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When it comes to handmade natural beauty products, few chains can keep up with the innovation and ingenuity of Lush. Whether you’re seeking they’re popular massage bars, fun/effective soaps, or sudsy shampoos, Lush products are good for you and good for the earth.

Are you interested in finding a Lush beauty shop near you? Simply browse Lush near me and find a list of Lush locations in your local area. Want to know more about Lush? How about some insight on how your favorite products are actually made? Read on for facts, trivia, and more! You might just discover something new about your favorite beauty brand.

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Lush Near Me – Lush Trivia

What year was Lush founded?

Though the Lush story isn’t a long one, this brand has made its mark on the beauty business, finding a place in the crowded market alongside big names such as Bath and Body Works. What year did the Lush story first begin? Consider this as you search Lush near me. Lush was created in 1995 by co-founders Mark Constantine and Liz Weir. Prior to starting Lush, the duo had worked no many beauty ventures, though no found the following that Lush quickly did. The first location was set up in Poole, England and the story still stands their today. Though initially all of the products were made in England, all Lush products are now made in one of two Lush factories in Canada. Currently, there are more than 700 Lsh locations in over 40 countries. That’s right, you can buy Lush all around the world, including: Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Singapore!

lush near me

Lush is known for it’s fresh handmade cosmetics and soaps!

What was the first product Lush offered?

Lush may be known for its quirky soaps and decadent massage bars, but this brand made a name for themselves with a different type of product entirely. What was the first product offered by lush? Read on as you wash Lush near me. Lush built its popularity on the back of its now iconic bath bombs. In fact, many people credit Lush with bringing bath bombs to the forefront and popularizing what is a now a major trend. The Blackberry Bath Bomb was the very first scent offered, boasting frankincense and bergamot oils as well as an overtly fruity scent that tantilizes the senses. In true Lush fashion, the item is still available today and remains highly popular!

What is Lush’s top selling product?

Despite the apparent popularity of the Lush bath bomb, these fizzy little bath fixtures aren’t the top selling product at Lush stores around the world. What is Lush’s top selling product? Take a guess as you search Lush near me. Contrary to popular belief it is not the bath bombs or the massage bars that take the cake. Ocean Salt, a coconut and lime based salt scrub, is routinely Lush’s top selling product worldwide. Coming in at a close second are the Sex Bomb Bath Bombs and the Angels on Bare Skin Face and Body Cleanser. The Twilight Bath Bomb rounds out the top selling products. What’s your favorite Lush beauty product? Sound off below!

Lush Near Me – Lush Facts

Are Lush products vegan?

Everyone has the right to honor a lifestyle that best fits their morals and beliefs, unfortunately, not every beauty brand is a perfect fit for those who choose to be vegan or vegetarian. Luckily, Lush has always aimed to suit a variety of lifestyles while ending animal cruelty practices. As you search Lush near me, you can rest assured that every single Lush product is 100 percent vegetarian. 81 percent of all of the products offered at Lush are vegan! If you’re not sure which products are vegan, just ask a Lush employee. They’ll help direct you to the products that suit your particular needs.

Why do Lush products have a use-by date?

While searching Lush near me or enjoying your favorite Lush product, you may have noticed that your favorites all have a handy use-by date labeled on the jar. Why exactly do Lush products expire so fast? Well, every Lush product has a use-by date because only fresh ingredients are used in making every single item offered by the beauty brand. This is why the formula will go bad much quicker than beauty products chock full of chemicals and preservatives. You may have also noticed that every label features a person’s name and a face. This illustration is a real live person and they’re the ones who lovingly made the product you’re holding in your hands!

Limited Edition Products

Notice that a new Lush product has just hit the shelves? You may want to grab it up rather than waiting! This is because many new Lush products are limited-edition and designed to coincide with the holidays and seasons. If you’re searching Lush near me in hope of scoring some Rose Jam or Lord of Misrule, you may not find the offerings unless you are searching at a certain time of year. Not surprisingly, many Lush fans beg for the brand to make some of the limited-edition items permanent, though the cries often go unheard. What’s your favorite limited edition Lush product? Is there an item you wish was on the permanent Lush menu?

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