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A Masjid, also known as a Mosque, is an important place of prayer for Muslims or anyone who follows the religion of Islam. According to historians, the very first mosque was a courtyard in the home of Muhammad, Islam’s initial founder. Today, many mosques are large beautiful building that have amazing architectural details and domes. When it comes to a place of prayer, a mosque is the centerpiece of the Islamic religion.

Are interested in finding a Masjid near you? Simply browse Masjid near me on the map below and find a list of mosques in your local area. Need more information on Mosques and Islam? Read on for facts, trivia, and more on this interesting faith.

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True or false: No one can officially own a mosque.

A mosque as utilized by people from all walks of life who favor the Islamic religion. While it may seem that mosques are like churches in that they can be owned by one person, that’s simply not true. Consider this as you search masjid near me. A mosque cannot technically be owned by anyone. No one person, company, government, or organization can own a mosque as the building belongs to Allah. Even if a single person was given the land and space to build a mosque, they would have to hand over all ownership of the mosque before it could become a functioning place of prayer. Once a place is declared as a mosque, the place itself is deemed sacred and must remain as a mosque forever. There is no such thing as deconsecration which is something that is common in Christian churches. Once Muslims are given the land to build a mosque, it is theirs, no matter what transpires afterward.

masjid near me

Mosques are often very beautiful and ornate buildings.

Why do people remove footwear in mosques?

While many have believed that removing footwear in a mosque is a matter of ritual, it is actually a matter of hygiene. Consider these facts as you search masjid near me. The reason people take their shoes off in mosques is to keep the carpets clean, thus making it more comfortable to place the forehead on the carpet during prayer. It’s important to leave your footwear on until entering the mosque. Do not take off your footwear on the yard, as this will dirty the carpet the same as entering with footwear on.

Can women pray at a mosque?

Yes, Muslim women may pray at a mosque if they choose, but it is not obligatory or encouraged. According to Hadith, for a woman, prayers are more worthy in her home than in the hall s of a mosque. When women do choose to pray at a mosque, they are segregated from the men through a partition or curtain. If there is no division, then they are placed at the back behind the men. This is so the women do not distract the men or interrupt their prayers. When visiting a mosque, it is important to abide by the traditions of the religion.

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Distinctive Elements

As you search masjid near me, you’ll find that every mosque includes a number of very distinct elements that are not typically present in a Christian church. Elements include: a mimbar( or minbar), a pulpit that can be entered through a flight of steps and stands next to the mihrab, a maqsura, which is an enclosed space around the mihrab, a minaret, a sahn, and space for a madrasa. A Madrasa is a school that often includes libraries and living quarters for both teachers and students. Most mosques are decorated with elaborate decorations. These decorations tend to be very abstract geometric prints that are not always recognizable on first glance.

The Largest Mosque In The World

Want to visit the world’s largest mosque? You may want to book a flight to the city of Mecca as you search masjid near me. The largest mosque in the world is Masjid al-Haram. Located in the city of Mecca, the mosque surrounds the Kaaba, which is a known place where Muslims worldwide turn towards when offering daily prayers. This is considered to be Islam’s holiest place. The Masjid al-Haram is also known as the Grand Mosque.

Mosques in India

India is known for its beautiful mosques, but just how many does the county have? As you search masjid near me, consider just how many mosques are present in India. Many estimate that India has more than 300,000 active mosques. This number is far higher than what is found in most Islamic nations. This is attributed to the fact that India has the second largest Muslim population in the world, largely thanks to its dense population numbers. The oldest mosque in India is known as Tamil Nadu. When visiting one of these mosques, one can quickly gain a glimpse into the customs of this religion. While visiting a mosque can be a religious experience, it can also be a historically enriching experience. Islam is one of the world’s oldest religions, which means every visit to a mosque is like taking a step back in time.

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