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Despite waning activity levels amongst many young people and adults, martial arts still stands as one of the most popular fitness practices in the world. Martial arts can cover a broad range of fun activities, including: fighting techniques, methods of mental discipline, physical exercises, and other skills. Martial arts first originated in Asia, but is now popular throughout the world for self defense, exercise, health, and spiritual growth.

Are you interested in finding martial arts near you? Simply browse martial arts near me on the map below and find a list of martial arts schools near you. Need a bit more information on martial arts? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more!

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Where did martial arts first begin?

Martial arts have always carried a bit of mystery, especially when it comes to the actual origins of the practice. When exactly did martial arts first begin? Consider this as you search martial arts near me. Martial arts first began in the ancient cultures of Asia, including China, India, and Japan. Artifacts denoting martial arts have been found in both China and India, some were 4,000 years old. The artifacts included paintings of people striking various martial arts poses. Qigong, one of the oldest systems under the umbrella of martial arts, is believed to be some 5,000 years old. It first originated in ancient China. Some scholars believe that modern martial arts didn’t really begin to take form until the sixth century A.D. This is when it is believed that a buddhist monk from India named Bodhidharma first brough yoga, buddhism, meditation, and martial arts to the Shaolin Monastery in China. No matter what the origin, one thing remains clear: the practice of martial arts is sacred, special, and far different from most modern fitness methods.

How do martial arts involve intellectual concepts?

What makes martial arts so special is that they involve both physical techniques and intellectual concepts. As you search martial arts near me, consider how influences from religious systems of the East have made martial arts both a physical and mental practice. Eastern religion, specifically Taoism, holds that the universe must operate within the laws of balance and harmony. Because of this, all people must attempt to live within the rhythms of nature. Martial arts was likely first established as a way to cultivate the concepts of balance and a strong adaptation to the natural flow of life. Buddhism is largely credited with having introduced the breathing methods, meditation, and techniques that comprised the foundation of early martial arts. Chinese Confucianism was always highly concerned with ethical and moral behavior on one’s daily life. Martial arts addressed those concerns and then some. Some martial arts practices such as t’ai chi and various kung fu methods were developed from the ancient practice of qigong, which translates to “energy cultivation.” In this practice, flow of the body is increased and the universal life energy that is responsible for health and wellbeing circulates more freely.

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The Advent of Karate

In America, karate is arguably the most popular martial arts from practiced. It’s well suited to people from all age groups and of various physical abilities. Kids especially enjoy getting started with karate early on, sometimes as young as 3 or 4 years old. When did karate first develop? Consider this as you search martial arts near me. Once martial arts were developed and well rooted in China, the practice soon spread to other Asian countries, including Japan. It was in Japan that many new variations of martial arts first began to develop. In fact, it’s where karate got its start. Simply put, karate is a generic term for Japanese martial arts. In Japan, martial arts are most heavily influenced by Zen buddhism and the iconic samurai warrior tradition. This tradition boasted many weapons as well as various methods of fighting using only the body. Many Japanese schools adopted the instruction of bushido, which is Japanese for “way of the warrior.” The system focuses on extreme physical and mental discipline, with martial arts being used as a means to garner spiritual enlightenment. Aside from Japan, martial arts also found a proper home in Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand.

martial arts near me

Martial arts is good for both the mind and the body!

Popularity in the US

Martial arts is still a super popular method of fitness, recreation, and meditation in the United States, but when did it first gain popularity? Consider this as you search martial arts near me. According to historians, martial arts surged in popularity during the 1970s due to several popular television shows that featured the charismatic and enviable actor Bruce Lee. This sparked interest from many young people who had only really seen and heard of martial arts in books and magazines. With better methods of communication, include TV and telephone, Chinese martial arts practices made their way to America with ease. Children of all ages took to the practice, earning black belts left and right. Today, there are thousands of martial arts schools all across the United States. The industry is said to be worth billions of dollars. Martial arts continues to climb in popularity as a form of self defense, spirituality, sport, exercise, and health.

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