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For anyone working on a home improvement project or just looking to fix up their digs, Lowe’s offers a great selection of goods designed to get your home in tip top shape in no time at all. With fair prices, knowledgeable staff, and endless rows of options: you’ll never leave Lowe’s feeling cheated.

Are you interested in finding a Lowe’s near you? Simply browse Lowe’s near me on the map below and find a list of Lowe’s locations in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Lowe’s? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on this home improvement juggernaut.

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Lowe’s Near Me – Lowe’s Trivia

When was Lowe’s founded?

Like so many American retail stores, Lowe’s began humbly and without any flash. The first Lowe’s store opened in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, in 1921 with the help of founder Lucius Smith Lowe. When Lowe died in 1940, the business was passed down to his daughter Ruth who went onto sell the company to her brother Jim that very same year. Jim took on a partner in Carl Buchan in 1943. Buchan believed that there would be a dramatic increase in the construction and home improvement industry after World War II came to a close. Because of this, the store began to focus on hardware and building materials. Before this point, the product mix included dry goods, snuff, produce, groceries and even dry goods. Buchan’s feelings of life after World War II proved correct and the company purchased a second location in Sparta, North Carolina in 1949. Unfortunately, Lowe and Buchan differed on how and when to expand the company to new areas and the ended up splitting in 1952, with Buchan taking control of the hardware and building supply business and Lowe taking on the other ventures the two controlled. This left Buchan as the sole owner of Lowe’s. Buchan quickly expanded the company by opening stores in places such as Asheville, Charlotte, and Durham. Consider these facts while searching Lowe’s near me, knowledge is everything after all.

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Lowes only offers the big box format of stores, despite early hesitation.

Why did Lowe’s suffer in the 1980s?

If you’re wondering if Lowe’s has always been a home improvement juggernaut while searching Lowe’s near me, here’s your answer. In the 1980s, Lowe’s suffered a series of major setbacks due to market conditions and increasing competition from a new big-box store chain, The Home Depot. At the time, Lowe’s was resisting the trend to adopt a mega store format. Management believed that smaller towns where Lowe’s operated would not support a large format store and would miss the cozy and familiar atmosphere of the Lowe’s they had come to know and love. Eventually, Lowe’s realized it would have to adopt a big box format in order to survive and remain competitive. Today, most Lowe’s stores are of the big box variety, though some classic format stores are still prominent in small markets in the South. Lowe’s experienced tremendous growth when it purchased Renton, a Washington based Eagle Hardware & Garden care company. It is now the largest home improvement store chain in North America and has since begun to expand outside of the United States, starting with the Southern Ontario area. The first international Lowe’s opened in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Lowe’s Near Me – Lowe’s Facts

Scoring the Best Deal

If you’re looking to score a big deal while searching Lowe’s near me, your main option will likely be to check out the sale ad or rely upon price matching options from competitors. What many associates won’t tell you is that there’s an old fashioned way to negotiate a discount, especially on big ticket items such as appliances or custom orders like windows. How does one score a better price? Haggling! Experts say that customers can sometimes bargain with sales associates and managers at box stores such as Lowe’s. Though the chain won’t exactly advertise their willingness to be flexible on pricing and will often cite that they don’t haggle, they do implement policies to empower their associates to give customers a wow experience. For example, if an item is out of stock and you’re disappointed, an associate will often give you a discount to be used when the item is back in stock. On items such as appliances, you can definitely score by voicing your concerns on the price. Ask if you can have installation prices curbed or take a floor model for a super discounted price. If it’s an item the store is having a hard time moving or they simply feel your plight, you may be able to score big!

Free is For Me

If you’re searching Lowe’s near me, you may be interested in knowing that Lowe’s offers plenty of freebies in the vein of free workshops geared for do it yourselfers and kids. They also offer free consultations and design services when it comes to remodeling projects. While these services are great, make sure you recognize these perks for what they are. They are meant to draw traffic into the stores and in turn, move merchandise. In other words, you may be coming into a free clinic on understanding efficient lighting, but you’ll likely end up buying some extra light bulbs on your way out the door. You might even receive free recommendations on how to redo your kitchen and could very well end up buying a new kitchen. While these free services are truly great and informative they do often lead to increased consumer spending. Be a savvy shopper and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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