open regular business hours. You will normally find their offices opening between 8 and 9am and closing between 5 and 6pm; in addition, you don’t often find them open on the weekends. So, if you need a locksmith, do everything you can to have them come out during their regular business hours. Don’t worry, if you absolutely need a locksmith, almost every locksmith company offers after hours visits, for a price, which we will discuss below.

locksmith near me

The combination lock was an American invention which was instantanously popular in keeping property safe and secure.

Cost of a Locksmith

So, you need a locksmith, how much is it going to cost you? Well, there is a big range, typically anywhere between $50 and $350 for a callout. What does this entail? Well, this is before we are adding n materials. The low end is what you can expect during regular business hours. In the evening and on holidays the price jumps dynamically upwards of $125 or more. The typical late night callout is generally around $150. So, if it is 2am and you are locked out of your car, you are looking at the $150 bill for getting back into your car. If you have other means and the time, it might be worth it to try and solve the problem on your own.

Tips Before Calling a Locksmith

1. If it is your car and you have roadside assistance call them. They may be able to give you recommendations or if you have a roadside assistance plan, they may have something covered under that plan to keep the costs down.

2. Ask the locksmith for a quote and shop around. If it is a slow night you may be able to bargain your way into a better deal. Just be sure to provide as many details as you can to prevent any hidden costs.

3. Check to make sure the locksmith is fully insured. You don’t want something getting damaged and you ending up with that bill.

4. Check the reviews you get when searching Locksmith Near Me. Previous customer reviews can be a good indication about who you are getting into business with.

5. Ask the locksmith about their experience. If you have a special lock or vehicle, it is better to have someone who has had experience with it than someone who hasn’t. Spending that extra money to ensure that you have the right person to get the job done quickly is important.

6. There are difference licensing requirements for locksmiths in many states, cities and counties. So, check to see if your state is required to have locksmiths licensed and registered, if they are be sure to ask about this.

7. When the locksmith arrives, be sure to ask to see their identification and business card, keep the business card and compare it to the invoice (bill) that is provided.

8. Finally read all papers that the locksmith has to check: insurance, forms that need to be signed and the invoice to ensure everything is correct.

9. No matter if the service was good or bad, adding a customer review online to help others pick a good local locksmith is useful.

Locksmith Near Me – Locksmith Facts

Fun facts about lock and their locksmiths:

Watching a thief carefully and skillfully crack the safe is always exciting in heist movies, but when you forget the combination to your home safe, you are often frustrated and thinking about kicking it and then stopping before you break your toes. Locks and those who install and open them have got some interesting secrets and stories to share. Here are just a few.

1. Locks have been around a long time. The oldest were created by the Egyptians over 4,000 years ago; however, these were pretty simple wooden door bolts. Not nearly something you would install today, but the precursor for the metal bars used to hold some doors closed today.

2. The Akkadian Empire had the first known key lock. It was located in the palace of Sargon of Akkad in Mesopotamia and is about 2700 years old.

3. While the Egyptians are also credited to creating the first padlocks, the Romans advanced the Egyptian locks by creating iron locks with bronze keys. The keys were safely kept and held by the Roman women, for the most part.

4. The first tumbler lock was created in 1778 by the British locksmith Robert Barron. We can all thank him for putting locks on the path that they are on today, at least many of the doors.

5. The young American James Sargent first drafted and created the combination lock in 1857. This style of lock was quickly adopted by the United States Treasury Department for safes. He is also credited with creating the first time lock in 1880. The company that was founded by Sargent was Sargent and Greenleaf, which held its office in Rochester, New York until 1975.

6. The most famous Locksmith was probably Harry Houdini. Houdini, prior to being a famous escape artist and magician, was a locksmith. He got a lot of hands on experience about how to install, maintain and open locks on the job.

7. Interested in becoming a locksmith? Well, to become a locksmith you normally don’t go through a regular schooling. Like many trades, locksmiths are generally graduates of an apprenticeship program. So, you will get lots of hands on training.

8. Locksmiths tend to specialize. While you may think locksmithing is already a very specialist skill, you will find there is still a lot of range inside of the industry. You may have people who specialize in residential locks, so your regular deadbolt and doorknob, and those who specialize in commercial properties, which have more sophisticated technological locks such as maglocks (magnetic locks).

9. Locksmiths don’t like competition. So, if you call several locksmiths to see who will get to your house first, you will have some grumpy locksmiths when they see others arriving and being turned away because they are “late”.

10. There are around 20,000 locksmith companies in the United States, with over 30,000 employees. So, when you search Locksmith Near Me, you should be able to have a few to choose from.

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